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    Navea, Azuria

    [Summer Event] Summer Holiday Selfie!

    Summer, the best time of the year. There's no work, no school, and no worries!
    It's the perfect time to travel around and explore the world!

    But that's not the case for Victoria! She's terrified to go outside after what happened to her during her summer vacation.
    It starts from luggage disaster where Aura messed up her collection of mangas and exterior decoration books.
    In addition to that, she was even thrown into the wilderness and won the bad-luck lottery(again) by getting lost in Crystal Lake Waterfalls.

    Aura feeling guilty for what happened to Victoria, and she's asking for your help to encourage Victoria to step out of her bed!
    Perhaps the beautiful landscape of Azuria in which the envoys visited during their vacation will do the trick!

    Event Details [Forum Event]
    Snap a selfie to show off the beautiful world of Azuria during your vacation!
    Thursday, 13 July 2017 - Thursday, 20 July 2017, 11:59 PM Server Time

    ♦ You will need to take a screenshot to show off YOURSELF with the beautiful LANDSCAPE of Azuria during your vacation ♦
    ♦ You're not allowed to enhance / edit / photo-manipulate your screenshot ♦
    ♦ You're allowed to add text to your screenshot ♦
    ♦ You're allowed to crop your screenshot ♦
    Other players / Eidolons / NPCs / Mounts / Pets are allowed inside your screenshot, but the prize will go to the person that submitted the entry ♦
    ♦ Add a description to your screenshot. Where did you visit? What did you do? Why did you choose that place for vacation? Be creative! ♦
    ♦ You have to write your IGN in your entry ♦

    3 Best Screenshots
    A choice between Golden Chronos's Oath + Mount's Ability Reshuffle Scroll x30 / Golden Goddess Tune + Mount's Ability Reshuffle Scroll x30

    All Participants will automatically enter a raffle to win a Hades Key of Gaia

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    Navea, Azuria

    Chronos's Oath

    Goddess Tune

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    time to ride some chronos

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    Inui ○ Lawr ○ Maera

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    How lovely! <3

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    Hey Vicky OwO/

    It must be pretty rough to have stroke of bad luck during this supposedly fun summer holiday.
    From what I understand, you always suffer by yourself throughout this summer. So before this summer ends, I have a proposal to you

    Would you like to go on a short adventure with me?

    You see, I accidentally stepped to the further part of candeo core when I was spamming dungeon for my achievement. And this is what I found

    I discovered like a dam but I have a feeling it is abandoned, judging by the vines crawling on the platform.
    But because of that, the flora here really flourish and I can even spot fireflies dancing freely around here.
    What is more amazing, this places give totally different feeling when sun slowly rises to illuminate the scene around here.

    Besides the dam, I also found another magic circle platform that is similar to the one when we fought asharea.
    I wonder if that serve any purposes...

    Oopss I ponder too much! But the point is, I believe Azuria have a lot of beautiful hidden secret and it is up to us to discover it.
    I was thinking instead of having a normal holiday and seeing mainstream scenery. Why not we discover it by our self?
    And don't worry this time you won't be alone. So even if bad things happen again (touch wood), I will be always by your side to go through it

    ps. I wish I could show you more picture (the dam and the platform) but I am running out of space to store the picture :'(

    IGN : Runette

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    This summer vacation, I went to Emerald Marsh. I know after getting lost in Crystal Lake Waterfalls, you may not be too fond of places full of danger.
    But this spot where I took my selfie at is free of any threat.

    Most people would wish for a warm and sunny place, but as I do not prefer heat, I choose this idyllic place.
    The soft breeze that slightly brushes through the leaves and the sound of water pouring relaxes my mind even more than any beach could do.

    I hope I can change your mind and make you join me in this peacefulness.

    IGN Narshia

    Twin Saga
    mainly occultist
    Aura Kingdom
    sorcerer / bard

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    Somewhere with dogs

    After being stationed in Triatio Highlands for a week; I decided to come back for a visit. Though most people aren't too fond of deserts, because of it's vast emptiness. However at night, that very emptiness is filled with an entire galaxy of stars. It spans across the entire land. But you can see them best at the Beast Statue Alter, the very heart of the highlands c:

    Ign: Nautical

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    Mmmmhhhmmmnnnn.... It's summer time, just let me sleep already....
    The weather is way too hot and bright for me, a shut in to function properly....
    Who cares about beach, fun stuffs with friend, watermelons, rainbows, and summer memories...
    A nice lovely bed from Aura Palace and sleep is all I need...
    Wake me up when summer ends, OK?


    IGN: Sylphistia

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