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    Looking for STC guild raid group

    I'm currently a lvl70 Tachi/Scythe and I'm looking for a guild raid group for the STC, it's quite hard to look for a STC raid group since everyone want to do STH and I'm not qualified for that yet so could anyone help me with this? If anyone know any guild raid that have their own registration form or sheet please tell me or any guild raid that recruit people on SAT and SUN. You could add me in game if you want, my ign is: GeniusRIck....that's an uppercase i. I'm quite free right now so I can do any STC at anytime, and I'm quite active too.

    Thank you for your attention

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    Hello RIck and welcome to our server.

    Actually there are plenty of great guilds running STC, although there are more STH which is why you believe it is so. The best timing for STC with good raids would be 2pm and 8pm so I strongly suggest the you be on around those timings to play.

    However, most organised raids have their forms with each of their own set of criteria in order to join. So I strongly that you read all of them carefully before you even join in. The general rule would be 350k GearScore and lvl 80+.

    I admit I am advertising here but our guild always run at 2pm both days, and always reach F40 very fast (with record of 2hr 15mins), though our rules are much more stricter then most STC in order to join, but it is what makes us successful.

    They also other guilds running the same time as us and they are great too! So you should also check them out.

    Here's for my guild:

    You can check out our form here: if you wish to register (open 24 hours b4 STC starts)
    Our raid sheet is this:

    Hope you enjoy your time here!
    Hecate (Main Lancer Sub Crusader/Shuriken) S10
    Evanesce Guild

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