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    Category: Angst's Mandatory Words
    Comment: Forgive me for my English .. I am terribly fluent in it.


    Suspending the last ornament Cerberus involuntarily thought about how he got to his master and why he took it with him ..
    *After all, Hades, the master of the underworld and almost does not allow himself any rash actions .. And he is one of the varieties of dogs that serve their masters .. Almost the same as the silly girl Fenrir .. Which now most likely spoils the holiday of Tyur, again pulling off a piece of meat from a fire.*
    A smile appeared on his face, which did not last long .. After all, tomorrow is Halloween, and we will have to congratulate him ..
    *Many other eidolons unlike me, most likely, have fun and even put on costumes of different monsters .. But I do not see the point in this .. I need to walk a little so that my thoughts come to order ..*
    He went outside .. A light snowball froze. Everywhere hanging lanterns and other decorations .. There is a festive atmosphere, though it does not please the inhabitant of the underworld. A blue dog with a piece of meat just ran by, and behind it is the Tyr, which spouts out lightning.
    *Apparently Fenrir today has greatly angered him or took the last piece.*
    But constantly rival Bealdor and Alucard. Alucard is certainly a strong vampire, but he can not compare with my master. And Beldor was generally a carefree young man who again tried to drive up to Hell and was again refused.
    Again, he felt his debt to the master, who apparently fell asleep again on his throne.
    *My experiences should not concern others and the more so I myself must cope with them .. The dog must clearly follow the owner's order. If he disobeys or is prevented by his past memories, then the main one may suffer .. Or the worse it is to repay the dog the same .. After driving her out into the street ..*
    Cerberus took out sweets, which can be useful for the parishioners, although here rarely does anyone go .. He looked at his dogs and stroked one of them.
    * As soon as the children master a lot of sweets on this day .. And how they do not earn diabetes. But rather generally there will be a New Year, in which many will dress up as Santa Clauses .. *
    Cerberus went to the table and put on the tray a wine with a glass already poured. Maybe my master will be delighted. But when he came to his throne, he noticed how Hermes was working next to him. This girl, how bored she was, always turns around him. Just like Fenrir next to Tyur. There was irritation on his face. He almost spoke with his sizzling look. * Go away .. .. How creepy to look at this .. And she said something about human beings and about Andre Nudes at that moment .. Her patience burst for a moment and a bottle, like a glass , fell on Hades.
    Here's a pancake .. But no one .. Neither Cerberus nor Hermes, did not even move a finger to correct this situation and only Hades with wet pants drove them away and went to change clothes!
    Well, again he feels guilty about this damn girl ..
    * Why does the owner so allow her to caress around him, like another dog .. But it's just outrageous .. Only I will serve him! *
    Cerberus removed the tray and wiped the wine from the throne and was upset that it only spoiled the holiday.

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    Cereberus' First Halloween

    IGN: Fraulein Category: Fluff

    An explosive rupture rips through the dead of night near Navea's graveyard. Unwinding and defying the fabric of space, a dark swirling portal appears. Howling spirits came pouring out faster than gushed oil fresh from the drill. And who wouldn't be in this time of the year? The Midnight of Halloween beckons them but only under the privilege of it's guardian can the spirits be truly free to roam the night. To Cereberus however, it just meant more duties to answer for his master; compared to just keeping pesky intruders out and keeping the dead in, now he has to make sure the dead are sought after while they are out. He never did quite understood Halloween, what was the point really of scaring and playing pranks really just to end up a trip to the dentist? Demons he could understand but humans? He shakes his head at the notion, arms crossed. They were such eccentric creatures.

    "You got only one hour! So make the most of it!" He huffed.

    And who better to respond to that demand then the iconic Eidolon herself, Endora. "Tch, relax 'Cinderella' , we'll be back after midnight." the pumpkin queen teased, rolling her eyes. "Now 'xcuse me, I got candies to prepare and treaters to spoil, or scare, whichever I feel like it!". She parts into the full moon with gleeful maniacal laughter alongside the swirling swarm of spirits. Contrast to her though, Cerberus sits idle next to the portal, patience and disinterest his only companions. For the next few minutes, he occupied his thoughts with ways to get Hermes in a load of trouble...until he felt a presence. Well, it's not so much as felt a presence as it would be a sniff.

