Azurian Fashion Week!
This week in Aura Kingdom, we celebrate one of our player's ultimate favorite things: dressing up! In order to look your best, you need to have a diverse collection in your closet. So some of our most stylishing outfits will be ready to buy for seven days.

AP Promotion: Eidolon Wear
The Gods of Aura Kingdom are a big source of inspiration at the time of dressing up. And the best part! All their costumes are dyeable to customize your look. This week we release to the game one of the most acclaimed latest eidolon's costume: Cerberus Hairstyle and Suit. Plus, the lovely Hebe's set, Demeter's, Hades's, Verdandi's, Justitia's, Muse's, Venus's and much more. Also, in case you were left behind, you can purchase Cerberus's, Hebe's and Demeter's Key of Gaia and Fragments in this special edition!

LP Promotion: Classic Wear
It's the perfect formal and elegant collection for the player's you always like to look in their best and most royal fashion. Goethe's Dress, Elegant Palace Dress, Royal Adventurer, Lady Butterfly, God of War Coat, Parisienne's Layer Dress, Royal Regalia and much more! For one week in our loyalty store a special edition filled with ribbons, lace, layers, condecorations and a distinguish look.

Paragon Table: Casual Wear
If you are more of the casual instead of the elegant type, the paragon table will be your perfect opportunity to catch up in your fashion. Lovely Costumes perfect for day wear, with the lovely jumpsuit, the baseball flirting uniform, the lovely bathing suits, the korean backup dancers sets and many, many more options.

New promotions are available from November 2nd to November 10th (Paragon Table changes on the 9th).