As some of you might remember, we had some kind spirits visiting Azuria this last easter
They were handling gifts simply to those who could find them.
And we're glad to announce these kind spirits will be coming back this halloween!
They're not here to be kind this time around.... They're here for fun
For their own fun!
And I gotta say, just handing gifts to anyone who find them? That's boring...
You gotta follow their rules if you wanna get some candy.
And what happens if you don't?
Why not try and see yourself!

[In-Game Event]
[October 28th and 29th - 11AM and 11PM]

•Players must wear costumes dyed either Violet/Purple OR Saffron/Orange as the main color

•You can wear an undyed costume, as long as the costume is already purple OR orange

•Hidden pumpkins will be scattered around various maps.

•Spirits will randomly be hidding inside of them, and you must find them if you want some treats!

•To know if a spirit is inside a pumpkin, you must stand on top of the pumpkin for at least 5 seconds

•One spirit will only give treats to those wearing purple, and KILL you if you're wearing orange!

•The other spirit will do the opposite, giving treats to those wearing orange and killing those wearing purple!

•If you're wearing any color other than purple or orange, BOTH spirits will kill you!

•If you're wearing both orange and purple at once, BOTH spirits will kill you too!

•Who are the spirits and the chosen map will be announced in-game before the event starts, so pay attention!

☆ Treat Bag ☆

2000 Loyalty Points
You'll also obtain one of the following items:
Zombie Transform
Plushie Transform
Serena Tansform
Cesela Transform
Endora Dance
Serena Dance
Chronos Dance
Unique Sully's Ring
Unique Necklace of Memories
Morrigan Key of Gaia