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    Can i make it like this? Back view and front view. The only thing u can change is only her clothes right?

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    good although my drawing is not very good my design is based on a casual dress but with some sexy details because also a succubus can dress casually and sexi

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    Not what I was expecting, but the lazyness and inability to draw details and color it got me xD

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    Welp, I downloaded a free paint tool called FireAlpaca and then went and redone this art! I think it looks alright but it could have been better.
    With Halloween coming up Morrigan decided to make her Halloween outfit early so she'll be ready for this year. Sexy witch.

    Yeye, also the outfit was not made by me. From a game called Rumble fighter. The pose is also not mine. I can't really find who made the post but just know it is not mine. <--- outfit

    I thought she would look pretty decent in this outfit. I really like Halloween and since it is coming up, I thought I'd draw her in this witch outfit. ^^
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    Gonna post the wip before too many ideas look similar to eachother. Will likely re-do the entry drawing itself later in the week.

    The main idea stems from Fire Emblem (surprise surprise given my latest character obsessions), particularly Fire Emblem: Awakening. Morrigan's original design reminded me of an extremely sexualized manakete design, thus the idea of putting her in that class...even though she can't actually use dragonstones and the like.

    References: Tiki | Nah | Cordelia

    Sketch progress: These are not a part of the entry and are only here as reference sketches I've done.
    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

    IGN: FengXiuYing
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    Based off random stuff I saw selling at Forever 21, idk, I like Forever 21 -cough-

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    "Throw away the mask of common sense and enter the world of ecstasy
    Choose the sacrifice for tonight, oh
    sinful rose"

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    My idea behind this
    The rose on her chest symbolises the love she gives,
    but the thorns show her true intentions.

    Her dress depicts a withered rose,
    wilting with the weight of all sins committed by her victims.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekogitsune_ View Post
    Can i make it like this? Back view and front view. The only thing u can change is only her clothes right?

    Yes, you can make it like this.
    You can also change her hairstyle if needed. Just be sure that she is recognizable enough.

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    IGN: Meteiora

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    This is my entry!
    IGN: Shoura

    Morrigan can't be always in (sexy) pajamas right? She needs a day to day outfit, and here it is :^)

    Pose credit to the sixth post from the left! Only the pose was referred to, all other design were created by me
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