Server Maintenance November 9th.

Patch Notes
- Fixes to Dark Brown and Gray Kitty Pets visuals (this time for real)
- Server's Technical Maintenance: Due to today's umpredicted server crash and the delay/lag issue that occurred after the server was back online, we will perform a technical maintenance in our PC host during today's maintenance. This will mean two things: we will be working on server's stability to prevent another unpredicted crash and fix the current delay issues. This also means that, on regard of the problems we might find during the server's offline time, today's maintenance might that a little longer than usual. But we will keep you posted during the whole time.

New Paragon Table: Costume Weapons Edition
Available from November 9th to November 16. If you are looking to improve yourself by looking more deadly, this will be the perfect Paragon for you. In today's edition, all different sort of costume weapons will be available, with the inclusion of two brand new costume weapons for tachi, ravager and crusader. Some of the items you will find are:
- Release of Ancient Katanas (available for Tachi, Ravager, and Crus)
- Ancient Spirit Lances
- Fire Moon Sickle
- Spring Costume Weapons: Rose Shuriken, Blossom Blades, Crystal Energy Blades.
- Tech inspired weapons.
- Eidolon inspired weapons.
- Angel inspired weapons.
- Premium Enchant Costume Weapons Cards.
- And Much More!

New Promotions:
AP Dark and Consumables Edition:
On this week's special AP promos, we will have double the fun. For the gearing lovers, it will be a perfect ocassion to stack yourself with useful items: discounts in fortification scrolls, 125% forging scrolls, discounts in exp items, charms and more!. Plus, the release of a brand new dark female costume, that will be coming to the shop in company of some other dark inspired fashion. Laharl and Flonne Costumes, the mischievous Prinny, and Morrigan's Key of Gaia!

LP Consumables Edition:
It's one of the most wanted Loyalty Promotions we always have. 120% Forging Scrolls, discounts in fortification scrolls, exp items, charms, and much more! So this week, it will be all about grinding and preparing yourself for the new content that its just about to arrive.

Promotions will be available from November 10 to November 17.

Upcoming Content:
As said, our next big upcoming content is the Awakening Patch, together with new exp curves, a new level cap, new maps and gear. The current ETA for this content is on November 23 and we are still working on it. Since its a very big patch and there's a lot of testing to do, we might require your help in the close future to do so. Keep in mind the release date its an ETA, and there are always chances with such a big patch its gets delayed some days. Other than that, the content will also come with some bug fixes.