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    Server Maintenance 02/11/2017: New LV 95 Lament

    Server Maintenance November 2nd.
    New LV. 95 Lament!

    Aprox. Offline Duration: About 2 hours.
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    Patch Notes
    - Trick Or Treat Halloween Event Ended.
    - Fixes to Dark Brown and Gray Kitty Pets visuals.
    - Fixes to Classes Party Buffs.
    - New LV. 95 Lament: "Dark Storm On the Hell's Gate"
    On a brand new adventure, you must help Andre to close the Hell's Gate to prevent Evil Forces from corrupting the world of Azuria. But the danger is far from over: The Winged Duke, the dangerous Awaydas, has once again taken the body of our beloved Ryan to defeat the Templars with the help of the Dark Storm Dragon. You will be able to access this brand new challenge from Ancient Desert, in the same entrance as Hell's Void.

    New Paragon Table: Casual Wear Edition
    Available from November 2nd to November 9th. Time to look casually lovely! A special edition of our Paragon filled with a collection of casual costumes for you, in case if your thing is looking really normal ingame. Some of the items you might find are:
    - Custom Sweetheart Costume Set.
    - Custom Flirty Baseball Uniform.
    - Lovely Bathing Suits Collection.
    - Dyeable Pajamas.
    - Korean Backup Dancer, Daily Princess, Trendsetter Costume, Night Gown.
    - Several Face Accesories.
    - And Much More!

    New Promotions:
    AP Eidolon Wear Edition:
    This week it's all about fashion, something you will certainly be glad about! And in the AP Shop, you will find a special collection of Eidolon Costumes to look as your favourite companions. It's the perfect opportunity to add to your list some of your missing cosplays: Muse, Justitia, Demeter, Hades and more! Plus, it's also another chance to get your hands on the lovely Hebe's Costume or to transform yourself into the Hound of Hell itself with Cerberus's Costume Release.

    LP Classic Wear Edition:
    If you are more a person of manners, you will feel comfortable with this elegant and formal edition of our Loyalty Store. With the debut in the LP Store of Goethe's Dress, you will also find perfect and ready to wear outfits like God of War, Elegant Palace Dress, Princess Regalia, and much more!

    New Bonus Mall: Eternal Youth Edition!
    A brand new month will be bringing to Azuria the beginning of life: the prettiest new girl in town, the lovely Idunn will be making her debut in our shop. Since she brings the gift to immmortality and can give life to all creatures, she will be in company of a lovely nature inspired collection of items. All kind of beautiful creatures will keep her in good company.

    New Bonus Mall and Promotions will be available from November 3rd to November 10.

    New Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards: November
    This will be a very good month for gathering, with all the upcoming content that it's in our way. So we prepared a special edition of our Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards that will bless you with luck, with an all charms edition.

    Upcoming Content:
    As you know, we were waiting this moment to start working in something VERY special. So officially from now, our next goal to the game is the addition of two new maps, a new level cap and the Awakening System. This content is scheduled to come to the game between 2 and 3 weeks, so our ultimate ETA is to release it on November 23. As many times before, we will ask for players help, so we might start a small recruitment for testers next week. Stay tuned!

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    Weee thank you Aura and dev!!
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    credit by Oribani

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    New Lv 95 Lament Ohhh Yes TY Aura
    ♥ Miiirika Bard SLv10 & Miiiri Sorcerer SLv10 ♥
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    thx aura for the hard work
    this is what i waiting for xD
    go go aura for the awakening :V/
    make aeria more left behind (evil)
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    Woah more fun stuff to try! Huzzah~ \o/ Thank you AKTO Dev Team~ /o/

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    some place in the world, (´・ω・`)
    i would like to ask, if i may x.x, but i was wondering only if this part:

    "- Fixes to Classes Party Buffs".

    will include the bugs on some skills for some classes from last patch o.o?

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    Ty aura and dev

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    - New LV. 95 Lament: "Dark Storm On the Hell's Gate"
    Time to die again, ty aura dev team

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    Does "Korean Backup Dancer" still cause bugsplats?

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    Is this new awakening system for the player's?

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