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    Server Maintenance 17/08/2017

    Server Maintenance August 17
    New Ranch System! Enter the Marsh from your House, and discover the brand new side activities available for you. Pet, Mining, Farming and Fishing will occupy your time and give you brand new rewards!

    Aprox. Offline Duration: About 1 hour.
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    Patch Notes
    - Fixes to Time Library Night Mode Entries: Fixed to twice a day.
    - Fixes to Exp Penalty Left System Message (you can check the total amount of exp penalty left when you kill a monster now)
    - Expert Limit Debuff Removed.
    - Fixes to Sky Tower Hell Mode Floor 16 and 20.
    - Fixes to Time Library Nightmare Mode Drop in Floor 9.
    - Captcha Removed from Inside TLN.
    - Added updated descriptions to Weapon Specializations up to Shuriken Class.
    - Added corrections to Guardian Knight Quests Descriptions.

    - New: Ranch System
    New System Feature that includes four new side activities: Pet Capture, Farming, Mining and Fishing.
    The Marsh can be entered from inside the House Menu (Enter Marsh option). Inside there, you will find different areas with special NPCs and side activities, that will allow you to collect special rewards.

    - You need to be at least House Rank LV. 3 to use the Pet Evolution Feature.
    - You need to complete the Quest "Biological Research" to involve in the Marsh activities.
    - You need to complete the Quest "Farming Expert" to use the Farming Feature.
    - You need to complete the Quest "Geology Request" to use the Mining Feature.
    - You need to complete each activity daily quest to receive their production coins.
    - You can find mini tutorials for each activity inside the game.
    - There are still some missing translations from the system. They will be added next week. The Ranch is still, almost fully translated and fully functional.

    New Paragon Table: Extra Sweet Edition
    Available from August 17 to August 24. On this week's edition of our Paragon Table, we bring you a very special and sweet edition, with all kind of new and old lovely items.
    - Demeter Costume and both Demeter and Hebe's Key of Gaia and Key Fragments.
    - Glass Butterfly Wings Release.
    - Shuriken and Tachi/Rav/Crus Blossoming Costume Weapons.
    - Princess Regalia re-release.
    - Some all-time favorite: sweet costumes collection, wedding collection, maid collection, sweet face accesories and choco buffs!

    New Promotions:
    AP and LP Promotions:
    The AP Store will be welcoming our favorite pets of all time, with a special Kitty Edition. Two brand new mounts, two brand new costume will in company in all kind of ears and claws, including the naughty Byakko.

    The LP Store will be in a much more peaceful mood, with all sort of Angelic Fashion, Ornaments and Mounts. Plus, the beautiful Michael will be introduce to complete your collection!

    Promotions will be available from August 18 to August 25.

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    Any updates on Higa/Rhodri/Nalani wishes achievement?

    otherwise good job on everything <3

    Wiz/Bard 95

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    The heck, 2nd time I return from hiatus, 2nd time there's a maint son, but it feels good.

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    thanks for update Aura ♥

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    Thanks Devs
    :3 time to break the game with spawning FKs in Ranch -coughs-
    (saw FK eggs somewhere)

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    At last the GK fix!!! Thank you Aura and dev for the hardwork. Wonder what kind of rewards for ranch system

    credit by Oribani

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    New Pet Gold kawaiiiiii
    Ty Aura
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    Oooh, Michael in lp shop! Thank you, Aura and Dev. ;D

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    Sorry, I can answer a question. And where are these quests located? Or they will be bored with the renovation in the house?
    - You need to be at least House Rank LV. 3 to use the Pet Evolution Feature.
    - You need to complete the Quest "Biological Research" to involve in the Marsh activities.
    - You need to complete the Quest "" to use the Farming Feature.
    - You need to complete the Quest "" to use the Mnining Feature.

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