Server Maintenance November 27: Awakening System
Starting Time: No ETA yet.
Maintenance Duration: Today's maintenance can take between 2 and 3 hours.
Important: Manual Patch and Instructions will be posted once the maintenance starts.

Patch Notes
- New Level Cap: 105 (SLV 5)
- Two New Maps: Secret Lake and Sacred Valley.
- Two New Dungeons: Arcana Gleaming Forest and Aurora Temple.
- New Awakening Quest Line and Awakening System (SLV 1)
- New Exp Curve from Level 83 to Level 99.
- New Eidolon Level Cap.
- New Eidolon Exp Curve.
- New Weapon Mastery Exp Curve.
- New Panel Border System and New Borders.
- New Story Line, Fish Kings, and Foods.
- New SLV. 1 Orange Gear and Weapons.
- New Purple Secret Stones and Eidolon Emblems.

Special Note:
The content has been generally translated, although there are some missing texts, which we will add gradually. In the case for Oddities, we will add their translation in our next maintenance (Thursday, November 30).

Bug Fixes:
- Construction Points Expansion Item Fixed (it can be used after House Ranking LV. 9)
- Eidolon Chronicles Errors after Level 45 Fixed.
- Fishing NPCs in Navea Fixed.
- Eidolon Accessories Fixed.
- Costume Album Update and Fixes.
- Missing Achievements and Missing Eidolon Wishes Fixed. (Nalani, Maja, Rhodri and Higa).
- Custom Items Fixes (icons and visuals).
- Heroic Potion Cost on Valor Shop Fixed.
- Crashing Pets with Elixir Potions Fixed (On a special note on this matter, you will be able to equip only 3 pets from now instead of 4, which is not a bug. In order to fix the issues with Elixir Potions, our pets must take the place of officials pets. For the moment is the only possible solution, but we will evaluate if other changes can be done without breaking the game.)

New Promotions:

AP Mount Edition/LP Ornament Edition:
A quick brand new promotion that will last only for 4 days. The special chance to update your album from missing mounts and wings with a few more surprises! With the release of a brand new broomstick in our AP store, and the release of two brand new ornaments in the Loyalty Store.

Promotions will be available from November 27 to December 1st (Remember, Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards will change on Nobember 30 and the Bonus Mall will be updated on December 1st).

Manual Patch
To install the manual patch, you have to follow these steps:
1. Download the manual patch from the link above.
2. Place it inside the game folder.
3. Execute it as admin.
4. Wait until it finishes and auto closes itself.
5. You can then run the game normally from the launcher, there will be a restructuring process and some minor files to download.