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    yay new story line!! Thanks Aura! <3

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    Yay love this!

    yayy thanks aura! this is gonna be fun
    thank you for the hardwork !
    SEA Craniea [SouthEastAsia]

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    I already finished all quests, but I guess this has nothing to do with it. I tried again to go where that elite is, but this keeps happening and I can't go up there. And in another map, I got stuck and I had to enter Guild Hall to be able to move again... The coordinates are: X163 Y652 Elven Kingdom.

    There's another bug I saw: the furniture recipe we can get in the newer Furval Fantasia (the one near the portals to Southern Island and Western Continent) is bugged.

    It cannot be used. I already have my gathering and fishing lvl 70, and I tried gathering some material, but the recipe is still useless.

    EDIT: A friend tried to go where that elite is too, but he had the same problem of being unable to.
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