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    [Fashion contest] Eidolon is my fashion

    - Your majesty, - Gus walked to the throne room and looked at sitting Ema. - Packages are ready for your month-long holiday. Are you ready to-
    - No. - Almost immediately answered Ema, not letting Gus to finish. - We are delaying it for a week, - She looked at him. It was pretty common to see Ema either upset or desperate. It usually happens after ̶d̶r̶a̶m̶a̶ argument with her ̶c̶i̶t̶i̶z̶e̶n̶s̶ guards. But Gus hasn't seen any arguments this last week, at least none involving Ema.
    - But why? - He asked. Seems like this question made her even angrier.
    - Haven't you noticed?! - She asked with frustration in her voice. - It's been a month already!
    He still couldn't understand, what she meant. But when he had realized it, she said it herself.
    - I still haven't hosted any event! Vicky and Anya have done so. Even Aura hosted one!
    She was talking a lot about that stranger named "Aura". One day, he will understand who it is.
    - I need to think of something before I leave, but nothing comes to my head! - She started to wander around throne room from one wall to another. Gus couldn't help her, she never listened to his ideas, calling them "boring" or "irrelevant". He wanted to calm her down, but Ema suddenly stopped. Looks like something have come to her mind. She looked at Gus with sparks in her eyes.
    - Say... have we ever done a fashion contest before?

    It is a fashion event! And what people do on fashion events? Correct, they are searching for the best fashion set! And that's what you will do, if you want to join in. But it's not over yet... you will have to use your own eidolons as your directions in your fashion!

    What to do?

    Make a screenshot with combination of any costumes. But not just a random one. This combination should look harmonically with eidolon you have chosen! But don't even dare to copy somebody's combination that is already published here. And say no to editing! You can only crop images. Nothing else is allowed (including combining screenshots into one). Oh, and you can publish only 1 screenshot and only 1 entry!

    What your entry should have?

    - Eidolon that you have chosen (and you ofc). Nobody else should be there.
    - A combination of costumes, that will look harmonical with your eidolon (and good on you too!).
    - Your IGN.

    What can give you more chances to win?

    Creativity! I can see already how you're thinking about taking a screenshot with you and your Kotonoha in swimsuits. Not like it's prohibited, but it's boring. Think of something unusual! Creativity will give you more chances to win!
    You can also add plot, description and anything of the likes (except for editing of course). But it's a fashion contest after all, so if you have a good screenshot, but a bad combination, you will lose!

    Special note: You can't pick your eidolon's set costume with it. For example, you can't use Fenrir's costume set if you decided to take a screenshot with Fenrir (even a re-colored version). But using it with different eidolon is not prohibited.

    Deadline: 13th of August, 10:00pm -server time-

    What do we have for prizes? Well, have you heard, that Hermes has arrived to our server? ;)

    We will have 3 winners in total. All of them have a choice between:

    1). TWO different type of costume (Head/Face/Costume/Ornament/Costume Weapon) of your choice + Hermes key of Gaia
    2). ONE type of costume (Head/Face/Costume/Ornament/Costume Weapon) of your choice + 10 Dyes of your choice + Hermes key of Gaia

    But remember: Production, Card battle, Guardian Knight, and STH encyclopedia costumes are excluded from this list! Same for PvP weapon costumes and Nightmare Mode weapon costumes.

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    The famous rockstars Melchior and Muse are preparing for a concert. While practicing their moves, Muse has to take a peek at her lovely partner

    IGN: _Melchior

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    IGN: Maiem

    Snow White: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!
    Maiem: Says the girl who ended in a coffin for biting an apple
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    Quote Originally Posted by wafflo View Post
    IGN: Maiem

    Snow White: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!
    Maiem: Says the girl who ended in a coffin for biting an apple
    we got a winner!

    This is really a nice shot! woaaahwww!

    Answers won't be given, Just because you ask for it... You have to look for yourself.

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    IGN: DementicRiot

    When all hell breaks loose...
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    Fashion Contest Entry

    IGN~ Xandria

    Me and Shiryuki mourning over a loss of a friend.

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    Contest Entry

    IGN: Xraya

    O-on-onii-chan, please come home ;-;

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    IGN: Aysel

    Yes! it's freezing cold, it seems like a brilliant idea going out with elbows and chest half naked, cold never bothered me anyway♪

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    IGN: Kekao

    Hades and I having some down time between dungeon runs~

    Kekao || Bard/Shuri || Leader of Ahegao

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