I have chosen one player to represent/check each class.
This is the full list of the people who will join us (Forum Account / Ingame Character) :
Duelist: Blusy/Seko
Ravager: Hop/Hop
Guardian: Under/Katcha
Wizard: Heis/Heis
Gunslinger: a1pha_5tigma/Ieva
Grenadier: HyperDrive/HyperDrive
Sorcerer: ReAlive/Crus
Bard: Lanya/Lanaya
Katar: Elni/Elni
WarBow: Minipluto/Minipluto
Tachi: Lind/Lindley
Necro: Orimura/Deane
Crusader: gingerham/Gingerham
Shuriken: Cartwright/
Lancer: Aggro/Trauma

We will keep your submissions as might ask you to join as replacement, in case anyone is unable to test their assigned class.
I also remind you this current test its for balanced patch only.
Other than that, thank you to everyone who applied. Access and details about the test will be posted and available to current testers, tomorrow.