Halloween have arrived to Azuria! We are going to tell stories to each other, dress into creatures, sing spooky songs!
Speaking of stories, have you ever wanted to write one about Halloween?
Maybe write a story about Eidolons getting together and celebrating this beautiful holiday?
Or maybe write a spooky and sad story with them?
Well, now you have a chance to do so!
Write a story to our guest: Cerberus!

[Forum Event]
Deadline: November 9, 2017

- You will need to write a story, related to Halloween. Your story MUST have Cerberus and another Eidolon of your choice. Want to include more Eidolons? Go for it!
- Cerberus MUST be a main character of your story.
- Stories themselves must fit into ONE POST only.
- You have a choice between 2 main genres: Fluff and Angst. Of course you can include sub-genres like humor, drama, fantasy, etc. But fluff or angst should be main genre.
- But there is a catch: you will need to include certain words in your fanfic. All of the words are Halloween related based on the community help in world chat! All words were picked and randomized. And btw, each category has different words.
- Publish your stories here, in this thread. Do not forget to write your chosen category and IGN!
- But it's not over yet! Both categories have additional rules and judgement criteria, so don't forget to read them too!
- Grammar? Who cares! As long as story is understandable, we're not going to pay attention to your grammar.

Hello-hello, Ema is here! And I'm in charge of your fluff stories!

Fluff's Mandatory Words

- Eccentric
- Lantern
- Bankai
- Dentist
- Costumes


1). It's a fluff category, so say NO to bad ends!
2). Despite that, you can include a little bit of drama. But nothing serious, ok? You have angst category for that!
3). Story's rating can't be higher than PG-13.
4). Any kind of relationship between eidolons are ok! Platonic? Friendship? Romance? I accept them all! And yes, shounen-ai is accepted too. ;3

Judgment Criteria

1). How interesting is your story? Can I get emotional after it? If I can, you will get a huge point for it!
2). Interaction between Eidolons! Make me be jealous of them because they are hanging out together. p̶a̶i̶r̶i̶n̶g̶s̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶h̶i̶g̶h̶l̶y̶ ̶a̶p̶p̶r̶i̶c̶i̶a̶t̶e̶d̶
3). Don't make your story too short nor too long. Try to find a middle size!

Hey, it's Victoria. I'll be your judge for this category.

Angst's Mandatory Words

- Debt
- Diabetes
- Andre Nudes
- Santa Claus
- Creepy


1). It's ANGST category, you don't know what angst means? Click This
2). Drama, anguish, sadistic, masochistic, netorare, anything you can think of is allowed in this category.
3). Story can be R rated (yes you hear that right)
4). From Ema: please do make a disclaimer about rating in the beginning of your post

Judgement Criteria

1). Dark and miserable stories are recommended.
2). How the relationship is between Cerberus and other Eidolons. I'm expecting some fun pairings!

Two winners (one for each category) will receive Cerberus' Key of Gaia x3 + Cerberus' Key Fragments x5 + Cerberus Statue + a choice between Lance of the Ancient Spirit / Lance of the Evil Spirit