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    [Fan Fic Contest] Halloween of Cerberus

    Halloween have arrived to Azuria! We are going to tell stories to each other, dress into creatures, sing spooky songs!
    Speaking of stories, have you ever wanted to write one about Halloween?
    Maybe write a story about Eidolons getting together and celebrating this beautiful holiday?
    Or maybe write a spooky and sad story with them?
    Well, now you have a chance to do so!
    Write a story to our guest: Cerberus!

    [Forum Event]
    Deadline: November 9, 2017

    - You will need to write a story, related to Halloween. Your story MUST have Cerberus and another Eidolon of your choice. Want to include more Eidolons? Go for it!
    - Cerberus MUST be a main character of your story.
    - Stories themselves must fit into ONE POST only.
    - You have a choice between 2 main genres: Fluff and Angst. Of course you can include sub-genres like humor, drama, fantasy, etc. But fluff or angst should be main genre.
    - But there is a catch: you will need to include certain words in your fanfic. All of the words are Halloween related based on the community help in world chat! All words were picked and randomized. And btw, each category has different words.
    - Publish your stories here, in this thread. Do not forget to write your chosen category and IGN!
    - But it's not over yet! Both categories have additional rules and judgement criteria, so don't forget to read them too!
    - Grammar? Who cares! As long as story is understandable, we're not going to pay attention to your grammar.

    Hello-hello, Ema is here! And I'm in charge of your fluff stories!

    Fluff's Mandatory Words

    - Eccentric
    - Lantern
    - Bankai
    - Dentist
    - Costumes


    1). It's a fluff category, so say NO to bad ends!
    2). Despite that, you can include a little bit of drama. But nothing serious, ok? You have angst category for that!
    3). Story's rating can't be higher than PG-13.
    4). Any kind of relationship between eidolons are ok! Platonic? Friendship? Romance? I accept them all! And yes, shounen-ai is accepted too. ;3

    Judgment Criteria

    1). How interesting is your story? Can I get emotional after it? If I can, you will get a huge point for it!
    2). Interaction between Eidolons! Make me be jealous of them because they are hanging out together. p̶a̶i̶r̶i̶n̶g̶s̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶h̶i̶g̶h̶l̶y̶ ̶a̶p̶p̶r̶i̶c̶i̶a̶t̶e̶d̶
    3). Don't make your story too short nor too long. Try to find a middle size!

    Hey, it's Victoria. I'll be your judge for this category.

    Angst's Mandatory Words

    - Debt
    - Diabetes
    - Andre Nudes
    - Santa Claus
    - Creepy


    1). It's ANGST category, you don't know what angst means? Click This
    2). Drama, anguish, sadistic, masochistic, netorare, anything you can think of is allowed in this category.
    3). Story can be R rated (yes you hear that right)
    4). From Ema: please do make a disclaimer about rating in the beginning of your post

    Judgement Criteria

    1). Dark and miserable stories are recommended.
    2). How the relationship is between Cerberus and other Eidolons. I'm expecting some fun pairings!

    Two winners (one for each category) will receive Cerberus' Key of Gaia x3 + Cerberus' Key Fragments x5 + Cerberus Statue + a choice between Lance of the Ancient Spirit / Lance of the Evil Spirit

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    Angst - Cerberus and Demeter.

    Cerberus stood inside his envoy's house at the front window, staring at the halloween decorations that were placed outside. He looked over his shoulder to see his envoy giving out drinks to her party guests, her eidolons. Though a sudden movement from his right side caused him to shift his gaze. "Not going to mingle with the other eidolons?" Her voice was soft, and her golden eyes pierced his light eyes. "No, I shouldn't be here. I'm in debt with Hades, I owe him a lot." He responded before gazing out the window again.

    Demeter stood there for a while, staring at him with curious eyes. "Ah, he took you in if I remember correctly? I guess you owe him a lot" she hummed, pursing her lips and also staring out the window. Cerberus's ears twitched slightly upon his head, and he turned away from the window and leaned against the wall beside him. "I don't understand why he took me in, and made me his Underworld Guardian, I'm just... A stupid dog" he muttered, his eyes averting down to the ground. Demeter's heart slightly dropped at that and she frowned, taking a step closer to him. "You know what cheers me up when I feel down? Santa Claus. His white hair, his beard, his wrinkly eyes and his red, black and white suit, makes me happy. I always feel good when I think about him." She smiled, trying to cheer Cerberus up. Cerberus raised an eyebrow at that, but didn't question about her tiny crush on Santa Claus. He didn't have any expression shown on his face, considering he's an emotionless bastard most of the time.

    "Hermes gets on my nerves so much if I'm going to be honest," he started off and leaned his head back as Demeter listened in intently. "She acts like she's better than me, and always pushes me away from Hades... It hurts. I want attention from him too, I want affection, love and friendship. Though I never show it, but... I might have diabetes and that's why no one wants to be my friend." He admitted, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath before exhaling. Demeter opened her mouth to say something, but a thought struck her.

    "You know, I overheard that Victoria woman stole Andre's Nudes..." She spoke out, before averting her eyes to the side. "There's a lot of drama going on there..." Cerberus snorted, which surprised Demeter but alas, it happened so quickly that it disappeared in a flash. "That's creepy. I knew she was a creep when I first saw her stupid blue hair when our envoy met her." Cerberus opened his eyes and rolled them, a scowl was present on his face.

    Demeter watched him quietly, no response came from her mouth and she did not know how to actually reply to that. "You know, I don't know much about love, family love of course. I never really knew my parents..." Demeter trailed off and looked down, sadness washing over her. "I didn't have any siblings or other family members. It was just me, surviving my entire life before I became Mother Nature. I don't even know if my parents are still alive or not, whether they miss me or not, if they think about me, or if they're happy with another child and forgot me..." Cerberus was surprised at this sudden confession from this woman. He didn't know how to respond, but he could relate mostly. "Ah! I'm sorry, I have babbled on about something personal! Please forgive me!" Demeter cried out and bowed to the Underworld Guardian, who stared at her with confusion.

