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    Server Maintenance 28/09/2017

    Server Maintenance September 28

    Aprox. Offline Duration: About 1 hour.
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    Patch Notes:
    - Fixes to Nightmare Mode Time Library Floor 12.
    - Fixes to Morrigan's Buffs and Prayer.
    - Fixes to Morrigan's Background.
    - Fixes to SoE Party Mode (Exploit)

    * On a side note, is specially disturbing the amount of infractors we found and had to ban this week. There shouldn't be any need of a reminder to our rules, and yet, it seems you still are in need of one: Bug exploits are completely against our rules and all found bugs must be reported immediately to staff members. This is a banneable offense.Same goes for account trading for real money, which we have specified in many cases, and it has several consequences for both parts involved.

    New Paragon Table: Goodbye Summer Edition
    Available from September 28 to October 5th. Summer it's already over, but we will have one last chance to say goodbye to the most fun and hot of all seasons, with a special Paragon Table.
    - New Summer Outfits.
    - Undine's Key of Gaia.
    - Several face accesories.
    - Variety of old summer costumes.
    - Dolphins/Seals/Whales.

    New Promotions:
    AP "Like A Prayer" Edition:
    It's the debut of Hebe's lovely costume in our server! The romantic dress and hairstyle is the perfect fit for a wedding, a date, or a cute stroll in the fields. The costume will inspire our whole AP shop for this week: you will find several Keys of Gaia (Hebe, Demeter, Freya), different costumes inspired by the Goddesses, mounts, wings, accesories and elegant and romantic outfits to go along.

    LP War Edition
    More than likely you have been waiting for this for some time. And now, finally, Azurian Soldier Costumes will have their release in the Loyalty Store! In opposite to the lovely promo on AP store, the LP Store will prepare you for real combat. Eidolons inspired by war and outfits inspired by war aswell will fill the rest of the shop to make you look scary but ready.

    Promotions will be available from September 29 to October 6.

    New Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards:
    October it's a fun, exciting yet scary month! With the upcoming Halloween by the end of the month, we couldn't leave or Adventurer Encyclopedia without some Halloween-themed prizes. So accesories, candy bags, pets... all perfect fits to start your celebrations sooner. Plus a custom bag, with very exciting possibilities! From Morrigan's Key of Gaia and fragments, her accesory, to some very exclusive items and costumes! What the luck will bring you? Time to found out!

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    Thank you Aura and Devs
    Hebe's costume AP mall need save moar gold

    Aura plz plz do not forget my contest rewards ..... !_!
    "Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad"

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    soe exploit? What the?

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    Thank you Aura and Devs Power!

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    On a "totally unrelated" note: Is there a fix for the double-mounts in this maintance? I don't really wish for any more bugsplat-heavy raids.

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    Oh, finally, Hebe's costume. Thank you, Aura. *^*

    ♣ IIevis - bard/sorcerer ♣
    You are (not) free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxyAellin View Post
    On a "totally unrelated" note: Is there a fix for the double-mounts in this maintance? I don't really wish for any more bugsplat-heavy raids.
    There's no possible fix cause there's no way to pinpoint the actual problem on this matter. If everytime you would be on a carpool the game bugsplatted then we wouldnt have any issue to fix this. But:
    1. It happens at random times (you can do the exact same thing twice with completely different results)
    2. It happens randomly with any mount (even if some people may feel the problem is more often with one mount than to another, the honest truth is it happens equally with any carpooled mount)
    3. It happens at any place
    4. The bugsplats themselves seems to equally affect the person riding along as people nearby when someone gets out a mount.

    All of these prevent us from even knowing where to start looking. In order to fix a bug, you need to be able to reproduce it, and if the error it's on the game's code, there's nothing we can do to fix it until XLegend does it themselves. The fact you can equally ride a carpool with no errors and ride a carpool and bugsplat yourself its mainly why this is more of a glitch than a bug itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    Server Maintenance September 20
    Thanks Aura & Devs but I don't think we're the 20 :^)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 918 View Post
    Thanks Aura & Devs but I don't think we're the 20 :^)
    Fixed, thank you.

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    LVL 90 Monster XP Books

    Will we see the new up to lvl 90 books in Adventurer Encyclopedia as well or just in STH chests?
    Because the most guilds are selfish about STH Slots i would like to see this items outside of STH as well, because it rly gets boring from 86 to 90

    And when will we see it, if its planned?


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