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    And you ?

    Ore wa.. MAGIKU PENU.

    I'll do drawings frequently, I hope you'll like they !

    Tips to know : MUST BE READ !

    ✎ I can draw males characters.

    ✎ Can do animals. (Avoid Eidolons, if possible. )

    ✎ Payments are in
    IG GOLD. Not interested in $. We can negociate prices ( except for draft draws), cuz' I'll give you an approximation like : " Between 1000g - 1500g. "

    ✎ You must pay me
    [ the HALF of the price before I start, the rest when I finish. I'll send you a thumbnail/low version until you give me the remaining golds. I don't like to do that, but it's my only way to make sure poeple don't make me waste my time.

    ✎You can ask me W.I.P, but only two. ( Don't spoil you, dude. 8D)

    ✎ You can use the drawing for signature,
    [ but credit me !

    ✎ Chibis are unavailable for now.
    ✎ I do not have to take your request, you know why*? CUZ I'M- slap.

    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ For request you can inform me through the forum, but I not guarantee any answers, so I'll leave you my Discord and the freedom of Whisp. me in-game. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ


    ♥ Have some rules to share with you. ♥

    ✮ I ONLY, draw characters of Aura Kingdom's world. They can be yours, or not.
    ✮ Don't edit my art after I have completed your comission.
    ✮ You may not distribute my art without credit me, and even less steal it. Perhaps it is your character, but it's my work.
    ✮ Avoid to rush me. Even if I handles stress well, I can have many things IRL to do before finish your comission, so it can take one week, or two, or..
    ✮ I do not take nsfw com', but I can draw loli's. Yes.

    ♥ Prices : ♥

    • DRAFT. HEADSHOT*: 400g
    • HEADSHOT Coloured*: 500g – 700g.

    • DRAFT. HALFBODY*: 800g
    • HALFBODY Coloured*: 950g – 1150g.

    • FULLBODY Coloured*: 1500g – 2500g.
    • DRAFT. FULLBODY*: 1250g.

    P.S :

    • If Extras characters, +400g on the finally price.
    • Background can be added to the price, or not.
    • Items can be accepted as payment ! Just PM me.

    ♥ A plug ? Where ? ♥

    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Do not request here, I have a Discord and a Katar for that ! I don't pay too much attention to the Forum..
    Btw, here the interactive form that you must to complete for commissions. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    Type of commission : «XXX»
    IGN : «XXX»
    Screenshots: « XXX»
    Pose ? : «You have an idea in your mind ? A scene for your char. ? write here. Don't worry, it's not required, it's just for you.»
    Note(s) : «A required date/include Something/ etc, please write here.»

    • ✿ •==_==• ✿ •==_==• ✿ • ✿ •==_==• ✿ •==_==• ✿ •==_==• • ✿ •==_==• ✿ •==_==• ✿ •==_==•

    ✉ Contact me ? ✉

    Discord : Haokkui#7153
    IGN: Daeyoung

    • ✿ •==_==• Babye ! ✿ •==_==•
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    Wheeeeeeen I miss STH because of pee-pee room.

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    1000/10 wouldn't mind going bankrupt for more

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    love your style lining is nice

    topman aggro always supporting the ak artists
    >is /mu/tant

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    -furiously and repeatedly hitting the button to bump this artist-

    Like Aggro said, would not mind going bankrupt for more. Such a beautiful art style ~

    FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan

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    Halloween Town

    (seriously her art is rly good jfc)

    Art by Daeyoung

    Pump - TFD trash

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