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    [Fan Fic Contest] The Interviewer

    Fan Fic Contest: The Interviewer
    Have you ever imagined a dialogue between you another character of this game? What would an NPC would answer? Or an Eidolon? Or even a Boss! What you and your friends usually talk about? If you are a fan of role-playing, we want to make a stress-test on your imagination. Create an interview from scratch with any game character of your preference. And as result, you will win amazing prizes!

    Event Details:
    - This is Fan-Fiction Contest: Your entry should be an original, self-made, game related story.
    - This is an Interview Contest: The format for the story should be of Questions and Answers.
    - The answers to your questions can be completely real or self made: You can interview another character, or a fictional one.
    - The content of the interview should be fictional and game-related; if you decide to interview another player, the questions should be directed to his character and not to himself.
    - You can also interview an eidolon, an NPC, a monster.
    - Use the game background stories to make up the questions and aswers.
    - You can use two fictional characters to interview each others.
    - You can use images to illustrate your entry.
    - You can use HTML Codes, colors, etc to make the entry more appealing to the eyes.
    - The format for the entry should be Question and Answers, but you can also narrate between them.

    Judgement Criteria:
    We are looking for original entries, fun and easy to read from top to bottom. We do not judge grammar. How you present your entry won't be decisive in the judging process, but it can help untie two equally good entries. It's important to understand the background and personality of the selected character for the interview. If you decide to interview another player, it should always be with his consent. If you make-up the answers for her/him, they should be respectful and the player in question should agree with his/her participation.

    You will have exactly one week (until August 31) to submit and/or edit your entry.

    We will select a total of 3 winners. Each of them will receive different amounts of the "Yes and No" Underworld Succubus.
    1st Place will receive (x3) Morrigan's Keys of Gaia.
    2nd Place will receive (x2) Morrigan's Key of Gaia.
    3rd Place will receive (x1) Morrigan's Key of Gaia.

    Important: Entries can be made groupally between two players. In this case, you must add the name of your companion for the entry (the entry is only post once). Both winners will receive the same prize, according to their winning place. I will leave you a small interview made by our own, that could help you to set an example of what we expect (Credits to Vicky for the help)

    It was a lovely and warm day only ten seconds ago, but now that the Guest arrived to the location, the air is suddenly chilling. Our heroine starts her interview with no preambles. After all, she will be facing a difficult guest, it's better not showing any hesitation...
    Aura: A-Are you Evil?

    Victoria: Well, I eat puppies as my breakfast... I think that count as evil.
    Can replace puppies with toasted bread though.

    The answer wasn't surprising coming from Victoria. And yet, is still shocking to see someone so straight-forward (and which such a horrible eating habit).Aura tries to divert the attention from the puppies. She can't risk for Victoria to find her pet in the backyard.
    Aura: That answer is pretty ambiguous, since not everyone loves puppies and certainly not everyone likes toasted bread... But since your father Winston is indeed evil, do you consider your evilness is the result of your heritage?

    Victoria: Yes, a fruit falls not far from the tree. In fact, my father send to learn magic to be able to assist him during his quest. He trained me to be a spy too, till the point that I need to "betray" him during a battle in Streamed Cavern to retain everyone trust. The moment when you're stabbed by someone from your back, it's the sweetest.

    Once again a cold and emotionless answer. Have she staged the answers? Is she using magic to read Aura's mind? The next question will certainly caught her off-guard.
    Aura: You are the only Templar that uses Magic. Are you next in line to replace Emma if she dies?

    Victoria: No, I'm next in line to replace YOU.

    Her eyes are wide open. Aura's breathing is difficult. Was she planning this interview all along... to get closer?
    Aura: Are you planning to kill me then? Or Emma?

    Victoria: Kill? it's way too merciful. What I want is a slow and painful torture where death is actually a salvation.

    Aura uncomfortably clears her throat and tries to change the topic. Maybe if she forces a confession, the Vatican will intervene.
    Aura: Once in Silent Ice Hills, Maggie killed a lot of people under your watch. Was this really an accident?
    Do you think the Vatican should re-consider your position given your negligence?

