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    Server Maintenance 14/09/2017

    Server Maintenance September 14
    It's time to get wild! From today's maintenance, azurians will be able to jump into a brand new adventure by completing the 5th floor of Sky Fantasy. Plus, amazing promotions and a cyber-inspired Paragon Table to finally get a hold on your lovely Hermes.

    Aprox. Offline Duration: About 1 hour.
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    Patch Notes:
    - Addition of Sky Fantasy 5th floor.
    Enjoy the brand new floor and the brand new challenge for sky fantasy lovers. You will be able to access it and finish it since this friday! With a higher LP gain than official servers, exclusive costume weapons, and the drop of level 95 golden gear, this brand new floor will be the perfect excuse to keep grinding.

    New Paragon Table: Cyber Edition
    Available from September 14 to September 21. On this special edition of our Paragon Table, it's time to get Hermes! The Table will be filled with cyber-inspired items (from mounts, fashion eidolons and more...)
    - Release of Hermes Key of Gaia and Key Fragments in the Paragon Table.
    - Eidolons Key Fragments: Kusanagi and Kaiser Zeta.
    - Neptune and Noire Costumes.
    - 120% Silver Hoverboard.
    - Tech inspired costume weapons, costumes, mounts and ornaments.

    New Promotions:
    AP Wild Life Edition:
    It's the last week of summer! So what is better than spending it on the outdoors? With our "Wild Life" special week, the shop will be filled with all kind of animal inspired items: mounts, eidolons keys of gaia, and the release of the fat cat jumpsuits.

    LP Wonderland Edition
    The weather is changing soon, so it might be a good time to take your winter clothes out of the closet and have it right in hand. Our LP Shop will be doing exactly that so you don't have a hard time when the temperatures fall. Of course, it's not only a matter of fashion! In company with gorgeous clothes, the peaceful Eirenne will be bringing you warm.

    AP and LP Forging Promotion
    Summer ending also means less time to grind in a close future. So, to help you catch up faster, we will have a forging promotion in both shops, with 120% forging scrolls in the LP shop and 125% forging scrolls in the AP shop for a limited amount of time!

    Promotions will be available from September 15 to September 22.

    Last Week of Summer - ExP and Mastery Exp Double Rates
    Since summer it's ending, we are working to bring you a very nice closure. From September 14 (as soon maintenance is over) until September 21, we will have double exp rates so you can enjoy your last week of freedom with style.

    Upcoming Content:
    We are working to bring both Time Library and Time Library Nightmare Mode 3 missing floors, and they will be ready very soon for you to enjoy!

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    Thank you Aura and dev for the hardwork always!!!

    credit by Oribani

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    woohoo double exp again thx u
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    thank you Aura and developers : )

    Aura Eirenne in LP promo did I read it ?
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    Eirenne in the LP shop, Kaiser and Hermes in paragon. *^* and 120% forging scrolls, now i can prepare for new content. Thank you very much, Aura.

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    thx aura for the hard works
    now, i have more option for farming LP's xd
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    Shields on sky fantasy chests?

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    bug get fixed?

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    nice double exp and forging scroll Thanks!!

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    Double pexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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