    "It's... fine." And Cerberus had bid his farewell to the purple haired female and walked off, as she watched him leave. So many thoughts ran through his head and he shook the thoughts away. He couldn't let such sadness and memories from the past resurface just because Mother Nature had mentioned her own grief, her sad past, to him. Why him of all eidolons? That will never be answered. Before he could disappear entirely from Demeter, he stopped and looked over his shoulder. "I lost my parents when I was a young pup, I was too young to remember what happen. All I remember was blood, fire and screaming from my mother. Her last words were, 'I love you' and that's all I could remember. Hades found me possibly months after what happened, he took me in and that's how I become his Underworld Guardian... Which is why I'm in debt to him." Then he walked off and up the stairs, and sitting down on the couch that was placed beside a bed. 'Maybe one day, Hades will notice me and give me attention and love.' His thoughts were disrupted by the noise downstairs. Of course, it was a Halloween party. He wanted to attend this because his envoy wanted him to, and that's because she gave him attention. She cared and looked after him, healed him when he was hurt and fed him. He stood up and looked over the railing from upstairs and stared at his envoy. He didn't know why this young woman took him in. 'What's so special about me...' he thought, and sighed deeply. He wanted to get away from this damn party, and hide away somewhere else, away from everyone and be free. He felt suffocated, like he couldn't breathe. But he wanted to be here with his envoy nevertheless. She... made him feel appreciated. And with that, he joined the party once again after recollecting his thoughts.

    Fanfic by; Xeiya - Shuriken/Bard level 82
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    Halloween. Barren trees sway in the autumnal breeze, their once vibrant green leaves morphed into shades of brown, red, and orange. Jack o’ lanterns hang from branches and lampposts and the scent of pumpkin pies linger in the air. During this time where everything seems related to death, the people of Azuria are lively as ever. The Envoys dart to and fro, grinding dungeons for candies. Still, there are others who choose to stay in the comfort of their homes, including a certain eccentric Envoy whose own house boasts a theme fit for the dead.

    “And done!” Enra exclaims, hanging the last lantern on the wall of her living room.

    The whole place was turned into a dark manor. From the floor tiles to the ceiling design, hues of black and dark purple marred the once light themes of Enra’s house. All Hallows’ Eve was fast approaching and only now was she putting up her stash of decorations. Satisfied with the appearance of her abode, she turns her gaze towards the two males in the room. Alucard, her fated partner, hums in appreciation and gives her a small smile. Cerberus, on the other hand, gives her a thumbs up with one hand while the other clutches the side of his face in pain. Enra grimaces at this, hopping off the stool she was standing on.

    “Toothache?” She kneels down in front of the Underworld Guardian.

    Cerberus looks down at his new master, all feelings of pain momentarily leaving his mind. It felt as if it were merely days since Hades left him in the Envoy’s care. The Lord of the Underworld had pressing matters to attend to and as much as it pained him, he would never admit that he would miss his dear hound’s presence.

    It is only for a short while,” came Hades’s cold response.

    You’re going to leave me with that mortal?! But, Master! I’m better off by your side!” Cerberus was desperate. Throughout the years he spent serving under the reign of the Lord of the Underworld, he had only ever shown utmost loyalty to his former master. “Am I not worthy of being your realm’s guardian?

    A pang of guilt flares up from the depths of Hades’s cold heart. He stretches out his hand, patting his favorite hound on the head, albeit hesitantly. “I promise to pay you visits on a regular basis. The young Envoy is a close acquaintance of mine. I trust her to take you into her custody.

    Ever an obedient servant, Cerberus had no choice but to comply. He gives his master one final bow of respect before departing to Terra. There he met his new master and her other eidolons, including the Dragon Tyrant. Enra welcomed him with open arms yet he reciprocated coldly. The days went on peacefully with Enra and her eidolon entourage showing nothing but care for the newest addition to their little family. Now here he was, gazing fondly into the eyes of his new master.

    “Cerberus?” The female Envoy calls out once again, trying to rouse the male from his stupor.

    “Ah, pardon me. What was it again?” He clears his throat, a bit embarrassed for daydreaming in the middle of a conversation.

    “Your toothache doesn’t seem to go away, does it? Alucard and I will take you to the dentist later to have that checked.” Enra grins in response as she clasps Cerberus’s hands in her own. “Your friends will come by later. Make sure to celebrate Halloween properly this time!”

    She and the Dragon Tyrant then proceed to prepare for the party they organized, leaving Cerberus to his own devices. As if on cue, the doorbell rings and not less than a few seconds later, Enra’s eidolon acquaintances spill out into the living room. Each and every one of them seemed to be wearing costumes fit for the season.

    “Cerby!” A female voice calls out to the Underworld Guardian, making him blanch at the mischievous tone that reminded him of a certain blue wolf.

    Cerberus groans at the thought, clutching at his cheek as the pain flares up yet again. He feels someone tugging at the hem of his coat, and he looks down to see none other than Fenrir. She had her usual blue garments swapped to a dress adorned with pumpkins and ribbons.

    “Look, Tyr! Cerby’s not hiding today,” She giggles, clapping lightly as the Armed God of War approaches the pair. He too was dressed in an outfit similar to Fenrir, except his had tiny ghosts on a purple and black background.

    “Greetings, Cerberus! It’s a rare sight to see you mingling with the others. Surely Enra didn’t force you?” Tyr dips his head lightly in greeting. He knew that Cerberus wasn’t overly fond of small talk, and so he tries his best not to irk the canine early on in a casual encounter.