    Victoria:I don't think they have enough manpower for that. I'm too skilled to be simply replaced by a mere common officer after all.

    That answer is troublesome, to say the least. Maybe if she asks her about her love life, that will relax her a bit...
    Aura: Are you and Anya a couple? Do you blame the Cucumbers for this rumour?

    Victoria: Thicc sticc and Cucumber are a match made in heaven.

    Ok, she doesn't even know what to think about that answer. But by the way Victoria behaves, there should be someone to put the blue haired Templar in her place.
    Aura: Wasn't Andre suppose to be first in line in the Templar's Hierarchy?

    Victoria: Yes, he is the templar commander. But after Belenus death, he's gone to hell.
    Just look at him obsessing toward Arcanum and always keeping Arcanum Photobook with him. He may be the templar commander, but only in name.

    There is only one last hope for humand kind... It's time to ask about him.
    Aura: Is Alex real?

    Victoria: He's a myth, like Santa Claus.

    After her answers about other Templars, her lack of respect for authority and the reckless lagging in Navea, Aura can only hope there's a reason behind all of this madness. Maybe it's all because of her training?
    Aura: What are your credentials in architecture and interior design?

    Victoria: None, I'm self taught.

    I'ts time to wrap the most uncomfortable interview in history. If Aura cannot be confident of other Templars to stop her any time soon, at least, maybe she is willingly thinking of doing something else...

    Aura: Last question: How are you planning to spend your retirement, once you leave the Templars?

    Victoria: I'm planning to be the unkillable 100F STH boss, and became the object of pure rage and hatred. A real antagonist.

    Victoria and Aura shake hands to finally end the interview. Aura secretly hopes Victoria didn't notice her nervous pulse. But she is a Templar Knight, Minister in Magic, and self taught decorator. It's safe to assume she did. One day, Azurians will look back on the day of this interview and re-read every line to understand how this Reign of Doom actually started. But for now, it seems already too late to stop what is to come...

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    Hello, a question.

    Can the entries entirely be an image? Or does it have to be typed and we have to use HTML codes to fancy it up?
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    that example was really savage xD anyway does this has to be player to npc/eido/monsters or no?

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    I would like to know if we can use your example with Victoria, like put your characters acting after that interview. Can we?
    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uhseen View Post
    Hello, a question.

    Can the entries entirely be an image? Or does it have to be typed and we have to use HTML codes to fancy it up?
    The entry can be an image added entirely, if you want to go for a more fancy format.
    As said in the Event Criteria tho, this won't give you an advantage over other stories, but if the story it's good it will surely help.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nekogitsune_ View Post
    that example was really savage xD anyway does this has to be player to npc/eido/monsters or no?
    I can be a player interviewing a player, a player interviewing a monster or an NPC, or two fictional characters (for example, you can imagine the interview between two eidolons)

    Quote Originally Posted by RinChang View Post
    I would like to know if we can use your example with Victoria, like put your characters acting after that interview. Can we?
    Thank you.
    I wouldn't have a problem with a continuation of that story, but keep in mind the interview was already made. If you want to make another interview using the one we posted as inspiration, it would also have to be in the interview format.

    I give my consent for such scenario, but of course, Vicky would have to give hers too.

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    Interview a Eidolon Kotonoha

    On a very warm afternoon but with some wind one of the most beautiful eidolons towards presence with the person that the interviewer who the boy although a shy person can make his best effort?

    Zelos: Good afternoon, Miss. What is your name?

    Eidolon female: bu good my name is kotonoha much pleasure

    Zelos: nice to meet you, miss kotonoha. This is an interview to know a little more of you agree?

    (Seeing Kotonoha I realize that although nervous is seen with a look of decision to answer all the questions with the truth but also my beauty strikes me)

    Kotonoha: Of course, yes, sir.

    Zelos: great good my kotonoha what kind of animals do you like even if you say that you dislike dogs and prefer the foxes to what is due if it were true?

