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    Server Maintenance 13/07/2017

    Server Maintenance July 13th
    Aprox. Offline Duration: Between 1 and 2 hours.
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    New Paragon Table: Casual Wear Edition
    Available from July 13th to July 20th. On this week's edition of our Paragon Table, we are celebrating the most playful of all seasons with a special casual wear ensemble. Several re-releases of fashion: Parisienne Set, Boss Suit and Girl Boss, Elegant Palace Dress... Also, the release of a brand new female costume: Goethe Classic Dress! You will also find other fan favorite costumes, hairstyles and accesories to play aournd in Navea with your friends.

    New Promotions:
    AP and LP Promotions: Lovely Promotions!
    The AP and LP shops will be in tune with the brand new Paragon Table: Our AP shop will be colored as spring with floral ornaments, costumes, and the release of three brand new mounts: the in-tune harp mounts! Demeter will be also making her debut in the AP shop together with Hebe.

    The LP shop will be just as sweet with the re-release of the fluffy bunnies mounts. Plus? The exclusive release of a brand new theme for your house, together with all kind of sweet and gorgeous furnitures! Mounts, accesories, fashion, and Eidolon Keys (Alice, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Freya will be on board) will complete the collection.

    Promotions will be available from July 14 to July 21

    Also, remember our double EXP event and the Exp Boosts promotions ends today. As for upcoming content, we are developping a brand new mode to bring up a new challenge to our players, with amazing rewards. The Nightmare Mode will be handful task so we have no ETA for it's release yet, but it should be our next content addition to the game (probably in around 2 more weeks from today).

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    Also Aura any infos on the nalani and Rhodri acheivements?

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    Yaaaas ! Thanks Aura and dev's ♥
    Bish please

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    Nightmare more is about to release finally ♥ Also, next week can we have Hades and Demeter costume in AP? Please :x
    Thanks for update tho!

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    inb4 new PvP mode after Nightmare mode release

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stazzy View Post
    inb4 new PvP mode after Nightmare mode release
    Nightmare PvP? :^).

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    Thankkkkk you Aura and devs! Wonder if the white bunny will be in promo as well

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    no one care
    Arigato !!!!

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    What are the new mode drops?

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    Yay, Snow White and Freya in lp shop! Thank you, Aura and Dev. *^*

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