    “No, she didn’t. This time, I decided to join on my own,” He ignores the pain ravaging his teeth, focusing instead on holding a proper conversation with the two eidolons before him.

    Tyr nods in appreciation, a smile lighting up his face upon knowing that their new friend was making an effort to get to know the other eidolons better. He then takes his leave, making his way over to the kitchen to see if he could be of any help to the hosts.

    “So, Cerby! Where are your pups?" Fenrir asks giddily, lightly jumping up and down at the prospect of getting to play with Cerberus’s hounds.

    “They were just roaming around earlier. Let me call them—“ Cerberus was abruptly cut off as a series of tremors suddenly shook the ground, interrupting the merry party of eidolons.

    Sensing an oncoming threat, the eidolons stand on guard in Enra’s yard. Darkness swept over the manor, gloom filling the atmosphere. The tremors pause immediately, the source seeming to stop right before the gates of the Envoy’s house. A giant orange creature suddenly jumps over the fence, startling the crowd that had gathered there. Standing before Cerberus was a giant pumpkin monster. It appears to have used its thick, long vines to vault over the enclosure with relative ease.

    Aware of the danger it posed to everyone in the manor, Cerberus locks gazes with the wolf beside him, fiery gold eyes clashing with Fenrir’s mischievous blue orbs. Fenrir rears onto her legs, ready to pounce on the intruder at his signal. Whipping out a bottle of milk, Cerberus shouts, “Bankai!”

    Smoke billows out before him accompanied by the growls of two newcomers to the scene. His two pups now stand beside him, battle-ready as well. Together, the group of eidolons charge at the monster, taking it down easily as if it were just a prop.

    “Hang on a second,” Cerberus growls, seemingly starting to get the gist of the whole thing.

    Right on cue, slow claps resound from inside the house. Standing at the door were none other than Enra and Hades, gazing appreciatively at Cerberus as the latter approached them.

    “You came…” He trails off as he gazes at the Lord of the Underworld in awe, still surprised that Hades would find time to pay him a visit during a season when there was an abundance of souls ready for their judgment in the Underworld.

    “I remember promising you that I would eventually drop by, yes?” Hades starts. “I originally intended to see if you were causing any trouble. Now I know it is the opposite. You pass the test.”

    Hades congratulates his former servant, patting him on the head with more fervor this time.

    “Wait, test?” Cerberus growls, an irk mark popping up on the side of his forehead. He turns his accusatory glare toward Enra who only chuckles sheepishly.

    "Now, now, do not be mad,” Hades consoles, trying to calm the irritated eidolon. “Enra had a good reason to initiate such a trick. It is All Hallows’ Eve, after all.”

    “I sure do! Endora, do the honors, please.” At Enra’s command, the Midnight Witch waves her hand and the defeated monster transforms into a bunch of edible pumpkins. “Thank you. Now, let’s go make some pie!”

    At this, Cerberus just shakes his head. His Envoy sure had weird methods of getting everyone in the Halloween spirit. Hades, on the other hand, knew exactly why his human acquaintance did such a feat. Turning his gaze toward the Underworld Guardian, he sees the genuine glee shining in the depths of his golden eyes. He even seemed like a little boy who just received a bunch of his favorite chocolates judging by the sheer happiness portrayed clearly on his face. Bit by bit, the uptight canine eidolon was starting to warm up to the mortal world. With a nod of appraisal, Hades beckons Cerberus back inside the house to celebrate the rest of the night with the others.

    Here ends the Halloween tale of Cerberus and his growing fondness towards the Envoy and her rowdy eidolons. When everything seemed to be at its end, the Underworld Guardian certainly looked forward to the start of greater journeys with his new family.

    I couldn't resist making it a bit long. Thanks for reading!"
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    Category: Fluff
    IGN: Michaelson

    "The Talisman"

    Hades the God of the Underworld had gone roaming the land of the living for centuries – leaving his realm unattended and be subjected towards invulnerabilities. Little knew of Hades’ absence as this was kept under outmost secrecy and Hades’ loyal hound, Cerberus finally took the initiative to bring Hades back to where he rightfully belongs - in the underworld.

    To do this, Cerberus had to sacrifice his immortality to assume a life of someone on the land of the living and as risky as this sounds, Cerberus could not think of any other ways to bring Hades back as it has been noticed on the 7th gate that several souls have escaped and have moved to the next chamber and if should this continue, an insurmountable chaos shall erupt in the Underworld.

    Bringing only his Bankai and a lantern, Ceberus went to the 13th and final gate – a gate that connects the underworld to the land of the living.

    “In the name of Chronos, the ruler of time and in accordance to the pact of the heathens, I, Cerberus, the loyal hound of the Underworld commands that you take away everything but my soul, leave nothing but my ideals and be the keeper of my unsung heroics, Ánoixe!”

    As the 13th gate opened, Cerberus, being slowly stripped away of his immortality started to take the form of a human-being.

    Though still adjusting from the transition, Cerberus had no time to spare, and for the first time in the longest while, Cerberus felt something funny on his stomach, it is as if thunderbolts were casted inside him, and suddenly, he felt nauseated and eventually fell down.

    A stranger walked towards Cerberus wanting to be of help but Cerberus, under his last breath before he passed out, uttered “évrima Hades”. The stranger, being clueless of what the eccentric man just told her carried Cerberus back to her home and nursed him to allow Cerberus to regain his consciousness.

    “Who are you? Where am I?”
    “I am Morrigan and I saw you by the road, passed out and looking so famished and I could not just leave someone in distress”

    Cerberus could not help but stare on the lady that’s in front of him, black hair, perfect round eyes, pinkish lips and – “what? What is she wearing? is that some sort of…”

    Though Cerberus lost his immortality, he was able to retain his powers and by that instant, he went into Morrigan’s mind and was able to see that Morrigan was indeed telling the truth and is actually thinking of how does she looks on her dentist costume - on one of the many costumes that she has for the upcoming All Hallows' Eve celebration.

