Bonus Mall Promotions: September
Charming Dream Edition
Our Bonus Mall will be filled this month with the sweetiest and loveliest of dreams. With the release of the gorgeous and sexy new succubus, our players will soon become infatuated with her charming looks and powerful stats. Don't miss the chance to get to know her!

Eidolon Release: Morrigan

Everything about Morrigan looks like cotton candy: her luscious skin, her shining hair and dreamy eyes. But don't get confused by her sexy look. Morrigan is indeed one of the Goddess of War and Death, and her beautiful appearance it's just another trick to charm her enemies and win new allies.

Morrigan is indeed part of the family of ancient succubus and her powers are strongly bounded with dark magic, life absorption and hypnotism. There's no good or evil through Morrigan's eyes: for creatures like succubus, there is only pleasure, desire and destruction.

Her beautiful image goes hand in hand with her powerful skills, making her a strong Goddess in the human world. She can stun her enemies and make her allies immortal for some seconds. She can also bless her allies so they can transform their damage potential into hp recovery.

Charming Promotions:
Morrigan won't be coming alone: Besides her key of gaia and key fragments, you will find her in company ofspecial fashion items inspired by her gorgeous and dangerous look.

The new promotions will be available from September 1st to October 6.