    "I don't have candy with me Fenrir!" He blurted it out ahead to stop her antics. The blue wolf's ears perked. She flips into place from behind him, greeting him with a pout. "At least show me a trick!"

    Cerberus opened one eye from his slumped head resting his chin on palm. He glanced up and down chuckled. "Nah...too easy!"

    Those two words just infuriated her more. "C'mon! it's not gonna be like last Halloween!"

    "Fetch!" Cerberus threw a stick, prompting an excited Fenrir goes after it with blind enthusiasm.

    "...still works!" He said with a spread on his lips. Fenrir was quicker to come back though; last Halloween she got lost.

    She spit out the stick at his feet. "You've been hanging around the old man too long! C'mon, even the underworld needs to live a little!"

    Well, especially the underworld, he can't blame the spirits feeling very enthusiastic about this holiday. The only visitors he had were his master's guest eidolons, which are really not that many, and the occasional pesky envoy--in particular, pillaging Tachis that want to go Bankai on his butt. Don't get him started on necromancers either, especially 'that crazy woman' who says she is doing it for some writing contest and hopes for a cameo. Cerberus tries to weigh his options; with these many spirits, well, it's very unlikely his master will even bother to miss one. He could just continue to amuse himself with evil plots for Hermes...aaaaand wait for the occasional envoy to go grab 'his key', whatever that means.

    "...It's settled then." Curiosity was egging him to go anyway and he had fifty minutes of time to kill. He wasn't reckless however; he stationed his remaining two guard dogs behind just to make sure.


    "Argh! Still can't hide them well!" Cerberus said as she struggles to keep his pointy ears down.

    Fenrir tugged him by his sleeve, "Hey! Hey! Relax! It's Halloween!"

    "Your point?"

    "Look!" Fenrir gestured to the flocks of children going to and fro in the bustling Navea streets littered with Jack-o-Lanterns. At first glance, Cerberus found it weird, why were some of his fellow Eidolons just walking and not floating or flying? Humans casually talking to monsters instead of beating each other? And...what is that walking pile of heresy? Oh wait, that's just Belenus trying to be Santa Claus; if he's being terrifying, he's doing awful good job at it. The archbishop, who knew? That's right, everyone is in costumes, they wouldn't tell the difference, he just has to keep his magic and powers in check.

    "Rah!" jumped out a boy dressed in a Nelly costume, The two were just about as responsive as a statue. "W-Wah, you're not scared?"

    "Not so much as I want to punch you." Cerberus replied in deadpan.

    "D-Don't hurt me!" the boy protested, lucky for him, Cerberus meant the actual Nelly and not the poor kid behind it. Still, the boy was frustrated as he took off the pumpkin head. "Awww, I'm just terrible at this."

    "Hey it's not your fault." Cerberus kneels down to his level and reached out a hand to his shoulder. "I'm just used to it." He pointed to Fenrir behind him, "she's an idiot!"

    "Yes!" the wolf hollered with a howl until two seconds later, she realized she had just been insulted. "HEY!"

    "I rest my case."

    Fenrir snarled, "I'll have you know I bit off a whole arm for the last guy that tried to mess with me!"

    "Oh ho, can you be that ruthless, puppy?" He emphasized the last word most of all. The two faced off each other snarling and barring their canines until the boy interrupts. "Wow, you guys look like pros with those fierce faces! Umm, if you don't mind, how about this, we go on a scare contest! Whoever gets the most candies wins!" A legit way to scare humans? Cerberus couldn't say no to that! Still, he is curious about what Fenrir said, he'll need to ask Tyr later if this is true.

    The next thirty minutes was a friendy competition of thrills, chills and spills. He never realized though that some humans actually enjoyed being scared as well as scaring. Best of all, he won't get arrested nor leashed for it but most all, envoy-free! Unfortunately, time flies quick to those who enjoy. Familiar howls cued Cerberus that midnight will end soon. The boy's lantern bucket was filled to the brim with candy, even Fenrir's rucksack too which was twice her own height and thrice the weight. Appetite, the wonders it can do to motivate you. Cerberus didn't came prepared with a bag so...he wound up whatever he could carry in his hand and needless to say lost the contest. While the two were munching their spoils, they noticed the boy hadn't even touched a single bit of candy. Fenrir was the first to ask, though her mouth was full.

