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    Nightmare Mode Nomination: Time to choose the next dungeon!

    New Dungeon Arrival: It's time to choose your favorite!
    A couple of weeks ago we welcomed a brand new custom mode to the game: Time Library Hall Nightmare Mode. The place was filled with challenges and special rewards. As we already stated, this dungeon was only the beginning... Now it's time to decide our next step.

    Since your feedback it's really important to us, we don't want to make this decision alone. That's why we ask all of our players to come together and give their opinion on this thread: Which one should be the new dungeon to receive a custom nightmare mode? To answer this question, we will ask you the following:

    1. Nominate on this thread which dungeon you want to see next in the Nightmare Mode feature.
    2. Each player can only choose one dungeon, otherwise his post won't be taken in consideration for the final count.
    3. Focus on the dungeon's challenge: which one would be more entertaining to do, if harder?
    4. Do not focus on the dungeon's drop, since Nightmare Mode drops are customized.
    5. You will have exactly one week to nominate one dungeon or edit your entry.
    6. On August 31, we will select the 10 dungeons with more votes.
    7. On September 1st, we will open a new poll with those 10 most nominated dungeon, to decide which one will be our next one

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    Lament of The Thunder Dragon King. Bring back the spidersss ;D

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    Lament of the thunder dragon king

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    lament of the thunder dragon.

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    Frozenlea Plains

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    Lament of the Thunder Dragon King!

    Explosive deaths please~
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    Frozenlea Plains
    Slv10 Ravager/Crus boss kill New Complimation
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    Lament of The Thunder Dragon King.

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    Frozenlea Plains. People bursting down Guzigla have had their way long enough :>

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    Halloween Town
    Whirlpool Abyss. Nightmare stats debuff + -75% to all stats if you die 5x (+ worms exploding everyone to death)? Heck yea
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