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    [Updating] Translation in game.(Weapons, Armors, Accessories and other stuffs...)

    I would like to help Twinsaga with translation, since there are too much stuffs have wrong translation/missing translation and not translated yet.
    I wont translate items name because it might go back Aura's translation, almost stuffs i translated from japanese. If Aura doesnt mind about it, i will translate items name.
    * Noted : If you cant read clearly, please open that image in other tab for bigger quality *





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    Translation Update.

    Update 11/10.

    Trinkets (next):

    Starstones :

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    Translation Update.

    Update 11/11.

    Starstones (next):

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    Translation Update.

    Update 11/12.

    Starstones (next):

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    Translation Update.

    Update 11/13.

    Starstones (next):

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    Translation Update.

    Update 11/14.

    Starstones (next):

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    Stop translating.

    I was gonna translate and fix some more stuffs but ill just leave the translation end here.
    My translation was from TW and JP official server, so im sure that nothing wrong anymore.
    There are probably still much stuffs which have wrong translated, and its better to ask on discord if you dont see any different after using.

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