    "Youh shavin it forth shumone?'"

    The boy nodded, "Yeah, for my mom."

    Well, it seemed like a pleasant end to go to the boy's home and meet his folk. The kid didn't mind to let them tag along. As they went on by streets where everyone is slowly going back to their homes, Cerberus noticed things were getting quieter and quieter. He soon realized, they were actually veering away from the city than they should be. What's even more disturbing is how actually familiar the route they were taking. Cerberus had a thought and his hunch was right; they were back at the graveyard, the portal was but just hundred meters away. Thankfully, his guard dogs were able to conceal it's presence but he doubt the boy would be much a threat; he just has to make sure he doesn't stumble into it. The boy eventually came to a stop, to a newly dug fresh grave site.

    "Oh no this..." Cerberus trailed off. He had hoped this kid was just passing through but there was no mistaking it now.

    The boy kneels down and put his candy filled lantern bucket to the tombstone.

    "Hi mom! I-I brought you candy, like we promised last year! Y-You never did woke up in time though so I finished the rest for you." The boy was fighting off the sobs of tears. "I-I've met some new friends too! I-I used to be sacred and h-hate this day, b-but not anymore! I'm b-brave now see?" Try as he might, the more he resisted, the tears were only swelling more to his glossy eyes. "Y-You can t-tell the b-bogeyman! He..H-he can h-have th-the candy! P-Please! T-take the candy...please...take it! I-I just wanna see my m-mom for a few..."

    The scene was just too unbearable. Even Fenrir put down her rucksack next to the tombstone, shedding even those in her pockets. To make a glutton wolf gave up her food like that...but she knew the truth, she moved her soft glance to Cerberus. They both did. Cerberus was silent but deep in his mind, no, more like his heart, something begins to stir.

    "This can't end like this..."


    A cold chill surrounds the boy. At first, he scared but when he looked to see, fear melted away to calmness, then rose to tearful joy.

    Cerberus' guard dogs barks from behind him. "Just five more minutes." he reassured them.

    "Y'know you could get in trouble for this right?" Endora teased as the three watched the mother and son huddle together.

    "Worth it..."

    As the time passed, Fenrir escorted the boy home back to Navea. The two waved goodbye to Cerberus as the portal to the underworld slowly closes. At least now, he can look forward to the next Halloween.
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    Pretty weirdo contest, I can say... o.o No, thanks.

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    IGN: Theea
    Category: Angst

    Anniversaries to some are like counting the years spent doing something great, years spent together, or years spent alive. I view anniversaries as counting down the days till death finds me.

    I stared on the small window of my cell only to see some stupid trees. But something made me feel like i was being watched all the time. There was a lot of tense in the air, which made it hard for me to breath. Maybe it was my kidnaper, or maybe it was all in my head. But how, among all other days of the year it happened to be on halloween. I was supposed to go trick or treat with Amaterasu. I even prepared this year for it. Costume and everything. I was being late so i wanted to take a shortcut through the woods.

    Bad decision i thought after I realised someone was chasing me.

    I roll my eyes over as a small sight left my lips. I looked around for like a hundredth time, but there was no escape from here. A small iron bed was right under the window and a sink near it. It was shabby. Like it was soposed to.

    It's been ten years since the rebellion that set us free. All of us. Eidolons. After that the world of Azuria was destroyed. Who would have thought that making some stupid nudes public would cause so much trouble. Maybe they weren't just some stupid nudes. They were Andre's nudes. After that we all became mortals again. Even if we used to be all friends while we were serving the people of Azuria everything changed. Hades and everyone who used to belong to the underworld returned there. And I was supposed to do so too. But i guess running away wasn't the smartest decision I could take. After all they seem to have found me.

    I know I was in hell. I could feel it. I mean, I used to stay around here a lot with Cerberus. He always protected me. I used to be the grimoire ghost, Medjed. Now, I'm just Medjed. Demeter took all of our powers so a war was inevitable to happen. Well, at least, the ones who didn't returned to the underworld. They remained under Hades's custody.

