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    Server Maintenance 07/09/2017

    Server Maintenance September 7
    Aprox. Offline Duration: About 1 hour.
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    New Paragon Table: Dark Edition
    Available from September 7 to September 14. On this special edition of our Paragon Table, things will get really dark, really soon. Hope you are ready for a mysterious, tough, evil-inspired kind of look.
    - Release of Hades Key of Gaia and Key Fragments in the Paragon Table.
    - Eidolons Key Fragments: Izanami, Medjed, Lucifer, Hel and Rhodri.
    - Hades and Justitia's Costumes.
    - Rock of Ages, God of War, Night Fury Motorcycle.
    - Evil inspired costumes, ornaments and accesories.
    - Dark inspired mounts.

    New Promotions:
    AP Last Days of Summer Edition:
    Only a couple more of weeks to farewell our favorite season of the whole year. And we will say goodbye to summer in style with one more memorable look! With the release of two brand new costumes, some summer all-time favorite fashion and Undine's Key of Gaia. Plus! Mounts and two new adorable hats!

    LP Dragon Edition
    They are the most mythical and powerful creatures. And you will be able to tame them! Mounts, ornaments and fashion to celebrate the dark power of Dragons, available for one week.

    AP and LP Fortify Promotion
    Summer ending also means less time to grind in a close future. So, to help you catch up faster, we will have a fortify promotion in both shops, with amazing discounts!

    Promotions will be available from September 8 to September 15.

    Next week:
    We are still working to move the content forward! And next week, we will release new floors in one of your favorite dungeons: Sky Fantasy will finally get their last floors. Plus! Kitty costumes, to look as fat as Aura does.

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    In your dream
    consumables <3

    Time Library Nightmare Solo :

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    thx aura for the hard works xD (y)
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    Nice updates

    any chances you can look at those?

    Also any news on Rhodri/Higa/Nalani wishes achievement?

    Wiz/Bard 95

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    Thank you, Aura. ;D

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    finally.. fortify promotion..
    i've been waiting for this..
    thank you so much Aura XD

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    Damn, no Alucard/Bahamut key fragment... I need only 1 more for get that eidolon... Since I started playing aura kingdom I have wanted it and I am not able to get it ;A; Im so frustrated xD

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    another reason not to sleep for 2hours after work *roll para*

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    Hears Ocean Waves where ever I go
    thank you for work devs and Aura

    and thank you so ooooo much for Ice Dragon in LP promo I love you Aura <3

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