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    Server Maintenance 31/08/2017

    Server Maintenance August 31
    Aprox. Offline Duration: About 1 hour.
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    Patch Notes
    - New Dungeon Mode: Sanctuary of Eidolon Trials (Solo Mode)
    From Crescent Hill (same entrance as Temple of Eidolons, Sanctuary of Eidolon, Trials) you will be able to enter this New Trial against the most powerful eidolons in the world of Azuria. This time, you will have to enter alone. As reward, you will win eidolon key fragments, loyalty, and other valuable items!
    - New Dungeon: Card Battle Temple
    From Navea (same entrance as Fight Club) you will be able to enter once a day and challenge some of the most skilled Card Battle Fighter. Win exclusive cards and other valuable rewards by defeating them!

    New Promotions
    Summer if coming to an end, and we want to celebrate the outdoors in the best way we know: with good looking pixels! In this week and mothly edition of all of our promotions, you'll be able to enjoy the wild life in different ways.

    New Paragon Table: Animal Kindgom Edition
    Available from August 31 to September's 7. Some of the fan-favorite fashion it's coming to a special paragon table to celebrate the wild life. Animal nspired costumes, eidolons, mounts, accesories and much more to cosplay like your favorite pets!
    - Kitty Assassin Costumes
    - Kitty Chair Mounts (including the exclusive gold edition)
    - Accesories and ears.
    - Animal-inspired fashion.
    - Eidolon Key Fragments.
    - Golden Pets.

    New Promotions:
    AP Casual Sport Edition:
    Nothing better to do at the outdoor than casually spending your time in the Azuria landscapes and enjoy some healthy sport life! With two brand new face accesories, one brand new female costume, and casual and sportive costumes!

    LP Forest Edition
    The LP Store will be dyed in green with some forest-inspired items. Hebe's Key of Gaia, Lady Butterfly Dress, Butterfly Headphones, exclusive ornaments and much more!

    Promotions will be available from September 1st to September 8.

    New Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards
    To celebrate the end of summer, we will give you a boost to your farming: With a special edition of our Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards, this time, filled with Sprites of Gaia.

    September's Bonus Mall:
    From September 1st till October 5. Time to meet the gorgeous Morrigan! The seductive succubus will be making her debut into the Bonus Mall this friday, together with fashion and other promos.

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    thx aura for the hard works
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    o3o never Heard of solo Soet nor seen it, seems these 2 new dgs will be fun to check out
    ty devs for the hard work towards balance patch ;D

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    Hebe for lp promo...Nice! *^* Also Solo trial and new dng, thank you, Aura and devs. o/
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    ty aura
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    Thank you for nice update
    new encyclopedia sprite edition ...
    about sprites of gaia once I used 1x7d sprite and day after it was gone

    this week used a 7d and it last only 3 or 4 days I forgot

    is it bugged ?

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    Land of free healthcare
    Is there any info to fixing GK bugs?

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    Thank you, Aura. Looking forward to it.

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    Somewhere near
    Great update. Finally we got those dungeons. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    - New Dungeon Mode: Sanctuary of Eidolon Trials (Solo Mode)
    i have loNG SOUGHT FOT THIS
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