    "He's ready to see you" a voice came from behind me. I could recognize it. It belonged to Zaahir. It gave me some creepy chills all over my body. And for the first time I was afraid of him, afraid that I was gonna end up dead.

    I turned around to see him getting away as he opened the door to my brig. I made my way to follow him down to a path I used to know so well. We were going to the throne room. So, Hades did found me. But why now, i asked myself like i was gonna get any answers.

    Lucifer and Uriel were standing in front of the door which lead us to him. When they saw me, Uriel hurried up to open the door while Lucifer watched me with distaste and impatience. You could read shock all over my face as i saw no one other than Cerberus sitting on Hades's throne. I stepped closer to see if i saw correctly the first time. And holy guacamoly! I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. My mouth was wide opened as I was trying to understand what was going on.

    "Close that pretty mouth of yours, sweetheart. It's not like you've seen Santa Claus." He said on his normal voice. He was calm. That calm before the storm.

    He leaned back on his seat. His posture slouched and slackened while his long slender fingers were playing with his collar, like he was trying to fix something about it. On his left side were standing Alucard and Morrigan looking down at me. Their eyes were all over my body, like they were trying to find something from they way i stand and look so casually to Cerberus. And once again those chills crossed all over my body. I knew I was in trouble, but things didn't made sense. On the other side, was Hel, who kept on trying to catch Cerberus attention by putting hers hands on his shoulder or by trying to take his hand in hers. But his attention was on me, which i could tell by simply seeing her face, made her mad. Reason for which she took a step back.

    "What's going on?" I was finally able to ask looking in his eyes.

    Hel rose her perfectly arched eyebrow as she answered to my question.

    "You're the only one who refused to come back to underworld. So what do you think is going on? Our resident evil's sweetheart ."

    At the mention of that nickname, Cerberus got all tensed up, his eyes widening. All three other turned to look at him as if waiting for him to burst into defense. Instead, all Cerberus did was to slink further back into his seat, yawning slightly.

    "Resident evil?" He asked, shaking his head as he allowed himself to let out a low chuckle. "Now that's a new title I've never heard of", he continued.

    Calmly, Cerberus placed both of his hands on the armrest of his seat, pushing himself up to his feet before he started to walk towards me down the stairs with a certain air of sinister serenity.

    "Hades is dead my darling Medj'. I took care of it. I'm done with playing the obedient dog for him. I was so done with listening to his nonsense. He became so soft that it was way too easy."

    And he stopped in his steps, standing in front of me. I could see somewhere in my right Zaahir eyeing Cerberus cautiously and examining his every step, like i was gonna cut off this throat. Like I could. I was petrified after i heard what happened. He killed his owner. The man who rescued him. The man who gave him a place to stay. The one who protected him all this time. My face was all pale, even if I couldn't see myself, I could tell it. I was unable to say or do anything. I just froze trying not to look in his eyes. But dumb i was to think that he would let me face the floor while he was standing right in front of me. He placed his fingers under my chin raising it up so I could see his emerald green eyes. There wasn't any lack of emotion. They were empty. And after a long time, I couldn't recognize him anymore. He wasn't the Cerberus i used to know. He became the kind of king that he always wanted to become. Cruel. Emotionless.

    "Aren't you gonna say anything", he asked me seeing me all so confused.

    I stood just like that, as he sighted and took a steep closer to me.

    "I wanna start a rebellion, you know. I wanna rule the world. Not just the underworld, I wanna take mother nature's perfect world under my reign." He paused for a moment to catch his breath. " I want you to be my queen Medj'. I mean, what's a queen without her king?" He asked kind of rhetorical. But even so, that didn't stopped me to reply with way too much arrogance.

    "Historically speacking? Better."

    Everybody's mouths sort of hit the floor. Even Cerberus was surprised to see me being so impertinent. I never dared to talk like that to him. Or to anybody actually, and I don't know what got into me to say that.

    "Oh, come on. Just kill her already. Your 'Medj' is no use." This time was Justitia speacking. I didn't saw her until now. So his army was pretty big, and strong too. Demeter is in big trouble if they are going to get along with this.

