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    Server Maintenance 12/10/2017

    Server Maintenance October 12th.
    A New Adventure Begins!

    Aprox. Offline Duration: Between 1 and 2 hours.
    Starting Time: No Eta yet.

    Patch Notes:
    - New Nightmare Mode: Lament of the Thunder Dragon King
    Available for characters level 90+ from Black Rock Desert.
    Opens once a day.
    A new challenge with an already familiar dungeon, but with a custom difficulty and drops.

    New Paragon Table: Fly Like An Angel Edition
    Available from October 12 to October 19. It's a brand new Paragon, and a brand new opportunity to expand your ornaments collection. So you can raise yourself, high to the sky!
    - Release of two brand new wings: Blessed and Cursed Angel Feathers.
    - Michael, Eirenne, Uriel key fragments.
    - Non Tradeable Premium Ornament Enchant Cards.
    - Several Wings, from glass butterfly, archangel wings, angel of love, and more...!

    New Promotions:
    AP "Charming Dreamer" Edition:
    You have probably been waiting for her debut in the AP store, and now, she is finally here. But she won't be coming alone: the sweet succubus will be in company of other dark yet charming Gods. Fashion and Gods for a dark edition of our AP Shop, with special discounts and promotions in scrolls and Rings of Oath.

    LP "King of the Underworld" Edition
    You probably have been waiting for this too: the LP shop will also take a dark turn with the release of the King of Dead, the mighty Hades! His key of Gaia and fragments will be making a debut, in company of other dangerous eidolons and special discounts in eidolon related items. An opportunity you shouldn't miss!

    Promotions will be available from October 13 to October 20.

    Upcoming Content:
    In case you aren't familiar with our schedule, it will take some time until we see our next big content patch in the server (between 2 and 3 weeks) and it won't be other than the much awaited Balance Patch, that will have a big impact in all classes in the game. We will start working on this right away, reason why we will need your help. Tomorrow we will start an open recruitment for new beta testers. Between the requirements, we will ask for level 90+ characters, with available time, decent english, and familiar with at least one class in the game. You will see all the details posted tomorrow, after the promo changes.

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    Rea carry me TDKN when

    jokes aside thaaaank you for the updates! Cant wait for that balance patch, hoho~

    Art by Daeyoung

    Pump - TFD trash

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    Thx for the updates Aura!!

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    Ty for hard work Devs

    -nosebleed- Let me signup for it ;3

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    ty aura and dev!

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    OwO New dungeon~ /o/ New stuff~ Ooooh~ O.o Can the old beta testers still join ....and have to reapply?

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    I guess it's time to die doing ST and grinding for dear Hades And those wings... THOSE WINGS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvariceLuxuria View Post
    OwO New dungeon~ /o/ New stuff~ Ooooh~ O.o Can the old beta testers still join ....and have to reapply?
    Everyone will have to reapply.

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    wow great! Thanks for the hardwork Aura and Devs!
    SEA Craniea [SouthEastAsia]

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    Hears Ocean Waves where ever I go
    thank you Aura and devs for new content and more thrills

    Aura could we have in lp shop soon Custom Kitty ear Cap ? plzzz

    don't forget after maint

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    "Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad"

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