    “You look great!”

    Without knowing why he just said that, Cerberus took off his glance from Morrigan.

    “Thank you, I’ve just been wondering whether I should go with this or the one that I bought from Merilee or maybe, you think that I should just go with what I have worn last year and just do some upgrades on it? it was that of a succubus costume…

    Morrigan kept going and Cerberus could not keep his eyes off her. Once again, Cerberus felt nauseated and heard the thunders on his stomach. Morrigan laughed and said “You must’ve been really hungry, stay here as I get you some food and fret not, as I also took the two dogs that you have with you, they are just by the balcony, you may check on them if you want to.”

    Cerberus’ persona was kept in 3 heads during his time on the Underworld and as the human laws don’t allow such existence, only one head was able to materialize itself as a human-being and the others were kept as individual entities as wolf-dogs.

    The soup Morrigan made was delicious, it’s made by special herbs and spices tailored to keep one’s body vitalized and spirit, grounded.

    As Cerberus was about to tell Morrigan of the reason of his stay on the land of the living…

    “You know what, you have not told me of your name yet!, and oh!, where are you from?”

    Cerberus decided to keep things to himself, do what he really needs to do in secret and just enjoy the company of Morrigan.

    “Im Cebby, I’m from the far-east and I’ve travelled this far just to attend the All Hallow’s Eve” *Perks of being able to read someone else’s mind.
    “Oh Wow! I’ve heard several stories of the people from the East but I never knew they’d be this...”
    “This what?”
    “This Charming”

    Again, Cerberus felt something funny on his stomach, but unlike the other time, this one, was, rather, gentle, it almost feels like butterflies were actually inside him, and little did he know that he was already grinning like an idiot over those two words uttered by Morrigan.

    “and I’ve also heard stories about the ladies of the west and I never knew that they’d be this beautiful”

    As both of them were getting closer to each other, Cerberus sensed Hades’ powers and with this, Cerberus had to put Morrigan in a sleeping spell so that he may be able to fulfill his duties.

    Cerberus rushed to the location where he felt Hades’ presence and there, he saw Hades, sitting at the edge of a cliff, looking at the town beneath him.

    “It’s about time isn’t it?”
    “Yes, Lord Hades, the souls were able to break into the 7th gate and anytime soon, chaos may break loose in the underworld”
    “I understand, I’ll be heading back now, will you be coming with me?”
    “No, my Lord”
    “Is it because of her?”
    “Yes, my Lord”
    “Okay, take your time here, mortals don’t live that long, I’ll take care of the underworld, enjoy your stay here – rather, enjoy her company while it lasts because such thing never lasts long.”
    “Thank you, my Lord”

    And just by that, Hades went back to the Underworld as Cerberus went back to Morrigan’s place.

    “Morrigan, Morrigan, wake up…”
    “Oh sorry, did I dozed off? We were just talking and suddenly…”
    “Hush… it’s okay, will you be going with that dentist outfit of yours tomorrow on the All Hallow’s Eve celebration?”

    “Do I look great on this?”
    “You would look great on anything”

    This time, as they got close to each other once again and with no Hades’ presence to disturb them, something magical happened.

    Tomorrow came and it was already the All Hallow’s Eve celebration or the Halloween’s celebration as what they’d commonly call it. Morrigan came in with her dentist costume and Hades with his broken fang costume. They were inseparable, it was as if their souls have met each other during their previous lives, it was as if, there never really was the fear of mortality – of knowing that everything is destined to end and it was as if they were just nothing else but two perfectly compatible souls enjoying the night of music, costumes and celebration.

    As the night was about to end, Hades offered to get some drinks for both of them, Morrigan agreed and waited on a bench by the park.

    “Mr. Vendor, I’ll have one large golden latte and one royal jelly please”
    “Here you go Sir, that would be for 16 bucks”

    As he does not have any money with him, with a whip of his hand, Cerberus paid the bill. *magic bish

    “Sir! You might’ve dropped something!” The vendor shouted to Cerberus.

    Cerberus looked back and there, he saw a note, saying:

    "Cerberus!, wake up! You are under the spell of a succubus! Hades never left the Underworld and you never went to the land of the living! we have tried all means to get pass the spell of the succubus but was rather unsuccessful, this is the last resort that we thought of and the longer you stay in that dream – in that illusion, the harder would it be for you to get back to reality!”

    Cerberus, with full confidence, smiled and said “I knew it all along, Hades would never leave the Underworld in a day, let alone centuries, this is what love makes to anyone, it makes us not question what are we doing but rather, why are we doing this, and to whom are we doing this for, and by the end of the day, we know that it will all be so worth it – that it is worth the lies, the guilt, the pain and the time, because that’s what love is.”

    As Cerberus heads back to Morrigan, he reached unto his pocket and grabbed a talisman he got from Chronos years ago – a talisman that makes him immune to all status ailments. (pun intended)

    Cerberus sat beside Morrigan and as he was about to kiss Morrigan, he said to her “You know, I like you better on your succubus costume”.
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    Cerberus and Hades -About Loyalty-

    IGN: Arcah Participating in the Angst category with:

    Warnings for Gore

    Cerberus and Hades -About Loyalty-

    The maze of chains and madness

    The sheer malevolent pressure is insane, pulsing, like a massive heartbeat that permeated everything and beats slightly out of sync.
    His master had sent him on a mission, to correct his own mistake, looking for those who had broken their way into his masters realm and stole the soul of a Knight and a father.

    He had tried his best, rested not a day in order to find them, hunt them, and bring them before his master. He had a debt to repay, his own failure to guard the gates.