    "Can't you see?" Hel laughed, throwing her head back slightly from the chuckle. "Medjed, the grimoire ghost, is a special girl in his eyes. She can't just be killed by a single knife in the heart; he wouldn't allow it. He's all sweet around her. So sweet that i think i already have diabetes. He's in lo-"

    "That's enough," Cerberus snapped, his sharp eyes darting over to Hel before shooting her a glare that would've sent a mortal six feet underground. "Leave. All of you. " He said before heading so casually away from me and back to his seat.

    As he demanded they shuted up, as they found their ways to exit the room. All of them excepting Zaahir. But he left not long after Cerberus looked frowning in his direction. Now, there were only the two of us. As we used to stay all the time back then. Me and Cerberus used to be best friends. We were always together. I was the kind of child that didn't got along easily with other people. But with him was different. It always seemed like he could understand me. Which made all this situation way too weird.

    I looked around in curiosity just to see that the great room was decorated with pumpkins that were carved to look scary. Candels were hanging on the pillars giving the entire room a folksy atmosphere. They were celebrating halloween here too. I bite my lower lip until I had this metal taste in my mouth. Blood.

    "I can't help you." There was a tiny pause, during which I moved my weight from one leg to another. "I don't want anymore wars. I'm done fighting. I want peace. I want... I don't know, i just can't. I don't owe you anything actually."

    "This is not about debt, my love." He said disappointed. " I just want you by my side. Like we used to be. You know a mafia without the teritory it's just like a king without his kingdom.Please, be reasonable."

    I shook my head in disapproval. Tears appeared in my eyes knowing i wasn't able to help him. To rescue him from the path that he was going to. This literally broke my heart.

    The look in his eyes changed. And i could tell that he wasn't going to let me get away alive from underworld. For some things there isn't turning back. We weren't going to be friends anymore after this. Nor acquaintance. Nor nothing actually. And i guess what hurted me most was that i was going to be killed by my childhood sweetheart.

    "Trick or treat?" He asked on a low voice that send a shiver down my spine as i shut my eyes. The strange thing was i felt safe. Like nothing bad was gonna happen to me. I felt like home. Protected. Because that's how he made me feel. He was the only one who had that impact over me.

    We shouldn't take things for granted because they are going to end before we even realize it. And, like someone once said "it's necessary for us to suffer in order to understand happiness, because the path to Paradise get through Hell. Only the one who knows despair can understand the violence on light from Van Gogh's paintings."

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    "Who are you?"

