Server Maintenance November 16th.

Patch Notes
- Server's Technical Maintenance: As we informed you last week, we had to move the pc host in order to assure the server's stability due to a massive fall down of the server's host that affected all the Europe area. The situation has been taken under control, and we are ready to go back to our previous location. Player's affected by lag and delays on the last days should feel a considerable improvement once maintenance is over. Since we have to move the server's host once again, today's maintenance can take a couple of hours.

New Paragon Table: Blossoming Edition
Available from November 16th to November 23. This week's Paragon will turn into a collection of lovely, colorful, and sweet items. The perfect combination to upgrade your wardrobe and look as joyful as possible!
- Release of Golden Angel Broomstick
- Heavenly Kitty Royal Chair
- Hebe's and Demeter's Costume Sets.
- Hebe's, Demeter's, Freya's and Venus's Key Fragments.
- Lady Butterfly Dress and Hairstyle.
- Hebe's Springtime Wings.
- Venus's and Freya's Costume Sets.
- Golden Tanuki Pets.
- And Much More!

New Promotions:
AP Music Notes Edition:
This AP Edition will turn into a full concert! With the release of Cynthia's 3rd Evolution Costume Set, fashion will be key to look as hip and cool as possible. Fashion Sets, mounts, ornaments, accesories, keys of gaia and key fragments will complete this rebellious edition.

LP Zoo Edition:
Animals are a great inspiration in the world of Azuria. And on this week's of our Loyalty Store, you'll be able to collect them with great promotions and discounts. Mounts included! Kitty and Doges will be available to ride them. Byakko's key of gaia will be in good of company of other Gods and pets. Fashion, accesories and ornaments to transform yourself into a wild creature!

Promotions will be available from November 17 to November 24.

Upcoming Content:
Given last week's unpredicted crashes and the fact we had to move the server twice in one week, reasonably we had encounter some delays on the upcoming content patch. We can certainly say the new maps won't be ready for November 23 as we expected. But we continue to work on it, and the patch should be ready in the following days to that.

The beta test has already started, so far with mostly help of our GMs to check the current content and identify all bugs. All of our current beta testers are welcomed to join the test and report everything they found. In case its needed, we might reopen a new recruitment to ask other people to join.