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    [Screenshot Contest] The Ugliest Thing

    Screenshot Contest: The Ugliest Thing!
    The world of Azuria is a place for fashion-forward styles. But sometimes, the azurians just like to play around and make fun of themselves. If you always felt your look was a bit outside the box, this might be the perfect contest for you! Because this time around, we will actually reward those fashion miss-steps.

    Getting your character looking ugly and ridiculous might be a harder task that you would think. In order to look completely bizarre, you need to think carefully on the costume, accesories and colors you will choose. If you think you could look as a walking-joke, please give this screenshot contest a chance and win amazing rewards in the process.

    Event Details:
    - This is a screenshot contest. Like all screenshot contest, the overall result of your entry will be judged.
    - This is fashion contest. Like all fashion contests, your overall costume will be the main focus during the judging process.
    - Since fashion it's the focus of the contest, your full costume must be visible in the screenshot.
    - Since the overall result of your screenshot will also be judge, make sure you choose the right background and pose to compliment your SS.
    - You will need to have equipped at least 3 pieces of fashion (costume, head accesory, face accesory, ornament and/or costume weapon)
    - We are looking for funny looking results. Use the sets in a smart way to look yor absolutely worse.
    - Colors will take an important part so use them wisely.
    - Screenshots can't be cropped by can be edited: since not everyone has the same graphic settings, you can use your editing skills to make the screenshot look better.
    - What you cannot do is to add external elements to the screen.
    - Players can only submit one entry.

    Event Deadline:
    You will have one week (until September 11) to submit and/or edit your entry.

    Event Rewards:
    We will select three winners in total. Each one will receive the following fashion package:
    - Two fashion items or own selection (This includes head accesory, face accesory, costume, ornaments and/or weapon costumes. This excludes game exclusive costumes like Sky Tower Hell, professions or guardian knight costumes).
    - x10 Tradeable dyes of own selection.
    - x3 Premium enchantment cards of own selection.
    - x1 Name Change Scroll, in case you need to go into the witness protection program after participating in this event.

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    potato farm

    Jelly Chicken Take Over!?

    Just another lazy day in Azuria...
    When all the sudden...
    Their gelatinous bodies have overrun this forest!?

    OH NO!!
    They latched on to Venny's face and head!!?

    Will she escape!?
    Will they take over!?
    Will her umbrella protect her!?




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    IGN: AlyaLiko

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    Sup boys ;*

    IGN: Nukker
    Nukker: Lancer - Rotta: Guns

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    Hahaha loving it so far!

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    Scientific research says this is the last image the human brain makes before you die from malnutrition, still scared to eat your greens?

    IGN: Aggro

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    J-jus' wan moar drink...

    IGN: FengXiuYing

    *NOTE: Yes that is my actual resolution. Potato computer refuses to play full screen anymore without constantly black screening.*
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    IGN Erest

    ❀Need more food to make a party with candlelight dinner ¢‿¢ ❀
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    Is there something on my face?

    IGN: LadyFiona
    I'm so bad at making ugly/ridiculous looks Q^Q

    AKPS: LadyFiona / (inactive)
    Amanthea (inactive)
    TSPS: Amanthea (active but time still depends xD)

    dA :
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    IGN: XxCynthiaxX

    When it s winter but you're dumb and want to swim
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