    ANGTS category
    by: AmeChii

    inside the party
    Kotonoha: alucard where is cerbe ?
    Alucard: he is outside spacing out like always *sigh*
    Kotonoha: let's scare him hehehe
    outside the party
    Kotonoha: did you reach the space, Cerberus ?
    Cerberus: Koto, out of my face ... kiddo
    Kotonoha: *gets little mad* hmph you didn't get scared
    Alucard: Kiddo huh.. i don't know who is the kiddo here
    Cerberus: be quite grandpa
    Alucard: *sigh* anyway, you saw the dream again ?
    Cerberus: *suprised* stop reading my mind grandpa, you creeping me out
    Alucard: i love my grandchildren, that's why i read your mind *smile gently*
    Cerberus: i don't want a grandpa like you
    Kotonoha: *hugs alucard* love ya grandpa *laugh*
    Alucard: my cutie ... lemme touch 'em *nosebleed*
    Kotonoha: *hits alucard* you pervert grandpa *sigh* anyway Cerbe did you see her face this time ?
    Cerberus: no, kind of ...
    Alucard: what do you mean ?
    Cerberus: well i might know her when i see her
    Kotonoha: so you know who is she right ? *excited*
    Alucard: come on tell us *excited*
    Cerberus: *sigh* okay. she wear a blue dress ... like your costume koto
    Kotonoha: oh you mean kimono ?
    Cerberus: yes !! and it's blue and her hair up and she have an umbrella
    Alucard: hmm
    Kotonoha: i think i know who she is *a smart smile*
    Cerberus: *stand up* REALLY ?? WHO IS SHE ?
    Kotonoha: ..... wait i forgot
    Cerberus: oh you forgot .... so you want me to hit you right ?
    Kotonoha: h-h-helps meeee grandpa *hide behind alucard*
    Cerberus: get back here idiot .. oh what's wrong alucard ?
    Kotonoha: alucard ?
    Alucard: i know who is she
    Kotonoha: really ? *happy*
    Cerberus: if you do lik-
    Alucard: you need to meet her right now cerbe
    Cerberus: *confused* b-but why ?
    Alucard: because
    Kotonoha: because ?
    Alucard: because
    Cerberus: becuase ?
    Alucard: because she's super hot, her body, her hair, her eyes, *hardcore nosebleed*
    Cerberus: woow what an idiot you are
    Kotonoha: it's gonna rain alucard blood *laugh*
    Cerberus: *sigh* both of you are an idiots
    Alucard: no but seriously, you need to meet her
    Cerberus: why ?
    Alucard: because she caused on you a spell, not only you, everyone
    Cerberus: what
    Alucard: everyone forgets her, if you mention her looks to anyone they will respone the same excat as koto
    Cerberus: why am i seeing her in my dreams ? and why you remember her ?
    Alucard: her spells doesn't work on dragons *stand proudly*
    Kotonoha: woow *claps for him*
    Cerberus: so you know everything ?
    Alucard: yes, ..... that's why we don't live long when the geshia around
    Cerberus: *remember something* ah my head it h-hurts ahh
    Kotonoha: cerbe are you okay ? alucard help me here ... alucard ... why are you in dragon form *scared*
    Alucard: stay away koto she's here
    Kotonoha: who is here ? tha woman ?
    Alucard: her name is shirayuki, the geshia. the one who stole the memories
    Kotonoha: i don't understand any- *fainted*
    Shirayuki: *claps* amazing dragon-san you are stronger then i thought
    Alucard: what do you wa- .... where is she ? wait *shocked* i'm back to my human form but how ?
    Shirayuki: *whisper* thanks to our underworld lord for helping me killing your family *evil smile* *stabbed him*
    Alucard: h-h-ha-hades that t-tr-traitor
    Shirayuki: goodnight alucard, don't worry little koto will follow you look *gets her heart out* bye bye little kiddo now booth of you rest in piece *small evil laugh*
    Alucard: ce-ce-cerbe
    Shirayuki: don't worry about him our lord will give him the reward
    Alucard: n-n-n-no wa- *died*
    Shirayuki: aww too bad i wish i could keep him alive *evil smile* anyway cerbe huh ? they really loves you.
    after 10 hours cerberus wakes up
    Cerberus: ahhhh where am i ? *shocked* wh-wh-wh-WHO ARE YOU ? you look scary for real *nervous*
    Hades: *sigh* i hate this character of yours, shirayuki
    Shirayuki: yes my lord
    Hades: give him the memories
    Shirayuki: yes my lord
    Cerberus: the memories ? what do yo- *start screaming* WHAT ARE YOU DOING, STOP IT, PLEASE STOP IT
    Shirayuki: don't worry little cat you have to be patinet *smile*
    Hades: *hits him* shut up you are annoying kitty
    Shirayuki: poor him hehehe. he shouldn't be scre- oh you already wake up little cat
    Hades: kitty, come here *reach his hand to him*
    Cerberus: yes my lord *walks to him and sit on his knee*
    Hades: *puts his hands* lemme see the memories of that dragon *see the memories* *small laugh* i knew it, he is the king of dragons now i know where they hiding the king of aura keepers. good job kitty *kiss his forhead and whisper* now you shall die, i don't need you anymore kitty
    Shirayuki: that's so bad you know i wish i ke- w-w-wait m-my lord
    Hades: *smile* you betraying me too, i know everything about the lock outside the udnerworld, you think i'm stupid ? HAH you geshias always live for yourselves, betraying everyone for your own sake. you shouldn't play with me woman *he throw her and left the room*
    Shirayuki: idiot lord *cry* i know nothing i lived for you .... i guess no one believes that we can change, at least me *cough blood* haha Cerberus our child i'm sorry *died*
    Hades: *walks* i guess next year i should try in halloween. now i know why they do this party *evil laugh* you just wait for me aura keepers.

