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    Server Maintenance 27/07/2017

    Server Maintenance July 27
    Aprox. Offline Duration: About 1 hour.
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    Patch Notes
    - Fixes to Sky Tower Hell Treasure Chests Spawn from floor 36+.
    - Fixes to EXP bug in Dimensional Hall 85+.
    - Official Higa release: fixes to his achievements, missing eidolon wishes.etc.

    New Paragon Table: Asian Edition
    Available from July 27 to August 3rd. If you are considering going to your most "oriental side" we have the perfect paragon table designed for you: Accesories, Costumes, Costume Weapons, Eidolons to fullfill your desires.
    - Release of two brand new (tachi, greatsword and ravager functional) blossoming blades and NT Premium Weapon Enchantment Cards.
    - Eidolons Key Fragments in Paragon Table: Izanami, Nikki, Byakko, Higa, Diao Chan, Tsubaki, Won, Amaterasu, Shirayuki and more!
    - Several Asian styled costumes, constumes weapons and accesories, including Merciless Murder Coat and Oriental Shadow Arts, among other items.

    New Promotions:
    AP and LP Promotions: Consumables Edition!
    Every player's dream comes true about once a month: Consumables, and more consumables. With a special edition of our Hot Items, this time we will include superior and advanced scrolsl bundles with discounts, forging scrolls, charms and exp boosts, backpacks and other useful and helpful items for you to use at very special prices!

    Promotions will be available from July 28 to August 4.

    Upcoming Content
    We are still hard sorking on the release of the brand new Nightmare Mode. So far the tests are going fine, but there are still some tweaks to make to release this amazing new custom content for our server. We have no exact eta for the release of the dungeon, but it's to be expect within the following weeks. Use this opportunity to get stronger!

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    Thanks Aura and devs! /o/

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    Thanks Aura and devs! /o/

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    For drops in the new Nightmare mode of time lab what do you think is the chance that we get PvE focused weapon costumes like the Cent ones just ofc with useful PvE stats and TY aura/Devs
    Slv10 Ravager/Crus boss kill New Complimation
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    Thanks Aura, been waiting for those scrolls! \o/

    Keep flying higher so that others are inspired to fly with you.

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    Thanks so much Aura for update❤ and i hope in time library nightmare mode drop golden break def mastery hehehe

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    XP items and Scrolls = Paradise
    Nukker: Lancer - Rotta: Guns

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    good work thanks aura and devs <3

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    yay. scrollsssss <3


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