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    Perhaps it's time?

    To increase the drop rates of loot in level 70+ dungeons (or all dungeons I suppose) considering the few players that are active on this server. Majority of players have to play solo (yes I said have to since it is rare to find helping hands for end-game content if you're not already geared) and that knocks out nearly ALL party mode dungeons unless by chance you luck into someone running an end-game dungeon and calls for stragglers to join(which happens rarely). I realize that I may get heat for this as people will say "just ask guildies, friends, etc to join you" and yes, that may work for some, but for those of us who play at odd hours of the day (pretty much the entire nighttime of server) the server is dead around then. So having a higher drop rate for solo mode dungeons would really help gearing people up so that they too can do Hidden Air Garden, or desert dragon etc. And maybe, just maybe, they don't have to run an ungodly amount of Forbidden Frost Cities and only find 1 armor recipe or tens of Chess dungeons and only have enough stones for 1 hexagonal starstone.

    The point of this suggestion is to greatly increase the drop rates as there are too few players active, and when you run a dungeon over 50 times and get 1 recipe, that's when you start bordering the line between fun for loots and too much grinding work. The dividends don't pay for the time put in when you have no community to share the burden with.

    That's all from me, thanks!


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    lvl 70 recipies drop in dragon points, you don't need to increase their drop rate.
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    sadly chess ,desert canyon or hidden air garden dungeon isn't hard for 2-3 little geared ppl but it hard to find party that is the main point of this game and related to no one lvling by those dungeons except chess it effect to fram population qwq
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