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    IGN: EntiS |Angst|Violence|

    The Dog and the Master.
    I was born as a little and weak wolf. My Father was killed by humans when I was an unconscious puppy. But our peace did not last long – humans invaded into our forest and started to destroy everything just to make their new village, so we, the wolves, were the first to be killed.

    I was still too young when our lair was found by hunters in a middle of the night… Mother fought bravely with a party of five. We had to split and to meet under the Sacred Baobab, which was reachable only for Beasts.

    After our parting soon enough I heard a loud howling of my middle Brother. When I came near I was caught in a mantrap. In the next moment I saw a man killing my Brothers. I evaded all the bullets and one lucky bullet broke chain’s link so I was freed and in a flash I aimed to that boss’s neck. He was fast enough to defend it with his iron, my teeth crushed it little by little, but when our eyes meet he said:

    “You are the last wolf in this forest, so we’ll let you go away, just let go of me! You guys! No one touch this one!”
    His underlings lowered their weapons.
    Slowly I took my Brothers on my back and step by step, backwards, started to retreat out from the forest. No one moved. My right hind leg was soaked in blood; that mantrap was heavy. When I was already far enough from them, I heard loud laugh of that boss:
    “No worries, he will die soon with that mantrap accessory on him! Only miracle or Santa Claus can help that monster!”
    I just moved and moved straight in the Sacred Baobab’s direction. I knew that if I will stop – I will die.
    So I walked farther…
    How many nights have passed? I didn’t know. I just knew to move farther…

    In that night it was raining. I couldn’t think clearly, I just walked straight to the place, led by instincts.
    And then He appeared before me.

    I vaguely remember a human that stared on me. He shouted something, stretching his arms. I had no strength even to stop. In that moment I was surrounded with mild golden light and felt sleepy.
    “So, this is the end…”

    A sound of silent crackle of the coal touched my ears.
    A human saved me and put my Brothers in chrono state, so I could recover and then to continue my path.
    I crouched myself to the plate with meat without thinking. He said then:
    “Let’s introduce ourselves! My name is a bit strange – Andre Nudes. Maybe my second name makes all the girls laugh and becoming red, ha-ha! I have diabetes, so the Halloween is a bit sad in the same time, because I can eat so few candies…”

    He brought a big plate with white liquid.
    “And after your meal you must drink all this milk! I tried to treat you with my poor magic, but the best is to repair your bones from the inside, right?”

    That aroma and sweetness made me remember about my Mother; but it was a warm, bittersweet memory. I felt no anger now, even though I hated all humans just a while ago.
    “That night I saw you on my way back home… It was really creepy: you looked like a monster with three heads! I’m a wandering bard so I’m renting this old jaeger’s house – no one will disturb your rest. Can you please tell me your name?”

    Name?.. I tilted my head. I do understand human speech, but I have no words to name any of us.
    “Ah… - He fell into his thoughts. – Let me call you… Cerberus then?”
    I sighed and silently agreed.

    Two months have passed. When October was about to end, I was almost fully recovered. I listened to Andre with interest: such a vast world is all around! But what’s about me, the damned beast?

    Andre started to set the decorations he got for the Halloween that day.
    Then I saw a strange round leather belt with the chain hanging on the wall.
    “Ah, that is a collar for dog that I found in the attic. It’s creepy enough so I hang it there. Collar is a proof of the master, - Andre added. – You know, I knew so many that accepted it as a present from their beloved masters like a proof of loyalty, of love”.
    Master’s love? Who is the “Master”?

    The day of October 31th changed to the evening, when I smelled another human drawing near the house. I hid myself under the web-looking cloth on the table. Andre noticed my attitude and hurried to the door, but it was already opened.
    “Thank God, I found you! – A tired maiden said. – I was lost in the forest and when I saw the lights I was saved!”
    Andre made her to go outside, escorting her to the village; so they both gone and an hour later he returned back.

    “Phew, that was close! Hope, she didn’t notice you”.
    But after some hours, when the night was so deep, I sensed danger from everywhere. Andre was drunk so he hardly got my signals. When he did, it was almost too late: the house was surrounded by humans with weapon and torches.

