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    Server Maintenance 26/10/2017

    Server Maintenance October 26th.
    Aprox. Offline Duration: About 1 hour
    Starting Time: Around 8:15 pm. (server time)

    Patch Notes
    - Fixes to Centurion Ranking Titles Bonuses.
    - Fixes to World Spammer Megaphone.
    - Fixes to Heroic Potion Bonuses.
    - New Content Addition: Class Balance Patch.
    You can read the full modifications made to classes here.

    *Credits to Lindley for translations. Special grattitude to Lind, GMs and all beta testers for the contribution on checking the modifications. All of them has been tested and are, in general, fully working. We had some inconveniences to check some of the changes due to unstability/delay in the test server, reason why we are waiting for the patch full appliance in the live server for total confirmation. The changes on enchants are translated but you will find some modifications not specified in the client. We will be also monitoring specially the mechanics of classes buff and how they apply to party members, since it was one of the found issues during the test. In case they aren't propperly working, we will add a fix to this issue asap.

    As a workaround, in case you indeed find party buffs glitching, until the fix is apply keep in mind that spamming party buffs might make the buff disappear on your party members. You have to remove your own buff to re apply it to the party. Hopefully this won't be needed so this only serves as a warning, but we won't know for sure until the maintenance is over.

    New Paragon Table: Halloween Edition
    Available from October 26 to November 2nd. It's a dark time in Azuria! The day of Spirits and Ghosts is arriving next week to our generally peaceful world, and the Paragon Table will prepare us for this dark times. With Eidolon Key Fragments, mounts, costumes, accesories and ornaments, this edition will be both daring and dangerous.
    - Hades, Justitia, Morrigan and Cerberus's Key Fragments.
    - Ring of Oath.
    - Keres flowered costume and Keres Pet.
    - Flonne and Laharl Costumes, Prinny and Dark Moon Mounts.
    - Halloween Costumes.
    - Several halloween-related accesories and dark wings.

    New Promotions:
    AP Dark-Asian Edition:
    It's known that if something is spooky, it's twice as scarier in the asian version. Several movies can set as a good example, and nothing makes a better fright than the Queen of the Underworld herself. With the release of Izanami and Izanagi's costume, we will also revisit old asian costumes, keys of gaia and valuable accesories.

    LP Dark Creatures Edition:
    It's a dangerous time in Azuria indeed! With a special mount edition in our Loyalty Store, some very wonderful creatures will make their debut! The majestic winged lions will be in company of other valuable mounts, plus mount reshuffle scrolls with special discounts and the mount fuse stone as a promotion of once in a life time.

    Promotions will be available from Ocotber 27 to November 3rd.

    Trick Or Treat Halloween Event:
    From October 26 to November 2nd: It's time for a grinding fest in Azuria! Halloween it's not all about dark spirits. It's also a time to celebrate one very important global tradition: the veneration of candies. And since you all know we have a soft spot for the sweets, all of the bosses inside Azurian Dungeons will be dropping 1 piece of candy each. Restrain yourself from eating them, even if the temptation is big: you can exchange them for valuable rewards inside the Adventurer Encyclopedia > Special Rewards > SkyH category.

    Upcoming Content:
    We will take until next week to fix some current bugs in the game, and of course, to fix any potential issue with today's patch (we will thank you for your reports in case you notice anything unusual). In addition, next thursday both the Bonus Mall and the Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards will change. On November 9, we will add the new level 95 Lament to the game.

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    Somewhere ♥
    Thanks Aura !

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    Halloween Town
    Awwwww yissssss!

    Art by Daeyoung

    Pump - TFD trash

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    I Wonder how Broken Classes will be now
    Nice work on nerfing lancer ....Somewhat...
    Thanks Devs <3

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    Not your business.
    Third week in a row with good promos.

    Rip rl. :c

    A lot to reshuffle.
    Think of a Supa... Yup, it's me! 10 10 10
    SupaSpin............. sl X
    SupaNinja............ sl X
    SupaWar............. sl X
    SupaGuns......... 90s
    SupaReader....... 90s
    SupaArrow......... 90s
    SupaKat............... 80s
    SupaGuardian...... 80s
    SupaStab............. 80s
    SupaBomber........ Neva

    Twin Saga - Supa

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    Nice they finally nerfed Lancer, now let's look at Crusader aswell.... Wait X-legend, what are you doing?

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    Ty aura and Devs And thought u were Ded Stazzy :^)
    Rip Slv1 Performer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noy View Post
    Ty aura and Devs And thought u were Ded Stazzy :^)
    I am, still observing changes though... That buff on Holy Slash lmao... 20% more DMG

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    I'd like some more kawfee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ano View Post
    I'd like some more kawfee

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