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    When you sister has more than you

    I forgot the IGN : Kushy
    Sorry x)

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    In your Heart

    Cool Umh... Follow me...

    IGN : HionArchana
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    Keep Smile

    Hion (Gunslinger,Shuriken) = Trash

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    We will guard it forever.

    IGN: Ayne

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    Red face Always with you~

    IGN : nekO
    “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

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    Sorry for keeping you waiting! After few hours of thinking and judging, we have our winners! And their names are...

    Pump, Kharybdis, and Zycie!

    Buuuut, it's not over yet!
    Turned out we have so many good entries, that I had to pick some of them and announce them as... Honorable mentions!
    And these are...

    Lace and Blueberryxx!

    So,you two can pick only 1 costume type that you want (and you wouldn't receive Hermes of course).

    All 5 winners please pm me your choices. You have only 1 week for that!

    Thank you everyone for participating!

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