Triple Exp Week!
TRIPLE exp from monsters and TRIPLE mastery exp, from October 20 (it starts after promotions change) to October 26 (ends with next maintenance)

October, a scary month indeed. A month in which, as legends says, spirits break free from the chains of the Underworld to bring chaos to the human world. A month in which reality and dreams seems to be confused between each other. A month in which your admin intentionally tries to kill you with a crazy boost event that will leave you with no food or water for one week.

Yes, you heard it right: it's a triple exp and weapon mastery exp event and it will last from October 20 till October 26. The perfect excuse for you to have no life, but we don't take responsibility for the hallucinations and illness that might come from it. And a triple exp event won't be completed without the righteous boost items that will make for a true out of this world experience.

So also for one week, you will find in both AP and LP shop all kind of consumables that will amplify your farming.