    Kotonoha: if it's true to me I hate dogs a lot I hate them better I prefer the little foxes that are a little furry animals, soft and tender

    Zelos: and why? Almost most people like dogs and they can be adorable and hairy.

    Kotonoha: well esque the dogs are fastidious they run the poor foxes if it were for me I killed all the dogs of the world so that the little foxes would be calm without those ugly drills Grrrr

    (The truth is I noticed how angry he had been with his hair harmed and with the pupils of his eyes well dilated like wanting to kill something the first time I see kotonoha so I better change the question)

    Zelos: umm if I imagine good and what kind of food do you like miss Kotonoha?

    Kotonoha: I love tofu and various traditional foods but shhh is a secret

    Zelos: hehe this will be a bold question but what kind of guy do you like to?

    Kotonoha: etto the kind of guy I like are sensitive boys but clear strong and brave and who knows how to cook my sensei awww I wonder if it would be a crime to relate a eidolon with his sensei

    (After his response kotonoha blushed enough and tamandose the face I was impressed by his mood change a while ago but see it was fascinating)

    Zelos: oh go and tell me miss kotonoha who thinks of dema eidolons say mmm bel-chandra or sigrun?

    Kotonoha: bel-chandra because I really wanted to dance like her, she danced very well and although for the moment I enjoy watching her dance because she's a very noble and strong eidolon I could not move with the armor she's wearing ummm I wonder if not It will be hot with that.

    Zelos: How well do you think of Aura's kingdom?

    Kotonoha: well the truth, even though it's an eidolon, it's never been hai uzuriel and abraxas among other eidolons tell me about that site "They say that time works very differently in the Kingdom of Aura, and passes very slowly there, and nothing ages" .
    "It sounds very deep, like looking at my rock garden!" If so I would love to visit you

    Zelos: If I imagine that it will be a nice place and finally what does this world look like?

    Kotonoha: it seems to me a very beautiful and wonderful world although of course there are horrible and ruthless creatures there are also people who are good and who help each other

    Zelos: very nice thought of your part miss kotonoha and well this is all thank you for accepting the interview Miss kotonoha

    Kotonoha: no problem sir, I hope you helped me a lot with my information

    (And we said goodbye and kotonoha with a greeting of hands and although I dared I also asked for a hug and after that kotonoha went flying on that afternoon so warm and serene that shone to kotonoha)

    ING: Zelos00

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    Silly Alucard photobombing an interview.

    It was a warm and peaceful morning at Enra’s cabin, albeit the fact that the Envoy herself was busy moving furniture around and making room for a special guest. Floating in mid-air and assisting her in her task was her draconic partner, the Dragon Tyrant Alucard. As the last chair was put into place amidst the fluttering petals of the twin cherry trees in her yard, Enra dusts herself off, admiring her handiwork.


    Finished at last! Now I just have to prepare the food. Care to join me?

    Her gaze turns to Alucard who looked none too happy about the whole ordeal.


    I still do not approve of this.

    Crossing his arms in all his irritated glory, the Dragon Tyrant glares at the setup.


    All this for him? What a waste.


    Now, now, don’t be like that, darling. It’s rare enough that he agreed to my request, so we might as well welcome him with the best. What’s there to lose anyway?

    The Envoy tries to console her partner, but he didn’t seem to receive it quite well. If anything, that last question made him even more annoyed.


    What’s there to lose?! You, of course! Stupid shiny god… how dare he try to take my Enra.

    Enra chuckles heartily, dragging him down gently to give him a hug.


    It’s only an interview. Come now, let’s finish the preparations.

    After all was done and set, the pair awaited the arrival of their guest. In a blinding flash of light upon the heavens, a luminous figure descended along with a familiar greatsword.


    Welcome to my humble lodgings, Bealdor. Thank you for gracing us with your presence.

    The Bringer of Light, seemingly out of breath, composes himself as his gaze lands on his favorite Envoy.


    Enra! It’s a pleasure to be your interviewee, t-thanks. And, um…

    The God of Light trails off as the third party to their interview makes his presence known. The two males glare at each other in a battle of testosterone, neither of them giving up the battle. With a loud clap, the Envoy breaks the staring competition, eager to get the interview started.


