There will be blood.
(Hopefully, not from your own hands...)
Because this November 24... Our Black Friday Starts!

[New Paragon Table]
-Paragon Exp Edition-
Available from November 23 to November 30.
- Sprites, up to 14 days duration!
- 1 Day Intermediate, Advanced and Premium Charms!
- Superior Monster XP Books.
- All kind of Exp Cards.
- Mastery Cards.
- Inventory Slots.
- Buffs.
- All kind of charms.

[New x2 Exp Event]
Available from November 24 to November 27.
Are you getting ready for the new content that is about to hit us? Well, the clock is already ticking! We already have a release date so you literally only have this weekend left to catch up to level 99. So what are you waiting for? Time to get to work!

[Eidolon Sale]
Available from November 24 to November 27.
This weekend will be all about catching up. Missing some eidolon stories? Trying to update your Eidolon Wishes? You just can't stand an empty slot in your Eidolon Menu? Almost all of our eidolons will be divided between two stores, in a crazy limited promotion. Idunn, Morrigan, Cerberus, Hades, Demeter, Eirenne, Michael, and many more Gods will land in both Keys of Gaia and Fragments forms.

[AP Promotions]
25% Bonus Coins! You heard this right. From Midnight today, and until Monday 27 (at 23:59 server time) you will get a 25% bonus coins in each paydrake card you use in our website.

[New Content] Awakening Patch Release Date Revealed!
The brand new content will arrive in a special maintenance, scheduled for this Monday 27. Tons of new things to do! New level cap SLV.5, New Border Panel, New Story Line, Two brand new maps and dungeons, a brand new exp curve up to level 99, new Eidolons Level Cap, new Eidolons and Mastery Curves, New Purple Secret Stones, New Crafteable Gears and Weapons, New Fish Kings, Drinks and Food...

And the new content will arrive with a lot of pending bug fixes too, like: Heroic Potion prices, Construction Points Expanders Fix, Missing Achievements and Wishes from Eidolons, Crashing Pets with Elixirs buffs, Dungeons Resets fixes, and much more...!

So Happy Thanksgiving... And Thank you to All.