    But found the perpetrator he had! The once human Delfonia. Now queen of all things evil. After bravely engaging her in battle, he ultimately lost. And she brought him into her realm, taking him captive.
    The very soul of the knight she stole tortured him for the knowledge he held about his master. They wanted to make the hound betray his master! His loyalty-fueled defiance amused her as she watched his suffering.

    How many days has it been? Days? Weeks?... months?

    As all concepts of time fade for the loyal hound of Hades, he find his thoughts returning home.

    To the onyx black throne of his master, his icy blue gaze resting over him with that slight tinge of annoyance as he over zealously announces his success. Begging his master with his eyes for his approval.
    That scarce moment when his master praises him is all he lives for. The Lord of the underworld's version of acceptance never is more then a nod, but it is enough. And sometimes- when in a truly in a good mood, his hand comes to rest over his loyal hounds hea-

    The thought was cruelly ripped from him as rivers of dark energy coursed over his skin- grinding into his bloody flesh underneath. Tearing a scream from his lips that echoes off the bloodstained rusted walls of her torture palace.
    A dark and brooding place. sickeningly cold, not the same as the familiar cold of his masters realm and touch. This was a stalking cold, creepy, heart stopping and making one hyper-sensitive. Burning your lungs with every breath you take.

    The hound's lips hung ajar as the former-human male shed his blood, splattering it across the walls alongside with fine ribbons of skin. Scars that would never leave. Fine pinstripes of deep crimson marking him, the ex-knight cut
    His mind almost drifting off as his body cannot withstand the strain and suffering inflicted upon it.

    It meant it was almost over, for now. So Cerberus thought.

    Untill he became strangely aware of a single sensation. A fingernail, digging into the red flesh of his chest.

    "You thought I would let you run~?"

    Cold, wrapped around his neck and cut off his breathing. The sensation of her finger over his chest becoming more accurate as she stripped his last safety of feinting away from him with her magic.

    "Because I won't~ Pup"

    "I could go on forever~" She grinned with a deceptive sweetness. You are so entertaining to watch~ Wrything like the worthless dog you are~Unless you tell me what I want to hear." Her voice was sweet, but not without its malevolence hidden in plain sight, thick and heavy. Venomous.

    Cerberus's strength was long gone, but his loyalty was not. And those who know him know his loyalty is only matched by his snark.
    Hades would frown on how much effort his next actions would cost him, but he formed a shaky grin. Then convulsed his body, withstanding searing pains to spit straight into her face.

    The absolute lack of reaction in her expression and pose, slowly started to worry him. Why did she not react? Why-


    The hound of Hades screamed into the abyss with a voice that collapsed as his lungs slowly filled with blood.
    Her nail had impaled him, and shot out of his spine, thick blood formed at the entrance and exit wounds, and seeped down her arm.

    She placed her high heel onto his shoulder and pulled him off her nail like filth, dropping him where he fell.

    Every breath hurt, each small little movement hurt. His vision dwindled as he smelled his own blood overpoweringly strong. Atleast it took away the stink of this place.
    He closed his eyes, and focused what strength he had left to envision the reward he'd get when his master would finally find him. To see those rare moments when his
    master actually smiled.
    He never smiled.

    But maybe this time..

    That cold hand stroking through his hair, ruffling him behind his ears.


    When the former-human knight Winston looked upon the pitiful creature Delfonia had caught and was utilizing for her amusement, he saw it crying silent tears. The clear liquid mingling
    with the deep crimson blood that surrounded him.

    How could he look so.. happy?


    Somewhere in Azuria

    The envoy shook his head.

    "No, I don't have Andre's Nudes" He sighed. "Why do you think I would have such a thing in the first place?" Morrigan smiled innocuously. "He's such a dreamy man.."
    "Please stop asking me if I have nudes of anyone. I am pretty much celibate." The envoy gave her a leveled look. She just smiled and stole his Dreamy Heaven Cake portion for herself.
    "You will get Diabetes at some point." He remarked flatly without looking up from his tome.

    "But it is almost, what do you call it? Christmas?"


    "Owh-" She looked up with a bite in her mouth.
    "What's Christmas then?"

    "The one with the fat bearded man, Santa Claus."

    "Hmmmm" The distinct 'lost attention' sound hummed through the envoys house.

    "Master it's getting chilly-" She pouted.

    For once wasn't overreacting. It was getting chilly.

    The envoy didn't think much of this other than an opportunity for Morrigan to start wearing more articles of clothing, until a far more serious thought came up.

    "Morrigan" He spoke silently. "Could you give me some privacy please?"

    The succubus hugged her pillow and sulked, but as the envoy gave her a direct look she complied, vanishing into her pocket of space-time.

    Ever since the interview with Victoria, the envoy had not seen nor heard of Hades, the lord of the underworld. Nor had he called upon him, his duties were too serious to.

    Yet here he appeared, in the envoy's living-room.

    The Envoy stood. Regarding the lord of the underworld with respect.

    The man did not look like his usual stoic self. He looked,.. worried. Minutely, but still apparent to the envoy, as he had shared Hades's company often in the field.


    I come to request your aid in a,...
    " His eyes wandered.

    "..personal matter."

    This could not be good..


    His limbs were stiff, cold, strung up from his wrists to hang on his injured spine and bone-bare knees. His lips were broken and deep shades of purple. His clipped ear
    had stopped moving a while ago. Blood ran down his face..
    The taste of it was everywhere, along with a new one.. death. Decay.
    The broad beam of hope on a timely rescue had now simmered down to a small ray. But one he committed himself into believing. His master would come find him- he would!


    "Why else- if he- if I didn't do my best, and he doesn't like me-" Doubt crept into his heart stronger than ever before. The darkness and malevolent energies ultimately affect everyone who comes in touch with it.

