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    Hmm.. you tell me?
    IGN: Anassassin

    "Gretel, have you tried these apples!?They are the best I have ever had!" said Hansel.

    "You should try some of these sweets Ana baked for us, they are quiet delightful" Gretel replied with the sweetest smile,"Ana, can we go on another picnic to Cadetonn Hill? They have such fresh apples and beautiful waterfalls too! I would love to have the next picnic by the waterfalls."

    "Ehhh! Save me some sweets too, I put a lot of effort into those- I'm also hungry!"I cried,"And Gretel of course we can! Remind me to plan the next trip when we get home, we should invite more friends next time."

    The warm sun slowly started to sink behind the tall hills so Ana, Hansel and Gretel all decided to call it a day and go home feeling happy and refreshed after their picnic in such a beautiful place.
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    "I will always protect you."

    IGN: Ametsune

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    IGN: Neihi

    Not Every Princess Needs A Prince

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    Down the violet wind slid syrinx melodies,

    wild as foxes, mad as love,

    strange as wakening.

    IGN: Enra

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    Friends Forever

    IGN: Inahe
    Eidolon: Venus

    No matter what world we meet, or the place or what other lives will have in the future you will always be my best friend.

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    Your Highness Cleo & _Yasu_

    on in to the Fight

    Cleo & _Yasu_

    IGN: _Yasu_

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    IGN : Lace
    Eidolon : Tigerius Caesar

    "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered." -Julius Caesar
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    Fiiiinlaaand !!

    Always protecting me ! .3.

    IGN; yukinen
    yukinen / lv 80 / katars / hs

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    IGN: YeXui

    Oh you are Hebe, the Goddess of Youth and Spring,
    I'm a mere mortal, who'll grow old and weak,
    But still, Let me live my life on full swing,
    So come! Let us sing and dance till morning peak.

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    Post We are sister


    When you sister has more than you

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