The story of Azuria it's once again taking a turn. Since the King of the Underworld first arrived to our world, out of curiosity about the Envoy of Gaia, dark forces has been trying to influence the actions of our Heroes. This might be... an attempt to corrupt Gaia's Sacred Energy?

Hades asked you to take the test once to show what you are made of. And to his surprise, you succeeded. You was able to emerge from his induced nightmare with your conscience and integrity intact. But Hades won't give up that easily: he wants again to test your will. And he will have help to do so.

[New Nightmare Mode Release]
Lament of the Thunder Dragon King
- You can entry the dungeon once a day, from Black Rock Desert (all nightmare dungeons will have the same entrance).
- Even if familiar, the dungeon will be filled with level 90+ monsters with stronger stats, and with a strong debuff of damage reduction against you.
- You must be at least level 90 to enter and with main quests completed to access the map.
- This a party dungeon, and a solid party is recommended to finish without problems.
- Exp enalties are enabled when you die.
- The dungeon has custom drops: Level 90 weapon, armor and accesory crates. Superior Luminous Secret Stones. Level 95 Golden Weapon Boxes. Unidentified Golden Masteries. Special Skills, Tactcal Skills and Attack Skills Golden Masteries. Rare materials: Thread of Time, Magical Willow, Imprisoned SoulFlame. And of course, Nightmare Coins at Mini Bosses/Boss/Treasure Chest.
- The dungeon gives custom exp and gold.
- 10% chances for <Charming Dreamer> Morrigan to appear at the end: chances to drop her key fragments and key of gaia.
- Four New Nighatmre Bags added to the Adventurer Encyclopedia with exclusive rewards. Another Eidolon based one, a consumables based one, a fashion (eidolon fahsion) based one and an accesories-ornaments based one.