    "Then why-?" He fought it, desperately thinking back to all those little things.. Hades sitting in his throne whilst he was laying at his feet. That small little graze of his fingertips over his head-

    And that time he caught his wine-glass, the knock of his knuckles to his forehead- that counts as a pet, right?-

    Why would he not come?..

    He shook his head.

    "Mas-..ter.." He croaked through blood-caked lips.

    What were those sounds he was hearing?.. With the flick of a thrown blade his last good ear was hewn off and he cried out in pain, then a blunt force drove its way into the back
    of his skull and the world became nothingness.


    Cold hands.. holding my cheeks.. cold but-.. masters cold-?
    Slowly he opened his eyes, the cold feeling welcoming on his skin, the sheer sensation made his heart race and his tail wag. He could barely believe it.. "Master-!"

    As Hades found his loyal hound, chained, beaten and left for dead, all he could notice, was that through the blood and grime, through the pain
    he was suffering on his behalf, his loyal hound was wagging his tail as he pulled him into the safety of his embrace.

    Then followed praise, softly spoken by the hounds mangled ear..
    "Well done, Cerberus"
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    Oh, I want to ask you to make our mandatory words in bold, so we could save our efforts on searching them. ^^
    Or not only in bold, but just highlight them somehow. Doen't matter how. x)

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    A World through Wolf's Eyes. Angst.

    The world was shown through a disarray of Monotonous color. Harsh greys faded in with the subtle, almost-white flesh which Cerberus' interest in soon faded. Boredom plagued the Underworld, and the darkness brooding in his master's absence became terrifying even to the protector. Cerberus did not enjoy disobeying orders, as Hades - despite his often creepy threats - was trusting in the Wolf. Cerberus was familliar with the tones of Hades, the bleak paleness of his body contrasted the darkness he chose to coat himself with. Perhaps Cerberus only saw these colours, as Hades was everywhere here.

    Cerberus turned over in his bed, plagued with thoughts of the debt that he owed Hades, saving him from damnation at such a young age; claiming the Wolf to be his Guard Dog in return. Sometimes, Cerberus wondered to himself if the tales of humans and their customs were just as exciting as the souls who fell claimed. They told him stories in exchange for protection, for safekeeping and a good rest. He had heard from one soul, who had died from Diabetes, about a stout, white bearded elderly who flew across the skies in a sled fitted with Reindeer - Santa Claus - it made Cerberus feel lonely, that he never experienced such a happy and festive season. But perhaps beyond the Underworld walls, someone would soon call upon him... That even his key to experiencing more would soon be held tightly.

    "I heard that there was a templar who had portraits of himself naked painted. They were stolen, and even though the portrait called 'Andre`s Nudes' was stolen, the templar prided himself on the thickness of his muscles and shape."
    Cerberus laughed at this Soul's story, beckoning the soul through the murky waters of the Underworld's entrance. A warmth in his chest grew, and the bleak colours of the world no longer bored Cerberus. There was hope in the eyes he could not behold, and his ears twitched in excitement. Perhaps he would meet Hades again, and would help protect the person which Hades found so enthralling to tease.

    IGN. Sevenfold. (I wanted to keep it short to make sure GM's had an easier, but pleasant read).
    SEVENFOLD: Gunslinger/Shuri [99]
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    Category: Angst...ish. There’s drama and bad ending stuff
    *WARNING: R rated due to implied Yaoi. This yaoi is like explosive diarrhea after Taco Bell kind of bad. I basically wrote this in 5 minutes after coming up with some crack pairings.*
    IGN: FengXiuYing

    Never Open a Door to Hell

    Characters: Cerberus, Hades, Alucard, Santa Claus, Andre

    At first, this was simply a normal Halloween night. Parties throughout spooky Azurian towns. Children and Envoys alike ate enough candy to give any normal being diabetes. Cerberus was at one of these parties, getting his ears ruffled by swarming fangirls. He had near zero interest in these girls, and was getting fairly annoying that he was being touched so much.

    “Do you mind?” Cerberus asked in an annoyed tone. His annoyance only turned these fangirls on more. “I have something I need done, now out of my way or my dogs will eat you for dinner” he threatens, which did not work until his guard dogs violently growled at them to scat.

    “I should learn from you how to get rid of ladies like that.” a voice said in a slightly judging manner. Alucard appeared next to Cerberus after the girls left.

    “Gah, why are girls always like that around me?” Cerberus questions, not understanding females at all.

    “Well..” Alucard chuckled, “They always liked good looking guys. Your relationship a nice icing to the cake of their fantasies.”

    Cerberus turned to look at Alucard funny. “Fantasies, huh. Just like…” Cerberus trails off.

    “Precisely that.” Alucard noded.

    “How do you know so much?” Cerberus asked, this time out of curiosity.

    “Many of those girls also ship me with Bealdor, despite us only having a feeling for kinship. I have no reason to speak to him otherwise.” Alucard frowned while adding, “They take anything relationship related and blow it out of proportion. I’m sure they’ve taken your relationship status and turned it into some cringe worthy fantasy as well.”

    Cerberus stood there for a minute thinking. Thinking about everything Hades did for him, the sacrifices he made to be with Hades, the fantasies he had. Fantasies, the word in his mind which stood out. The things he wanted Hades to do, no matter how taboo. He couldn’t help but water at the mouth at the possibilities. Alucard noticed Cerberus was zoning out and yelled at him to come back to his senses.

    “You should return to him, before these blasted fangirls come back.” Alucard was eyeing something in the distance, down the street rather.

    “Sure, before this night gets any worse?” Cerberus joked.

    “Before any kind of rape happens to you.” Alucard snickered before disappearing through a portal. Cerberus called for his dogs and ran opposite of where Alucard was eyeing. He arrived back to his master’s envoy’s manor in quick time, only to see Andre’s nudes plastered all over the front door.

