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    [Design contest] Wear something, Morrigan!

    Oh man, this Morrigan is always dressed to kill! Our server has a +12 rating, but she rose that up to +16 already!
    That's not good... Her fashion in general is so bad, too! (Actually, it's so good, but shhh)
    We need to make new clothes for her! We have tailors but no designers, hmmm...
    Citizens of Azuria! Please, help us create a new special outfit for Morrigan!

    You will need to upload your entry, that will consist of your IGN and your art. And what should you draw, you ask? Morrigan in a different appearance! Different costume, hairstyle, stuff like that! But don’t changer her completely - if we can’t recognize her, you’re automatically disqualified! Keep her horns, wings and tail at least.

    What should be done?

    - You have to draw Morrigan in a different outfit/appearance.
    - Add your IGN to your entry
    - Credit everything you used as an inspiration (if you did), which also includes poses, backgrounds and clothes.

    You're allowed to:

    - Draw her together with someone as long as she takes main role.
    - Use any kind of materials in your entry.
    - Edit your thread until deadline.
    - Choose any size of the picture.
    - Add a little description for context.

    What is prohibited?

    - Stealing other people's ideas.
    - Submiting more than one piece of art or entry.
    - Everything, that goes beyond +18 rating on your artwork.

    And remember - it's a design contest! You may have crappy drawing skills, but you still have a chance to win - after all, it’s all about your idea!

    We will pick 3 best works, which means there will be three winners.
    All of them will receive Morrigan's statue and key of Gaia!

    Deadline: 10:00 pm server time, 29th of September

    Good luck to everyone!
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