    Let’s start, shall we?

    She gestures to the seat opposite her for Bealdor while Alucard takes his stance beside her in an attempt to intimidate their guest. Enra blanches at this, mentally facepalming at their childish behavior.


    First off, as the Bringer of Light, what is your main duty?


    I’m entrusted with overseeing the creatures of the land. My light guides them in their quests.


    Thank you. Next one. About Hel, have you met with her lately?


    I’ve seen her once, but I was too scared to approach her. I’m afraid that if I did, her memories of what I’ve done to Gram would hurt her even more. Right now, I can only stare at her from afar.


    Tragic, indeed. Let’s move on. I’ve asked a few other Envoys and they all say that you are in fact a tsundere. What are your thoughts on this?

    A crimson blush blossoms on Bealdor’s face at this, earning him a snicker from the Dragon Tyrant.


    T-tsundere?! What an outrage! I-I’m not a tsundere! And shut up, you old dragon!


    Old dragon?! Why, I ought to castrate you!

    With strength only an Envoy possesses, Enra pushes them away from each other. Flipping through the pages of her small notebook, she scans her eyes over the last few questions for the interview.


    Hmm, this one’s a bit more personal. If Chronos turned back time for you, would you prevent your past self from committing the accident with Gram?


    Wholeheartedly, yes. Hel is very dear to me and I would do anything to turn Gram back to his former self.


    That’s the last of the serious questions. To lighten the mood, what’s your favorite food?


    U-uh, anything you cook, really.


    Oh! Which one in particular then?


    D-Dreamy Heaven…


    I’ll go make it as a parting gift. Thank you so much for your honest answers. It was a real pleasure to interview you. Till next time!

    As Enra dashes back inside her home, Alucard turns to Bealdor in an evil smirk.


    There will be no next time.

    IGN: Enra
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    An Interview with Lucifer!

    note: The first three questions are from ingame Eidolon Area "Talk with your Eidolon" and after that are the ones from our story with my partner :3

    LadyFiona: okay then, I think it's time to start the interview with your dad, Nyte~

    Nyte: My father's with Fred-- I mean, Hades o.o

    LadyFiona: ...stupid dad =^=

    [~somewhere around the Snowy Continent (wherever snowy it is XD)

    Hades: *sneezes* brr... is it getting colder in here now? @[email protected]

    Lucifer:... You know your kingdom's in an arctic region.

    Hades: I know, but it doesn't get this cold on the greeting of September.. its usually around October... ._.

    Lucifer: whatever man *drinks a beer*

    Hades: *drinks his wine* oh yeah. When will be your interview with my daughter, Fiona?

    Lucifer: she said she'll come find me when she's ready, probably having fun with my son first

    Hades: *spits his drink* ...r-really..?

    [A Silver War Dragon arrives in their place and riding on top of it was LadyFiona, fully dressed up and ready for the interview.]

    Hades: oh, hi Wendy, you grew up~ *goes to pet the huge silver war dragon

    LadyFiona: *jumps down from Wendy and waves at lucifer* Luciii~ shall we start with the interview?

    Lucifer: sure *finish beer* Talk to you later Fredanr

    Hades: *mumbles* It's Hades for this scene--

    [Hades left them followed by the Silver War Dragon. LadyFiona sat on the opposite seat and looks at the papers with her.]

    LadyFiona: *nods after reading the papers* okay theeenn~ let's start!

    Lucifer: *sits and wait*

    LadyFiona: So... Tell me about your weapon~

    Lucifer: *shows his sword* Oh, you mean this weapon? It's basically the manifestation of my power.

    LadyFiona: Oh I see~ (So I guess without the weapon, he wont be that powerful? o.o)

    Lucifer: (I hope she's not thinking any stupid question inside her mind...)

    LadyFiona: Well, how do you train yourself?

    Lucifer: Let's just say in order to come to this world, I had to limit my power. That's why I'm using this sword, as a human manifestation of my magic.

