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    Not your business.

    Multicolored Water Mushroom - rates

    Could you guys make a sense of Multicolored Water Mushroom rates, cause that's ridiculous.

    I just picked all the mushrooms from the 4 cactakaras chs and the rates are 62 small mushrooms vs 2 multicolored. Like wth. -_-

    No other tonic mat is so nonsense as this one, tbh this is the only annoying to get. I can't understand why.

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    You can get Multicolored Water Mushroom from ranch.

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    Because xlegend. Everyone had to deal with it.
    Like mentioned already, feel free to use ranch to farm them, or buy from people - there are sellers usually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lind View Post
    buy from people - there are sellers usually.
    hmmm .....

    I never farm mushroom just pick when I go through cactakaras forest and never run out of them
    but like mention farm in ranch you need plant lvl 75 crop and rate is pretty good no need buy from players ....
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    Just plant some seeds xd
    Easy Peasy

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