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    So the actual entry is finally done, here it goes (note:I'm well aware of how messy the glow shit is, I'm lazy)

    Inspiration: Nothing in particular, just saw this (<-click) on tumblr and thought a belly dancing outfit would look pretty good on her. The proportions might be a bit off, the skirt part is supposed to be hanging really low.
    IGN: Galia
    Edit: The blue-ish dot-thingies are supposed to be a fine chain, I don't have the nerves to draw that and shade it though so /shrug
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    I'm sorry, guys, I forgot to place deadline's time while posting this event.
    Be sure to check it + be sure to check everything in event's details, since half of the questions wouldn't be here if people would read it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [GM]Ema View Post
    Yes, you can make it like this.
    You can also change her hairstyle if needed. Just be sure that she is recognizable enough.
    alrighty, thanks ema :3

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    Good luck to all those participating! ;-; Sadly can't draw ahahaha~ >w<

    Jewel Verastella Rozelle
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    Edit: I withdraw from this in favor of nekO, who had the same idea. Good luck, pal.
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    Simplicity is the Essence of Beauty.

    Simplicity may be the essence of beauty.
    Although my drawing seems to destroy that meaning.

    Uncolors Version | Colored PNG Version


    Sometimes the horn need to take a rest as well!
    That is why I made it face downward while Morrigan is taking a rest; sleeping.

    Knowing Morrigan, she tends to answer us with her favourite "Yes" or "No" Pillow.
    So I drew her hat with O indicates Correct or Yes and X indicates as Wrong or No.

    References: O Mark and X Mark

    And of course, we definitely should not miss out the loves. You know why.

    I also would like to draw those patterns on her hat to her pyjamas too but I did not because I afraid it would looks messy.
    Or maybe it is just me who is bad in drawing. What more, I would like to focus on simplicity in her fashion so yeap.


    The new pyjamas set that my mother bought for me.
    So it just hit to my mind that Morrigan should try to wear something like this too once in a while.


    Ryu is joining the fun again although she is terrible in drawing. #sorryifmydrawinghurtsyoureyes
    I drew this with my hands then scan it in to my lappy and colored it with my Photoshop.
    Not sure if what I am doing is right but if my entry broke any of the rules, feel free to disqualify it.


    Terribly drawn and colored by Ryu Shurei
    Retrieved the background from here
    Magic Circle Shape by TatsubeJones

    IGN: Ryue

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    Morrigan is getting ready to war! Umm kind of..

    The moment i saw this contest i have instantly remembered of my fav char in mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes Camilla. This beauty accompanied me in fire emblem adventures from the start. -cough- What i was talking about...

    oh! I would like to post my entry of Morrigan in her battle outfit inspired by Camilla. hue. decided to go with full dark mode n red gemstones (instead of blue) cz of killing intention on battlefield ♥♥♥

    Used references:
    1. hair - Camilla
    2. pose - Effie
    3. characters - Camilla, Effie, Beruka, Tharja
    4. wings - link
    5. dragon eye - link

    IGN: Inui

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    Cheerleader Morrigan

    Recently I checked some pokémon go arts and I found this here >> << quite interesting
    then my friend talked about this contest, I looked up for some cheerleader uniforms AND
    I thought " why not use this as base and make an actual cheerleader Morrigan? "

    *throws masterball at Morrigan*

    IGN: AyameShimada

    *thank you~*
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    AyameShimada / Complain

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    I was really feeling bows today...

    I used a pose reference for the upper body/hand because I was lazy, but uhh its an 18+ image (nudity) so I won't link it directly. I believe the artist is called baru? I can link to a censored version if need be though

    IGN: Sajiri

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    Nurse Morrigan

    IGN : nekO
    Description : In the first time I made this draw because I thought Morrigan fits the idea of a nurse, but while I was checking forums I seen someone else was working with the same idea...Got to say I didnt stole the idea from that person...I was working on it before I seen the post ; w ;

    edit : I add first sketch data and hour as a proof that I started without taking ideas from anyone. Btw its Thai timezone. ProofPic
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