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    Spooky Halloween Trip

    A little 'spooky' halloween trip ^V^

    hope you like the video

    Creator: _Saya
    Actor: Blueberryxx, x_IceQueen_x, _Saya

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    Feb 2014
    Time to know our winners!

    The three selected winning videos are:
    Ryu Shurei, Lalaliluna and a1pha_5tigma.

    Special Mention to: Missha20's entry, which will receive 50% of the AP prize.

    Raffle Winners:
    Paper Bag (x3)
    Lalaliluna, Senou, ReAlive

    Endora's Dance (x3)
    Ryue, Pump, _Saya

    Morrigan's Key of Gaia (x3)
    AlyaLiko, Blueberryxx, Miiirika

    I will ask all winners to contact me as soon as possible in forums with their IGNs so you can start receiving your prizes on Monday. In the case of the video winners, the author of the entry will have to pm me with the IGNs of the full team involved in production. Thank you all for joining!

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