[Video Contest]
Spooky Tales of Azuria
Oh, October. The year had certainly fly. And we are almost at that time of the year when odd energies conflux in our dearest world. Because, as you might already know, October is the month in which spirits do their usual mischievousness and playful tricks upon Azurians. If you aren't scared, but instead you love this naughty games, you probably will have a lot of fun in our next Halloween related event.

So lets get started!
1. This is both a Halloween and a Video Event, as the title suggests.
2. We are looking for fun and short stories, but made in video.
3. You can participate alone or with friends.
4. Videos must be uploaded in Youtube. Links to your video must be provided on this thread, before the deadline.
5. The theme for the contest it's "Spooky Tales". We don't expect to be actually scared by your entry, but it must be inspired by Halloween.
6. Use the game scenery wisely to showcase the emotions you want to portrait. If you are looking for inspiration or a free location, you can always visit Aura's house to shoot some scenes (I did some proper decoration inside for the occasion).
7. We will select a total of 3 videos as winners. Each one of the winners will receive a total of 7.000 AP as reward. The actors/participants in the video (up to 4 other players per entry) will also receive 2.500 AP points. The director/editor of the video must be the one who posts the entry and submits the names of his team. You can also go solo if you prefer, but it won't affect your prize.
8. We will also raffle among all the participants a total of:
- Custom Paper Bag (x3)
- Endora's Dance (x3)
- Morigan's Key of Gaia (x3)
9. You will have time until October 31 to submit your entry and/or edit it on this thread.