    LadyFiona: (Then he will be more powerful without it?!) *clears her throat* O-Oh, I see... So.. How do you deal with your enemies?

    Lucifer: Ha! My enemies aren't a problem, I never met anyone stronger than myself.

    LadyFiona: (Not even my dad? o.O) That's nice~ I hope you'll find a fitting rival that can match up with your strength~ Ok, into the next question. What was your first thoughts when you became an Eidolon?

    Lucifer: been more confused at first, I mean I'm supposed to be dead, however Cobalt's Mother Gaia gave me a second chance. At least I can drink beer with no consequences

    LadyFiona: pfft =w= okay okay, when you haven't met Nyte, what have you been doing?

    Lucifer: haven't met my Son, is that what you mean?

    LadyFiona: yup~ wait, so, you've been with Nyte all along? o.o

    Lucifer: well, its complicated... After the "Attack" i was dead for a good while it seems then after Gaia's blessing, and I've been resurrected. I went to explore and meditate. Then I learned of my wife still alive, and i seek her out, staying at Michael's house, ironic tbh. Then Bahamut, told me about my Son and what hes been up too. So we let him live his life but let him feel our echoes spiritual presence on hard choices. I mean. What kinda parents are you to be too clingy and strict to your children? They need room to grow.

    LadyFiona: oh I see.. Is there a certain place you would like to go with your family?

    Lucifer: Crystal Crimson Canyon

    LadyFiona: can you tell me why that was your chosen place?

    [While listening, LadyFiona makes some green tea latte. Gladly, it was on the table and the water's still hot.]

    Lucifer: Its the place where I proposed to Izanami, my wife Juwol. Plus the moonlight off the Crystals make the most magnificent of color beams.

    LadyFiona: oh~ I wanna go there too~ ❤ *pours some green tea latte on a cup* would you like a drink before we end the interview?

    [Lucifer just stared at the tea and brought out his beer and drinks it. LadyFiona sweatdrops and drinks her tea.]

    LadyFiona: oh yeah, Luci, why does Pandora seems so attached with you? o.o

    Lucifer: well, she's of the original...Onis to serve under me, after her..~denial trip, so she sees me as a powerful leader.

    LadyFiona: owh i see~ well, thanks for agreeing to have an interview with me, Luci~

    Lucifer: yea...whatever... *drinks a beer* Also...

    LadyFiona: hm?

    Lucifer: Tell these Humans, just because you killed a demon, doesn't make you a hero, it makes you a murderer just like the rest of us. you go do celebrations, while we have to do Funerals.

    LadyFiona: O-Ok.. I will...

    [The two shook hands before parting ways, leaving the warm cup of green tea latte on the table.]

    IGN: LadyFiona
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    Victoria and Hades: About the death of those you love

    Seeing him again shocked her to the core, it's easy to see. We've known one another for such a long time now I can tell when she puts up a brave face. Poor Victoria..
    Her father, the once-esteemed General and Church Knight, Lord Winston..
    She has been coping as best as she can, she respected him, loved him, and then after thinking him dead for years, she sees him in allegiance with the Queen of Minions.. Keres herself.
    I shake my head as I watch her carefully place her plate armor gauntlets over her left wrist with a thousand-yard-stare. She hasn't been herself ever since.
    Andre is taking good care of her though, well, as best as he can afford to in these times. Having lost our esteemed Bishop took a lot out of him.
    I want to help. I've seen how they both endure so much pain. And we are the Templar's of the church, we need to support one another. So even if this plan of mine is a
    little insane, it's the best we've got.

    André's footsteps echo in the grand hall of Wrathborne temple. The natural petrichor was fouled still with the blood of the slain.
    A heavy hand landed on Alex's left shoulder. The fingers through damaged plated gloves squeezed onto Alex's red shoulder pauldron. A tired greet.


    "You want to WHAT?-" André exclaimed.

    "I think it's an idea with merit." Alex said "They are willing to assist."

    André shook his head. His eyes were still glazed over, he hadn't slept soundly for a good while.

    Alex held his gaze fixed on his fellow Templar. "It may give her some answers."

