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    [Screenshot Event] Cucumbers on the loose

    It was a nice regular night, things were smoothly on the gathering of cucumbers, after their everyday walk, so they grow strong and healthy for their harvest day.
    But as I was counting, 30490.... 30491.... 30492..... 30493..... And just like that, it was over, no more cucumbers....
    Except there were more cucumbers, but WHERE ARE THEY?
    I can't just go out there and search for them, they're fast, they're slippery, they're sneaky
    And I have other 30 thousand cucumbers to watch!

    But I can't leave them out there in the wild either! They're DANGEROUS!! And I need you, brave envoy of gaia to help me!

    Your bravery will be rewarded of course, you're putting your life in danger for me!
    But I can't reward all of you, as much as I'd love to, I'm just a poor cucumber farmer...
    And since you're all willing to risk your lives on it, why not let you FIGHT FOR THE PRIZES?

    *Phone ringing*

    What? I can't? I can't let them kill each other for the reward?

    *Bambling on the other side*

    Really? That's... Wow.... FINE, I GOT IT

    As I was saying, let lady luck decide on the winners!

    Forum Event

    [Deadline - Semptember 6th, 2017 - 11:59PM Server Time]

    Find the cucumbers! Take a photo with them.
    They've been last seen on channel 1
    The more photos you submit, the higher is your chance to win
    1 Photo per location/cucumber
    Photo must be cropped in a way that doesn't show the map name and coordinates
    But it must show your character and a cucumber!
    Submit your photos as link, so the thread doesn't get messy
    7 Cucumbers have been known to have escaped
    (Maybe more!)


    1st Place
    Grand Winner!
    (Must've submitted at least 5 different cucumbers!)
    Ultimate Cucumber's Luck Blessing
    [6k Ruby Coins + 20x 4-Star Eidolon Rerolls + 20x Advanced Pet Improving Potion + 10x Mount's Ability Reshuffle Scroll]

    2nd and 3rd Places
    Runner-up Award!
    Half-Energized Cucumber's Luck Blessing
    [4k Ruby Coins + 10x 4-Star Eidolon Rerolls + 10x Advanced Pet Improving Potion + 5x Mount's Ability Reshuffle Scroll]

    4th to 8th Place
    Close Enough Award!
    Half-Dead Cucumber's Luck Blessing
    [3k Ruby Coins]

    Here's what you should be looking for!

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    Agent H01S reporting, I found many cucumbers, here they are!

    Continuing the search I found those slippery, slippery Cucumbers!

    Extra note: Listening to this video might help you with your search:

    H01S out
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    Well that is all i could find sorry if they are a bit blurry.But it was fun for my first event
    ps there are seven pictures is just that they are in album format.
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    Selfie Moments With The Cucumbers

    Huhuhuhu~ there must be a reason why those cucumbers ran away on the loose.
    Was it curiosity or being adventurous?
    Or was it for the sake of freedom?
    Or perhaps they are seeking for romance?

    Anyway, so far I have only encountered a few and manage to take a selfie with them.

    Our First and Surprise Encounter

    Do I Smell Romance? But Wasn't It Forbidden?

    A Sightseeing Date with Cucumber-kun?

    "If you were a vegetable, you'll be a Cutecumber!" said the Cucumber.

    Ryu decided to join the fun again. However, I rarely in Channel 1 and I did not manage to find some time to seek for them since I was busy.
    Hahaha~ sowwwy! But hey, it is better than nothing, right? We are all still having fun (・ωー)~☆

    p/S: This one is not an entry but I just want to share this as it is my most favorite selfie with the cucumber so far!
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