    “What the hell…” Cerberus questioned if this was a prank or a joke. These weren’t even good nudes by his standards. Body proportions all wrong in his eyes. What a sad sight to see all over such a good door! He couldn’t help but rip all his nudes off the door, and promptly turn all into confetti. Cerberus left Andre’s torn up nudes in front of the door, and walked inside. Everything was quiet, too quiet. Hermes was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she went to the underworld instead of hiding out and observing.

    Envoy's manor remained quiet, until Cerberus heard a low pitched moan coming from one of the many bedrooms. He stopped dead in his tracks, thinking that was Hades’ voice. What is he doing that would result in that?! All Cerberus could think about was what Hades was doing, and it turned him on a bit too much. He heard the moan again, louder this time. Strangely enough, a “ho ho ho” was accompanied by this moan. Without a second thought and his boner killed, Cerberus rushed to where the noises were coming from, only to find Hades on the bed naked with...Santa Claus? Fantasies shattered as Cerberus’ mouth hung wide open, shocked to see such hellish defiling happen.

    Hades’ back was to Cerberus, however he leaned back to look at him. When their eyes connected, Cerberus backed away. Santa looked over too, with such a creepy face as he’s getting ready to violate Hades again. Unable to take in what’s happening, Cerberus ran out of the manor, holding back tears until he was well out of sight. Once away, he held his guard dogs tight, sobbing while trying to clear images of what he just saw.

    “Was that what master was doing all this time while I was on missions? Am I...that inferior to him…?” Cerberus clutched his dogs. The debt he had with Hades didn’t seem to matter anymore. Nothing did. Everything he had shattered the moment he walked in. Yet, his only home was the underworld. Unable to go back for a while, where could he go? Cerberus tried to calm down, but couldn’t knowing how horrific what he walked into was. He got up after it seemed like an eternity of figuring out what was going on, and walked aimlessly with guard dogs at his side. Walk in the direction of moonlight he thought, nothing more can possibly go wrong tonight. However, the question remains: can more go wrong?

    He shouldn't have asked that question. A voice came ringing down as he walked through some woods. Cute but shy the voice sounded as it talked to Cerberus.

    "That man you called Santa Claus...that's not him." The voice said in a playful manner.

    "Ngh...get out of my head!" Cerberus was well beyond calming. The voice laughed at his misery.

    "Hehe, that was Andre! The one who you tore up nudes of!" The voice is obviously messing with Cerberus at this point.

    "That looked...nothing like him!" Cerberus exclaimed while gripping his ears. This voice in his head was enjoying how he reacted to her, and decided to mess with him more. Talking in broken phrases and sentences, and using the same set over and over.

    With these phrases repeating constantly, Cerberus goes insane, screams nonstop for what felt like hours to him, and eventually passes out from the voice trolling him. Whatever happens next is left for morning, as his dogs whine and try to wake him.

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    story takes place in modern universe

    "at hades house"
    cerberus was standing in the corner with a santa claus costume starring creepily at people from afar or should i say shirayuki and hades flirting with each other or what he thought, hades noticed cerberus was starring and smirked at him cerberus glared at hades, hades ignored cerberus glare and continued his conversation with shirayuki:
    "soo do you like him?" hades smirked
    "n-no i don't" shirayuki blushed
    "awwww you don't have to be shy i know you like him, why don't you tell him''
    shirayuki's face was like a tomato "s-shut up i won't"
    "so you like him after all"
    shirayuki gave him a blank face and said:
    "i hope you get diabetes" and she left hades to talk to her friend hel
    on the other side of the room there was cerberus lost in shirayuki's beauty thinking how to claim her for himself, then some thing clicked in his head and he got a great idea he started smiling creepily to himself, then someone interrupted his train of thoughts
    "wow how creepy smiling to yourself" bealdor said to cerberus
    cerberus stared at him with a blank face and said " none of your businss"
    "ooh cmon dude don't be so gloomy"
    cerberus glared at him " i'm not in a good mood so don't bother me"
    "*sigh* ok i'll leave you alone gloomy bastard"
    *shirayuki and hel's side*
    "girl you owe me a debt, because love adivce are very dangerous it could save your whole love life or destroy it"
    " thanks but what if he rejects me, i'm afraid"
    "just send him some andre nudes *wink wonk*"
    " i'm gonna slap you"
    "anyway don't be nervous and go for it"
    *back to cerberus*
    cerberus sended hades a message to come to the backyard
    "so what do you want cerberus" hades said to his childhood friend
    " what is your relationship with shirayuki?"
    "ooh a straight question, hmm there's nothing going between us, but i have to be very honest she is the most beautiful woman i've ever met"
    cerberus gritted his teeth and gave hades a dangerous look " do you think i would believe such a lie HAH?, i won't forgive you i won't forgive you i will cut your ugly eyes so you can't look at her again AHAHHAHAHAHAHA" cerberus stated to laugh like crazy person ( he is already crazy lol)
    hades tried to run away from his crazy friend, key word: TRIED, cerberus grabbed hades head and said
    " so what do you want me to start with, your hands? your legs? or do you want me to start with your eyes? HAHHAHAHAH"
    " SHUT UP YOU UGLY DIRTY PIG" cerberus cut off hades tongue and started to tear his body apart, meanwhile shirayuki wanted to take some fresh air she saw the thing she shoudn't see, her crush tearing her friend's body apart she screamed "NO" cerberus head shut up and saw shirayuki " no this isn't what you think! NO"
    shirayuki fell on the ground from fear "y-you are crazy" shirayuki said to cerberus, " don't worry i won't hurt i'll be gentle with you, we will be living together forever from now on"
    " NO i don't want to live with a crazy person! I HATE YOU"
    cerberus stopped his movement and his bangs covering his eyes then he stared at shirayuki coldly:
    " if that's what you think of me i have to take you by force AND MAKE YOU MINE"
    cerberus grabbed shirayuki's shoulder and cut off her head and left her body in the same place.