    After a long silence, André sighed. "Fine.. I will inform her." And with that he paced off.


    "Why is this neccisary?" Victoria spoke, peeking just over her red-rimmed glasses.

    Quietly, a fourth person joined the templar's. One they were by now more than familiar with.

    "Because you have questions, and he can answer them Victoria." Alex replied with a worried glance in his eyes.

    "Are you ready, Envoy?" He turned to the male who had joined them. Then signaled with a nod to begin.

    The envoy closed his eyes, and the earth started to rumble. Small pieces of debris fell, and out from the floor came a blue miasma.

    Followed by an Onyx throne. On which was seated the lord of the underworld and the dead, the Eidolon Hades.

    Deathly pale, and with a coat as dark as night he made for an imposing figure when he rose to float in the space beside the envoy of gaia.

    Steel skeleton-like wings moved behind him in a soft pulsing fashion.

    "Who of you wishes to obtain knowledge of the underworld?" His flat, almost gentle but cold voice spoke as he eyed everyone.

    Victoria swallowed and frowned. Her blood pumping faster as her emotions ran high. One look was tossed to Alex, which made him smile worriedly and scratch the back of his head. Even André looked nervous.

    "Very well. Hades, lord of the underworld." Victoria spoke seemingly fearless and angry.

    "Is it not so when we die, we come into the underworld under your leadership?"

    "Yes, it is so." Hades answered as he held the eyes of the fearless Templar.

    "Do we change when we die?"

    Hades did not answer directly. Instead he seemed to ponder how to put something complex into terms a human would understand.

    "Nothing ever stays the same." His eyelids lowered a moment. "But you mean in spirit, the soul, do you not?"

    "Yes" She held her eyes onto the blue ones of Hades.

    "No, one's spirit, or soul does not change."

    This answer only seemed to anger her more.

    "And is it not so, that those who are in the underworld sleep peacefully?!"

    "Yes" Hades answered once more with a gentle but quiet voice.

    "So then why is my father no longer himself, Why is he serving Keres instead of sleeping in your underworld?!" André wanted to approach her, but Alex took him by his shoulder and shook his head.

    The anger and pain was vividly on display in Victoria's expression.

    However Hades his reaction even seemed to surprise the envoy of Gaia.. Concern bloomed on his face.

    "Your father-" Hades closed his eyes and held up his palm towards the female Templar. Who's expression lifted into surprise.

    "Winston" She spoke, the pain became visible by the volume she used.

    "Winston" Hades his attention turned inward.

    "He was a General of the Church." She continued, right back to her unshaken self.

    Silence followed

    Victoria seemed to deflate a little, and as Hades was searching his memory and the underworld, André and Alex took up positions beside her in a show of support.

    "I cannot find him" Hades spoke.

    "I've searched, and I knew he was with me in the underworld for a long time, but I cannot find him." A frown wrinkled on his brow.

    Victoria gazed up to Hades.

    "What does that mean? You cannot find him?" The hostility was growing less and less.

    "It means I have failed in my duties" Hades spoke as he seemed in deep thought.

    "And it means that the forces of the queen of Chaos have a way to take souls resting in the underworld." He spoke distressed.

    The repercussions of what that meant seemed to ripple through the group. Creating shock and deep concern on every face.

    "We need to inform Grand Bishop Imma.." André noted dour. Alex could only nod in approval.

    "Envoy, I take my leave." Hades spoke with a frown.

    The envoy nodded in understanding.

    "Wait!" Victoria shouted in a way one would apprehend a criminal.

    Yet the Eidolon of the underworld turned around and indulged her.

    "..Tell me" She spoke, face cast down.

    "Why do you take people away? Why do we die?"

    A pregnant silence followed as the question was asked.. A question everyone wanted answered.. but no one had ever dared to ask.

    "Why did my father have to die?" Victoria's fists were balled.

    "What use is it if evil will just snatch him away from you!" She looked up with a tear pearling in her eye.

    Then two feet touched the ancient stone of the temple and a wave of energy passed through all of them.

