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    Full and Updated Client Download (November 2017)

    Hello Azurians!
    In case you are struggling with the installation process of our game, we bring an official, secure and updated client for you to download. You can start downloading it here. You can also find this client in our website, but since you are always browsing for options, we posted it here.

    A few recommendations:
    1. The file is about 7.5GB and since you will be downloading through your browser, we recommend you have a download manager, so you can pause and resume the file (and if in case your internet crashes, you don't need to redownload everything again). There are several free download managers available for each browser, so look for the best option for the one you use (downthemall its an adviceable option).
    2. The file's format it's a .zip, so you will need winrar installed in your computer to finish the installation process.
    3. Once the download its finished, unzip the file whereever you want to. Once you finish, you will find a new file named: Ak.toInstaller20171108. Double click on that to start the installation process.
    4. The installation process can take up to 10/15 minutes to finish, but that's basically all you have to do. Double click on it and wait patiently until it finishes. Then you can run the game normally from the Launcher (it will also create a shortcut in your desktop to open the Launcher named Play!).

    A few tips that might help you go through the installation process:
    1. When you open the Installer UI, it will ask you for the source folder where you want the game installed. The default one will be in your Program Files. You can change this setup if you want to. Keep in mind some operative system (like Windows8, Windows8.1, Windows10) have specfic and strict account user settings that prevents you from making modifications in files installed in Program Files, and that can give you a headache at the time of patching. If you want to avoid those problems completely just install the game in your Desktop or your documents.
    2. Sometimes antivirus crashes with our game files. People often asks us why they get antivirus alarms when patching the game. Some antivirus even put the Launcher, Game.bin or other files in quarantine. This is a false positive (keep in mind we have been running the game for 3 years without any complains from our players) and mostly due to how our files are packed and the fact antivirus are always suspicious of unknown manufacturers. To avoid conflicts, you can put the game in your antivirus exceptions or disable it during installation/updating processes.
    3. If the Installer or the Launcher doesn't seem to respond, it might be due to granted rights in your computer (well, windows really likes to tell us what we can and cannot do). To avoid those issues, always run things as admin (simple as right click, open as administrator).
    4. Patience. Download, install and updating files do also depends on things as your PC specs, internet speed, etc. The game has very low requirements (almost it can work on a potatoe) but the experience will obviously not be the same. If you see the Installer apparently not responding, please do give it a moment.
    5. If you find any issue, always address them here at forums. Not only staff members, also other players are always willing to help. If your account its pretty new (we have a policy of 3 days of creation before you can start posting to avoid spam boters in forums) you can address these issues in our shoutbox or via private message.
    6. If your issues addresses patching/updating the game through the multiple content maintenances we have, this might not be the right place to address them. Do keep in mind we use cdns so the people doesn't suffer as much due to their distance with the server host and can update the game at a reasonable speed. But cdns takes some time to update between regions, so you might find errors when a maintenance just ends. Report them in shoutbox and don't worry, those issues are always fixed within the next hours maintenance is over. Patching through a VPN can be helpful in those cases.

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    Oh thank you for the new updated client download! People always seem to have trouble patching every other maint. e.e I'll be downloading this too to keep as back-up just in case.

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