Bonus Mall Promotions: December
Dark Edition
Winter is coming. But this winter, Azuria's landscape isn't turning into a quiet, peaceful and white painting. Instead, our world is getting colder, darker and scarier. Niflheim isn't enough to keep the stregnth of the dangerous Nidhogg contained. And since it seems she had jut enough of Yggdrasil's rooths, she is landing in the human world to satiate her thirst for blood.

Eidolon Release: Nidhogg

Don't be mistaken by her natural beauty: she can be quite seductive in her human form, but Nidhogg is instead an ancestral Dragon. She has only one purpose in his immortal life: to see all mortal life perish. She keeps waiting in Niflheim for the Day of Judgement, the Ragnarok, the day that all human will meet their final destiny. She is just waiting for that day, so she can finally feed on the dead's souls.

As a dark and dangerous dragon as she is, Nidhogg will increase significantly your dark damage. Not only she has a +30% Dark DMG Skills increasement, but she even increases your dark damage as part of her Eidolon Stories. Plus, Nidhogg increases your detailed damage and the damage dealt by your party members. Beautiful, obscure, and certainly deadly.

Dark Promotions:
Nidhogg will pair up with Morrigan, Hel and Verdandi in this dark adventure. The shop will be filled with two other very interesting propositions: A full pack to get your Nidhogg to 4* and geared up, and a pack with her key of gaia and accessory. You will also find dark costumes, costume weapons and mounts to complete this month's promotion.

The new promotions will be available December 1st to January 5.