Closed Beta Test Sign Up: Class Balance Patch
This is a sign-up thread for our upcoming Beta Test. The new content arrival will include the full balance patch, with the changes made in all classes. There's no date release yet for this content, but as stated, the testing process will last between 2 and 3 weeks. We expect the content to come out between October 26 and November 2nd.

Important Details:
- CBT Starting Time: Wednesday 18, October. Details will be revealed in the Beta Test Section, once the beta testers has been chosen.
- CBT Duration: Between 2 and 3 weeks (ETA is between October 26 and November 2nd)
- All involved players will have to sign up. This also includes previous beta testers interested in joining.

- At least one level 90+ character in your account.
- Familiar with at least one class.
- Familiar with the Balance Patch: In case you haven't, you can read all the changes made in here . You will have to be aware of the changes made to the class you are testing.
- Decent english: able to fully understand written english, and to inform in a propper manner any bug found.
- Available time and active ingame.
- Excellent game knowledge.
- An updated and functional game client already installed in your PC.

How to sign up:
Post here the following data
- Forum account:
- Ingame Character:
- Class:
- Level:

You will have time to sign up until this Tuesday, October 17. We will announce our current beta testers on October 18.