Bonus Mall Promotions: August
Cyber Edition!
The Messemger of Gods its making her debut in the Bonus Mall on this August. Not only she will be quick, she will also be lovely! But to go with her cyber-vibe, we will be also releasing a collection of mounts, fashion, accesories, including Hyperdimension Neptunia costumes.

Eidolon Release: Hermes

Quick of mind and fast in movement, Hermes is known as the Messenger of the Olympus. Hermes's task it's to keep connected all the realms of the Gods, and is a careful witness of the Gods sins and of the human life. Hermes has the talent to interpretate the hidden meanings in people's speechs. Despite of Hermes's reputation as a tricky cheater, truth is that Hermes is the ultimate God of language.

Cyber Promotions:
Hermes's won't be coming alone: Besides her key of gaia and key fragments, you will find her in company of other Gods and special fashion items inspired by her cyber look.

The new promotions will be available from August 4 to September 7.