    Hades walked to her, and became face to face with her, she had to look up to meet his eyes.

    "Death, is an integral part of life. Without one, the other cannot be. All that lives must die. So all that dies can live."
    "To guard this balance, is my duty. I did not 'take' your father. I only guided him to rest after his death." His voice was soothing and comforting..he spoke to Victoria no longer as a Templar, but a person, a daughter grieving her fallen father.

    "What about him?" She gestured to the Envoy. "He survives more then any of us, and you, you are immortal." The fire had gone out of her questions. Instead they were filled with sadness.

    "The Envoy of Gaia shares a unique bond with us, Eidolons, which affects him. And we, we are as we are to safeguard the balance and many other aspects, like youth and fate.

    All, to safeguard your way of life, and protect it from those who seek to upset the balance."

    Victoria had listened to the words of the Eidolon, and brusquely rubbed her thumb past her eyes to strip away the tears that had formed.

    "Right.. There is more at stake.." She sighed, and took a deep breath. Everything was always more complex then it seemed..

    "I promise I will find a way to stop their stealing of souls from my underworld." Hades spoke to her as final as he flew back, and summoned his onyx throne.

    "Fare well, Templars of the Church."

    All watched the Eidolon of the underworld vanish into his own realm. Alex let a relieved sigh and paced over to the Envoy.

    "I don't know for sure, but I think this may help her a little." Alex smiled terse.

    "Thank you for this. I need to go report to Grand Bishop Imma right away, more bad news" He smiled now. And squeezed the envoy's shoulder. "Stay strong, see you soon."

    IGN Arcah
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    Hades finally in Love?

    With this society she certainly did not reckon, when suddenly the guest brought a wine drinking God of the Underworld.
    In View of the beautiful Day dark Energy spread troughout the house. That was count now is focus on the target,
    get Information to write the best news,tought the joung Reporter.

    Dalia: So first of all Welcome, i did not expect 2 quest but i am glad that you two have time for me.

    Issuke: Yes I had not expected that he would accompany me, but he insisted.

    She looks at Hades with her loving eyes while he indifferent drank his Wine

    Dalia: Understand, why don't we start with our Interview. How was the first encounter with Hades?

    Issuke: Well as an Envoy of Gaia like me you are part of many Battles, once seemed lost. I was close to death as one of the last remaining,
    suddenly a rumble was heared and He ascended on his stone throne. He beat down the Enemies and said that my time had not yet come.

    Dalia: Wow very interesting, Tell me Hades why do you want that Issuke is spared?

    He drank his glass of Wine, looked at Issuke than at me

    Hades: I felt a great power inside of her, still not strong enough, but i found it very interesting. Perhaps this power was strong enough to enter into an Alliance with me.

    Issuke blushed when she heard these words

    Dalia: Issuke I heared he helped you grow strong even strong enough to defeat Delphonia, how difficult it was to meet the requirements of a deity?

    Issuke: Of course it wasn't easy, often I was also one of his slaves and brought him his meal and wine. But the Dark Power fascinated me and made me more powerful than others.

    A wide grin spread across her face

    Dalia: The Dark Power fascinated you, was that also one of the reasons why you agreed to the Wedding with Hades?

    Issuke: Not only that, he is also not the evil God for wich they all hold him. If he doesn't just drink his Wine,
    he can also be very loving and romantic. His wedding proposal with 3 dozen black roses I simply couldn't refuse.

    Dalia: What were the first Words in his proposal he whispered to you?

    At that moment hades stood up and said with an angry voice

    Hades: Only the God of the Underworld can say it best

    He came over to Dalia and said the following Words

    Hades: Once our mission is over, you and i will rule the Underworld Together. We will bring judgement upon the Human World.
    And if you refuse? You will learn to love me even against your own will.

    Issuke blushed again as she remembered

    Dalia: These are some loving words, i think.. well to the next question..

    At this moment, Hades pulled Issuke on his lap and disappeared with her into the Underworld

    Dalia: Alright, our Interview seems to be over here. What a nice couple.

    IG: Issuke in cooperation with Dalia
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