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    Wink Enchanted [Open! & Updated 02/09/2017]

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    Guild Leader Change:
    I have changed character/account to Adorabeezle, Should you wish to PM me regarding our Guild recruitment, please do not hesitate to do so.

    Guild Level:
    Guild Is now level 5! Gratz guys!

    New Sage Promotions:
    Please give a warm welcome to Myle, Aval, Teinya and HellsOlivia who have attained 1.5k+ Guild Contribution.

    New Members:
    Welcoming our newest members! miyourin, NameBot, Mu2, Tsune and OverLord! Note we are always open for recruitment, Come and join the team!

    Guild Member Interviews:
    I plan on hosting an event in which I will be interviewing our most active Guild members, Questioning them not only about the game, but also about how they enjoy the Guild, and what suggestions they have to ensure our activity keeps peeking its heights!

    Static Parties for %20 Bonus
    I aim to create static parties for those who are online to ensure that they gain the 20% Exp buff. I also plan on having these static parties help train and gear up our member count upon reaching the cap. This applies for farming Occult & Zerk licenses for those who wish to play the classes, alongside Furval & LP Instances.

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    Good luck with the guild and recruitment!
    ~Guild Leader of HeavensProperty~

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    ill join once i can get on

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    Quote Originally Posted by policedog View Post
    ill join once i can get on
    We'd be happy to have you! Updated as of 29/08/2017

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    poo poo doo doo land

    Red face

    i love this cute lil guild! super helpful and friendly c:

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    We are still Open for recruitment, Come and join our adventures!

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