Bonus Mall Promotions: November
Nature Edition!
A new month and a new season is landing in Azuria. The leaves are falling and autumn's landscape is already dying everything in orange and yellow shades. The nature is also inspiring our Bonus Mall, with the release of a very lovely creature that will be in very good company.

Eidolon Release: Idunn

Another loli? You might ask. Well, sometimes the Goddess cannot be other thing than a lovely young girl, mostly when that girl is the Goddess of Youth and the Origin of all life. Idunn has in her power the Golden Apple, which grants her eternal youth and immortality. Legend says she is the keeper of immortality and the source of life for all Gods.

Centered on a vitality-topic, Idunn can both take and give life from her opponents. Her skills involves around sustained damage, def and damage reductions, immunity to negative status and heal.

Nature Promotions:
Idunn will be in company of three other peaceful and nature inspired Gods. Eirenne, Hansel and Gretel will be having their keys of gaia and fragments at a discounted price. Plus, all kind of animal inspired head accesories (animal ears inspired ears), forest friendly accesories (elven ears, butterfly headphones), ethereal wings (glass butterfly, spring angel, light feathers) and golden version exclusive mounts.

The new promotions will be available November 2nd to December 1st.