    *time skip*

    cerberus bid goodbyes to his friends in the party on his way out bealdor noticed him carrying a big bag and he asked :
    " hm? cerberu what is that bag" he tried to touch it but cerberus slapped his hand away
    " DON'T TOUCH IT" people stared at the two " u-uhm i'm sorry for screaming like that at you but this bag is very important to me"
    " oh no i'm sorry it's my fault for being annoying"
    " bye bealdor"
    "bye cerberus"
    cerberus started to make his way to his home, and did you guess what is in the bag? yup it's shiayuki's head.

    *timeskip to the morning*

    cerberus woke at the clock noise
    "shut up you stupid clock"
    he smashed it at the floor, and give attention to the person beside him or should i say head? *wink wonk*
    " good morning love, finally we can be together without anyone interrupting us "
    he kissed the head on the forehead and cuddled with it.

    The End
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    IGN: JackCrystal

    Category: Fluff (I guess?)

    Guard dog's After-Hallow's-End Terror.

    If anyone were to land their gaze upon this, it'd be the end of Cerberus.

    Despite it, he can not just give up!

    He could not face such horrors!

    "Master Hades, please! Anything but that!"

    "You are making yourself unsightly, Cerberus. Even if you have to beg, at least beg with some form of grace. Dragging yourself on the ground as I pull you along is hardly good manners."

    "Next!"-A loud, terrifying voice rang out, and Cerberus's eyes shrunk in fear and disbelief.

    "I believe that it's our appointment."-The platinum haired Eidolon pulled his loyal guard dog a long.

    "No, please, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"


    "...I...I don't know what to think of the situation just now."-The Envoy and Assassin, Jack Crystal, sweat dropped as he, along with Freya and Merrilee, watches on as Hades dragged Cerberus in for his dentist's appointment.

    Freya let out a awkward laugh as she was also trying to reassure Merrilee that whatever is behind that door, the young girl had nothing to fear.


    "My canine..."-Cerberus rubbed his mouth lightly as he exits the dentist's room, his pride all but shattered into bits.

    "Hello there Cerberus."-Freya greeted as her Envoy was leading Merrilee into the dentist's room next-"Did you also went overboard on candy consumption like Merrilee?"

    "Would it be too pride damaging if I say that Hermes challenged me into a candy eating contest and..."

    "Ahh, you two still at each other's throat I see."-Freya giggled in response, earning an embarassing blush from the male Eidolon.

    "Freya...I don't mean to ask...but your outfit..."

    "Oh? This?"-Freya gestured down on herself.-"It was my Halloween costume, but I suddenly taken a liking to this Eastern style dress, so I'm wearing it more."

    A white and light pink kimono. No one really expected it, but Freya looked no less beauty in that kimono, still exuding a soft comforting air as always.

    "You look wonderful."-Cerberus could've acted differently, if he didn't know Freya is already married to her Envoy. A creature of loyalty, Cerberus would never dare go back on that value himself. He could never do it, not even for such beauty.

    "Thank you. How was your Halloween? Surely it's not just spent having a candy contest with Hermes?"

    "O-of course not! Well, we didn't dress up in any costumes, but we definitely decorated Master Hades' castle. Not that there is much that needed to be decorated, master's castle has always been scary in a way, but the lanterns were fun to make."

    "You made Jack-o-lantern?"

    "Ah, yes. I helped my master's Envoy made it."

    Hades' Envoy is such a sweet girl. She made sure to prepare everything for them, and she was the one who supplied Hermes with the candy that they went through so vigorously, to Hades' amusing.

    "Ah, speaking of decorations..."-Freya rubbed her temples.

    "What is it Freya?"-Cerberus asked with a soft tone.

    "It's nothing"-Freya laughed it off.-"Jack could be a bit eccentric in his choice of decoration. He asked Victoria to order for him a Zombie Dentist statue for decoration."

    "A...A zombie dentist statue?"-Cerberus sweat-dropped at the thought.

    At least he should give props to the Envoy for his dark-ish humor.

    "It was really scary, I'll be honest. It scared a lot of the kids away. And I prepared so much candy for them too..."-Freya pouted slightly.

    "Is that why Merrilee is also..."

    "Partly yes, but it was also because she forgot to brush her teeth after."-The pinkette giggled.

    At that, Hades comes out from the dentist's room.

    "Freya. Peculiar choice of clothing you have today."-Hades greeted the beautiful female.

    "Call it the spirit of the holiday still lingering. What did the doctor say?"

    "He said that it's not too bad."

    "Yesss!"-Cerberus pumped his fist.

    "Don't go all 'bankai' on me yet, Cerberus. We still have a second appointment later this week to determine if this dog will be fangless or not."



    As Hades and Cerberus were leaving, Merrilee bolted out and hugged Freya.

    "Freya, Freya! The dentist said it's a big problem cuz I always brush my teeth! I just need to keep it clean!"

    "That's great! Where's Jack? Let's all go home together!"

    "Master told us to go home first. Business called."

    "Oh..."-Freya's smile wavered for a second, but she nodded.-"Let's head back then. We'll make a great dinner for when he gets back."



    "To think that I lost to Hermes and is even in danger of losing my canine..."-Cerberus slumped his shoulders as he and Hades were heading back.

    "You still have 2 more heads, right?"

    "You don't understand Master! It's about pride and-"

    "MASTERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!"-A girl's cry can be heard as the door to Hades' castle opens-"My teeth ache so much!!!!!!!!!"

    Hades could not even be amused at Hermes, unlike Cerberus' tirade of laughter that followed.

    Sighing, the master of the undead prepares to make more dentist appointments.
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