Bonus Mall Promotions: October
Bad Boy's Edition!
A new month, a brand new promotion in our Bonus Mall to reward our loyal players. And this time, with a much awaited new eidolon release, we will celebrate all our powerful male Gods in the world of Azuria and the dark power of the underworld.

Eidolon Release: Cerberus

There's a new male in town! His name is Cerberus, and we are already certain he is pretty much an alpha dog. Cerberus, as you might recall from the legendary myths about him, has a very special task in the Underworld: he is known as Hades's "hound" and it is his job to guard the Gate to the Underworld and prevent the souls of the dead from escaping.

Of course, it's not all work in Cerberus's life. Like any other committed pet to his owner, he is very loving, loyal and protective towards Hades (which brings some headaches to Hades himself, from time to time, given the strong competition between Cerberus and Hermes for Hades's attention). Cerberus would do anything to make his Master proud, reason why he is very feared in the human world and really strong in battle. He often summons the power of his pack to complete his goals, and with the company of the Spirit Dogs from Hell, there isn't anything he can't accomplish.

His powerful skills involves several talents: He will give you a 20% chance of ZEAL, increase the fire damage taken to your enemies in a 30%, clean you and party members from negative status, and increase your movement speed in a 20%. Every men best friend, you could say!

Bad Boy's Promotions:
Like any other respectful dog, Cerberus will be coming with his pack: Besides her key of gaia and key fragments, the Underworld will making a strong presence with both Hades and Hermes keys and fragments at a promotional price. Plus, fans of our bad boys will have a chance to grab on Lucifer's, Uriel's, Alucard's, Bealdor's, Rhodri's and Tyr's Key Fragments.

Also! Exclusive costumes to dress up those bad boys in Azuria: Rock of Ages, Modern Soldier, Laharl and Hades's costume sets. A cool ride for those cool boys: Cars, Bikes, an exclusive golven mortocycle AND the release of a brand new winged lion mount.

The new promotions will be available from October 1st to November 2nd.