    “Come out, you demonic bard! We know you are hiding two wolf beasts!”
    Andre became sober.
    “So that girl saw your Brothers… But we are lucky: you must hide here in the basement, while I will show them the bodies. Please, trust me now!”
    Andre smiled and hid me under the basement door. Then I was trapped in darkness but I still could clearly hear the voices around.
    “Dear villagers! You got it wrong: just look at these corpses I was carrying to the next town to sell as an indoor decoration!”
    The crowd started to murmur.
    “Dead? Then let them burn! These ugly creatures must be destroyed!”

    My heart jumped.
    “You have no right to burn my goods! In that town these beasts are long forgotten so I will be rich!”
    “Stop your whining, you heretic! We can’t let you go with these! - The boss of villagers was supported by everyone around. - If you want to keep these Demons then burn yourself as well!”

    I started to hear hits all around the house.
    “Hold him!”
    “No! Stop it!”
    Cracklings of fire now reached my ears, the smoke touched my nose. Rage started to rise inside my chest. I heard Andre struggling and crying, and seem that finally he managed to free himself because screams of the crowd became louder.

    “Cerberus!” – Andre cried somewhere close.
    Andre opened the basement and I saw the flames all around. Andre was surrounded by blue lights that kept him safe; he started to cast same spell on me before I got out.
    “Your Brothers are in the cart, so you need just continue your path! I will keep my spell as long as I can!”

    He helped me to go out and then…
    “…Watch out, Cerberus!” – cried Andre, covering me with his body.
    Warm blood started to leak from the wound, the arrow started to burn on his back. I felt how the fire started to be hotter and hotter.

    “Plea…se… forgive me… Run a…way… Please… do not hate … the human… race… The world is… wide, you just…. Need to see it your…self…!”
    He patted me weakly and smiled; then I felt his life dissolving in the air along with his spells.

    I think, the fire inside me was a thousand times stronger so I jumped out, burning, never feeling an itch. The crowd, that already set the fire on the cart with my brothers, I lost myself.
    …I let the fire out of me. It was hotter, even though it seemed purple. Nothing was left.
    The Darkness surrounded my mind; the final rest. I felt sorry that I couldn’t keep the promise to my Brothers… But it was all over anyway…

    “…Hey, you, dog!”
    I heard the voice. My mind woke up and I noticed a royal chair. A man with cold blue eyes and silver hair was surrounded by blue flames on his throne.

    “I was really impressed by your deeds, – He sighed. – Those humans are really heartless creatures. But souls of your quality are really rare”, - he snapped his fingers and I felt two violet fireballs hanging near me.

    “Here are your Brothers. They were so full of damnation so they couldn’t fly to the Heavens. Anyway, I love your colors, so you will be my guards for the Gates of Hades. Anything else you want?”

    He did not even ask if I want to become his slave but…
    “Now I have nothing else to wish but to be with my Brothers”.

    He snapped his fingers again and we took a new form, the only body with three heads; also we had now Devil Horns. We were really happy to serve even the Devil, just because we were the three as the one.

    Wonder, if it was that love or just the wish to pay my debt to our saver?
    But some nights later I started to think about our first saver – Andre. I realized that Hades became our real Master, my real Master, so I came to him with my delayed wish.

    “Master! Please, let me have a human form!”
    My brothers were a bit shocked but accepted my decision, remaining themselves.
    “Fine. Any concrete wishes?”
    “Yes. I do remember one face, and I want him to live, even if that is just a small memory that lives in my heart… I want to show him the world he still did not see”.
    I imagined Andre’s face with all my might.

    I’m staying tall with my new body. Colors and ears stayed with me, because I did not want to part with my wolf nature.
    But that was not enough. Now we have separate bodies, but our will is the only one.
    “Please, give us your collars as a Master’s proof!”
    Master Hades chuckled and with his snapping granter the wish.
    “Now you’re free. Recently attacks on my gates are so weak so you can travel as long as you wish”.

    “Hey, you, dog!”
    I was roughly woken up by black serpentine that hit my eye.
    “I’m waiting for you to decorate my castle, and you are happily dreaming with your Brothers! Guests will come soon!”
    Master Hades gave us a cold stare, but we knew that he was having fun, and it makes us happy as well.
    In a moment I forgot a nightmare I saw right before and ran to the kitchen to prepare some milkshakes.
    Hope that Master will love it too.

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