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    Summer dress with glasses morrigan xD
    megane bansai!!~~
    IGN: Arilveen

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    Before I draw her outfit, I did some research on her and that's how i found out that she's the "phantom queen" in Irish mythology. Even more, she's associated with war and fate.
    War means mostly death,if I'm not wrong. So she's supposed to look like the godess that she is. Not like a Barbie girl. Therefore, here is my drawing of her and her new clothes:

    For pose i had some inspiration from an old drawing of mine. And for the clothes and everything else i just thought of bones and stuff like that, that's how i came with the idea.
    IGN: Theea

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    As soon as i saw her i thought she would look cool with a full plate armor
    References: Albedo's armor from Overlord anime
    IGN: Kubrik
    ps: im not very good at drawing, i tried :x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elni View Post
    I mean she's naked but is this does not look 18+.

    IGN: Elni
    That illuminati symbol won me over.

    This is it boys, everybody go home now.
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    Morrigan reminded me a lot of Albedo from Overlord, so i figured I might as well make her cosplay as her!

    References: |
    IGN: Leolt

    IGN: Leolt

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    IGN: Lace
    Description :
    So I've seen a lot of people doing sexy and a little revealing morrigan, and i decided to make a wedding dress for her
    I'm trying to make a less revealing but still adds a touch of sexy looks

    Inspiration :
    There is a lot, Eido's in AK, Costumes in AK, and thank you google for giving me inspiration as well

    Credits :
    To my sister who helped me with line arts
    To my friend who helped me deciding colors
    To my teacher who gave us free time so i can do this at school

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    IGN: Maxi

    Morrigan is wearing something :^)

    The outfit is mostly an amalgamation of several things several of my characters wear. One of my characters has uneven pigtails so I looped one of Morri's to emulate that effect.
    The necklace is the astrological symbol of 'Black Moon' Lilith; a hypothetical moon of earth that got 'discovered' and disputed in like the 17th century. Also, its name is Lilith and who doesn't associate Succubi with Lilith?
    The crow skull hair tie things are because Morrigan from Celtic Myth has a crow theme. Also a cute crow tatt I encountered while googling crow skulls.

    Feet are my mortal enemy hence the convenient cutoff 8'D
    Balloon Boobs are my other mortal enemy hence why her boobs don't defy physics :3c

    Also don't ask me what the unlooped pigtail is doing I don't know either
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    And you ?

    No title cause i'm late

    A Morrigan too lazy to change her style entirely.

    IGN : Daeyoung
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    Wheeeeeeen I miss STH because of pee-pee room.

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    Now this time thread is closed in time.
    Thank you everyone, who took part in it.
    Results will be announced soon!

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    Sorry for a long judgement time.

    So winners of this contest are.... Fio, Arlix, and Chiisai!

    Thank you everyone for taking part in this contest!
    As for winners, your prizes will be sent on this week.

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